I've Got Your State of the Union Show For You!

JOIN ME TONIGHT FOR THE POST SOTU SHOW! I'll be doing a live show starting at 9pm with a full overview of a speech I'm increasingly believing should go the way of the dodo bird.  More on that today!

WHAT IF YOUR DIET COULD STAVE OFF ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE?  My guest today is a doctor who says he has cracked the code to brain health and staving off brain diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia.  Dr. Steven Masley's new book The Better Brain Solution is the topic when he joins me at 2pm today.  Buy the book here!  

WOULD YOU BE A SOTU PROP?  By State of the Union prop, I mean one of the people trotted out by politicians to score cheap political points at what has become little more than a means for preening political class who is more worried about sending the right disdainful look at the camera than getting anything done.  The SOTU doesn't mean anything really.  It doesn't improve political fortunes, and it certainly doesn't bring people together.  We should just call this whole thing off. 

I'M NOT WATCHING THE SUPER BOWL THIS YEAR First of all, it's the Patriots vs. Eagles, and there are not enough words to describe how little I care about this matchup.  Secondly, I'm just not in the mood this year.  How about you?  Some are saying the viewership for this Super Bowl will give the league a good idea where it is in terms of fan erosion.  I'm hoping the league wakes up because of low numbers.  But I won't judge you for watching.

WE FEEL GOOD ABOUT OUR ECONOMIC PROSPECTS THIS YEAR! And the Consumer Confidence Index is showing it bigly.  After a slight dip in December the index roared back to levels not seen November 2000.  One must wonder what might have happened to our economy had 9/11 not happened back then, but I'm excited that you're excited about what might happen now!  This has to concern Democrats who are going to try and run the midterms against Trump, especially if Trump is given credit for the economy.  In case you're wondering if this means anything, it does.  The Consumer Confidence Index is widely considered to be a very accurate indicator of economic performance.  

RATIONALIZATION IS THE ENEMY OF INTEGRITY I have largely stayed out the Evangelicals Excusing Trump argument because I don't have a dog in that fight.  I voted for Trump in spite of his Trumpiness and I feel pretty consistent in my criticisms of his personal failings.  And I am not an Evangelical who purports to believe in a moral sort of life.  Jonah Goldberg does have an opinion and he lays out a solid criticism of Jerry Falwell's easy dismissal of the complicated man who is Trump very well.  Read it here

THREE BIG CHEESES COULD CHANGE HEALTH INSURANCE FOREVER And because it's Jaime Dimon, Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos doing it, this could be really big.  My hope is that these three men, who have made their fortunes in capitalism, will work to come up with a better capitalistic system for health insurance.  Watch this story closely.  

OUR CHARTER SCHOOL LAWS KICK BOOTY! Colorado's charter school laws are the second best in the nation according to the latest report by the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools. We have laws which protect charter school freedom, don't limit charter school expansion and allow them to flourish.  I'm proud to be a charter school parent.  

A LOT OF PEOPLE SUSPECTED THIS SHOOTER WAS CRAZY BUT COULD DO NOTHING The man who opened fire and killed a deputy and wounded multiple others had a long history of crazy and threatening behavior.  This article from the Denver Post is full of people who knew something was wrong, feared something could happen, and even took action to prevent something from happening.  But Matthew Riehl knew enough about the law to work it to his advantage, even threatening to sue his mother if she didn't return his guns she removed from him after an earlier psychological hold.  This is a long story of how difficult it is to force a mentally ill adult to get help.  And now someone is dead because of it. 

WOMEN THINK MEN WHO ARE TAKEN ARE HOT.  WELL DUH. In a study that I am pretty sure goes ways, researchers have now found that women find men more attractive once they find out that other women desire them.  Well duh.  Perhaps it's as simple as forcing a woman to take another look to see what they might have missed the first time.  Or maybe it goes back to biology when we were all fighting for the strongest male to breed with.  Whatever.  It's true and we all know it. 

HOW MANY PLUMBERS DOES IT TAKE TO FIX AN AIRPLANE TOILET? More than 85 it seems.  That's how many plumbers were on a Norwegian Air flight that was cancelled because of a busted crapper

Y'ALL, THIS HEADLINE THOUGH Check this headline from TheHill.com:

Democrats panic over avalanche of good economic news

If I were a Democrat I'd be concerned about why good economic news is panic worthy.  But that's just me and I don't generally put politics ahead of the well being of the American people.  

FOX NEWS ENJOYS REPORTING GOSSIPY NEWS ABOUT FORMER STAR MEGYN KELLY I have no idea whether or not this story is true, but Fox News isn't showing their most serious newsiness when they report rumors of Megyn Kelly being "enraged".  Though I understand why they would be enjoying this right about now. 

THANKS MICHELOB FOR RELEASING THIS COMMERCIAL EARLY!  I already said I was not going to watch the Super Bowl and straight up, the only reason I might have watched is to see the commercials.  But now they are coming out online, including this gem with the adorable Chris Pratt.  I love it because this is exactly what happens to me when I get too big for my britches. 

AND NOW HERE'S WHY YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT MY THING What's my thing?  Does it really matter? 

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