So That Memo is Coming Out Friday.

THE FBI MEMO IS COMING OUT FRIDAY This according to who says that Trump has decided to allow the release of the memo.  Accordingly, Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff is having a meltdown about changes made to the document.  Changes Rep. Devin Nunes says were grammatical and at the request of Democrats and the FBI.  I hope they release BOTH versions of the memo.  I'm sick of this "oh we only wish what we can't tell you but trust us it's HORRIBLE" from everyone involved.  Show us the damn memo already, give the FBI a chance to respond, give the Democrats a chance to respond and let the American people decide what's true.  

REGISTER FOR THE POLAR PLUNGE And sign up a team for a great day of fun!  DO IT and I'll be at the Boulder Plunge to cheer you on! Click here NOW!

TWO DAYS OF HAVING TO DEFEND TOM BRADY!  Because he's catching flack for a kiss with his 11 year old son in the documentary Tom vs. Time.  I am so sick of people judging other people's relationships with their happy, healthy loved children.  If you don't want to kiss your kids on the mouth, don't kiss them on the mouth.  It's not like there was tongue for criminy's sake.  

IT'S LORD OF THE FLIES: SCHOOL DISTRICT EDITION This almost sounds too horrible to be true, but it is.  A successful public school district in Minnesota has gone full bore 1984 style re-education camp and the academic results are not good.  Why any parent of a white kid would allow their kid to be relentlessly harassed throughout their school experience is beyond me.  When the Edina public schools went all in on the "All for All" social justice agenda, it increased bullying, lowered test scores, and lead to students who disagreed being harassed and taunted.  But I'm sure it's all worth it in the end. 

NEW MEXICO GOES TOO FAR TO PUSH COLLEGE TO STUDENTS WHO MAY NOT BE RIGHT FOR IT They are considering a bill which would require students to apply to at LEAST one college to demonstrate that they have plans beyond high school.  This is a bad, bad idea.  Some students are not good college material and to have them apply and possibly get accepted somewhere is not a good use of time.  Not to mention that might create a pressure for those kids to try and GO to college, which will likely serve no purpose other than being frustrated and adding debt for the failed attempt.  I can appreciate what they are trying to do, but this is not how to do it.  

MIKA CHOOSES WOMEN OVER THE TRUMP HATERS Because she had Michael Wolff the author of the salacious Fire and Fury book on to talk about the conversation that took place between the Trump campaign team and a Russian attorney.  Even though MSNBC decided to grant Wolff the credibility of "expert" status, Mika was in no mood and took him to task for running around implying that UN Secretary Nikki Haley was banging Trump to get her job.  Watch the exchange. 

Then Wolff left and went on a TEAR on Twitter.  It's fun when allies fight.  

PEOPLE AREN'T DATING CO WORKERS AS MUCH SINCE #METOO This could have some interesting repercussions considering about 30% of people met their spouse at work.  Let's face it, we spend a LOT of time in the office and it's not surprising we might find love there.  I say this as a woman who met her spouse at work.  But according to the latest polling data, the number of dating coworkers has dropped to historic lows.  I have some advice for you about dating in the workplace, and it's really good and some of it is hard earned by yours truly.  

NON-EXTREMIST MUSLIMS PUSH TO PUNISH GAY PEOPLE AND UNMARRIED COUPLES It's not happening in Iran (it's already against the law there) it's happening in Indonesia.  The largest Muslim nation in the world is considering legislation that would criminalize homosexual acts and unmarried sex or cohabitation by opposite sex couples.  Such lawbreakers could face up to FIVE YEARS IN PRISON.  The rationale for this?  To protect women, who are lured into sex relationships.  Lured I tell you, lured.  The really sad part is the opposition is too afraid of the hard line Muslim vote to stand up against these bills.  I can't help but think this could come to a European nation in the future.  

NATIONWIDE LEGALIZATION OF POT WOULD BE GREAT FOR DENVER At least according to this chart which says because larger cities are jumping on board with legalization we will lose our "America's First Pot City" designation.  I'm perfectly fine with this.  Let's hope the rest of the nation catches up to us soon. 

SO IS CANADA FULL OF RACISTS TOO NOW? A letter to the editor in the LA times asks a very pertinent question.

To the editor: Canadian Parliament member Pablo Rodriguez visited Orange County in large part to discourage immigrants in the U.S. without authorization from illegally entering Canada. Other Canadian officials are sending the message that people immigrating illegally will be arrested and probably deported. ("Worried about Trump-stoked exodus of immigrants, Canada discourages illegal crossings," Jan. 29)

It is now apparent that our northern neighbors have become frightened that the relatively small numbers of undocumented immigrants might swell to levels proportionately equal to ours.

Canada's population is about 37 million. The last thing it wants is the arrival of more than 1 million unskilled, uneducated foreigners who cannot speak English fluently.

Does that make Canada a racist society, or is it just trying to protect its way of life?

Lee O'Connor, Huntington Beach

So does it?  If Canada is concerned about people entering illegally, what could possibly be the motivation OTHER THAN RACISM???  At least that's what I've learned by being an American concerned about people entering the US illegally, amiright??  That wasn't the only letter to address the topic, click through the link above to read the rest. 

THIS HURTS MY SOLIDLY NON-CHEATING HEART I am a rule follower when I play games.  Annoyingly so.  I have a golf rule book in my bag, and even when The Q was a little four year old I made her follow the rules of Candyland to a tee.  Why play a game if someone is going to cheat and ruin it?  The makers of Monopoly solved that by creating a game of Monopoly where cheating isn't just allowed, it's encouraged.  And this makes me weep inside for America.  

TRUMP URGES COMPROMISE ON IMMIGRATION and he was talking to Republicans according to  Trump wants to give on DACA legalization in exchange for wall money and upped enforcement but he's running up against purists who may think they have no wiggle room lest they be primaried over the issue.  Trump is right on this.  Don't throw out the good for the perfect, and force the Democrats to explain to the Dreamers how they weren't worth the trade.  

THIS AMAZON COMMERCIAL IS OUTSTANDING And the fact it's on the web already means I don't have to watch the Super Bowl this year.  Woot!

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