How Bout That State of the Union Speech?

DID YOU LISTEN LAST NIGHT TO THE STATE OF THE UNION? Or did you torture yourself by watching it?  Here's my encapsulation of what went down.  It was a blatantly rah-rah America speech and I loved it.  The End. 

AND IT WAS NICE THEY LET CONAN O'BRIEN DO THE DEMOCRATIC RESPONSE I can't say anything about Joseph Kennedy's speech because I couldn't focus on anything but the drool/chapstick situation.  

IMAGINE POT EDUCATION THAT TELLS KIDS THE TRUTH ABOUT WEED It's happening in Colorado thanks to the Marijuana Education Project.  I'll talk to one of the founders Sarah Grippa about her program and how it's using honest information to help kids choose not to smoke pot based on good science.  This is how it should be done! Find out more about the initiative by clicking here

IS AMAZON THE NEW BOGEY MAN OF THE LEFT?  WALMART SURE HOPES SO.  For YEARS there has been a relentless drumbeat from those on the socialism side of things against Walmart.  They demand Walmart raise wages and write bogus stories about the "Walmart tax" communities should expect when a new store opens while ignoring the buying power Walmart provides poor people.  But NOW there is a new bogeyman in town and his name is Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.  You see, Amazon is now the subject of stories like this one where 10% of Ohio Amazon employees are on food stamps as Jeff Bezos becomes the richest man in the world.  Right now Sam Walton is doing cartwheels in Heaven. 

DEAR IRISH PEOPLE, DON'T WORRY THE SJW'S WILL FIX THAT NOTRE DAME MASCOT FOR YOU! Proving that there is always someone out there to fix a problem that doesn't exist, ESPN's Max Kellerman has said that now that Chief Wahoo is gone, the Notre Dame mascot must be next.  Because someone might be offended.  Even though Irish people as a whole have not really mentioned the mascot as being a problem, Max Kellerman is ON THE CASE!! 

Just in case you ARE Irish and are NOT offended by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish mascot, don't worry, these people are smart enough to be offended FOR YOU!  

DRUG COMPANIES ARE SHIPPING INSANE AMOUNTS OF OXY TO TINY TOWNS IN WEST VIRGINIA And Congress is investigating.  How much oxy?  How about 20.8 MILLION doses over 20 years to a town of just 2,900 people???  How in the world can these companies argue that they aren't complicit in this drug epidemic???  Read the disgusting story here

DID ANDREW MCCABE ACT TO PROTECT HILLARY BY NOT ACTING? That's the question I come away after reading this article from the WaPo about the possible reason Assistant Director Andrew McCabe abruptly left his post on Monday.  It seems the Inspector General is asking questions about why McCabe appeared to sit on the information about Hillary's emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop for three weeks, until just after WaPo did a story on Hillary helping McCabe's wife in a political race she ran.  Hmmmm.  But that's not all!  Questions are also being asked about McCabe's handling of an investigation into the Clinton Foundation, which some FBI staff thought was being submarined by McCabe.  If ANY of this is true, it becomes increasingly more easy to believe that some at the FBI might have lead their political persuasion get in the way of their professionalism.  

IS THE THREAT OF ENFORCEMENT ON POT ENOUGH TO GET CONGRESS TO ACT?  It seems that may be just what's happening in Congress after AG Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole memo which allowed states to operate legal pot with impunity.  Now even Republican members of Congress are getting involved in trying to protect the fledgling tax money cash cows in their home states.  Too bad they don't have the stones to put the whole thing to rest once and for all by descheduling pot. 

THAT JACKASS TEACHER IS OUT OF CLASS IN MORE WAYS THAT ONE I mentioned this jacktard in Cali who went on a profane rant in front of his class about how stupid people who serve in the military are yesterday.  Well as of today he's been pulled out of the classroom as the school district "investigates" the situation.  In perfect jacktard manner, he made HIMSELF the victim when he responded to a local newspaper's request for an interview with this nonsense:

“Based on the many hateful, vulgar, and violent threats being made against me and my family, my priority is the emotional and physical health of my wife and son,” he said in the text, the paper reported.

Uh-huh, those just appeared out of THIN air, not because he was a jacktard in the first place.  Jacktard. 

I'LL JUST BOOK MY TICKET FOR MY EMOTIONAL SUPPORT PEACOCK ELSEWHERE! United Airlines is my new hero after denying boarding for a women with an emotional support peacock.  You read that right, an emotional support peacock.  I would be FURIOUS if they let one of this loudmouths on my plane.  Now an emotional support cockatiel maybe...

WHERE WAS JORDAN PETERSON ON FRIENDSHIP WHEN I WAS YOUNGER?  Here's how to know your true friends.  And this is as true as it gets. 

WHAT A GREAT WAY TO THINK OF MARKETING SCARCITY And there is a cool video to talk about.  ACT NOW, this won't last long!  

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