Can A Self Driving Car Be At Fault?

I'VE GOT CAR GUY WILLIE B ON TODAY TO TALK SELF DRIVING CARS Because I saw this story yesterday about a guy suing GM because a self driving car hit him on his motorcycle.  What's interesting is that HE was faulted by the cops for the accident, but he's still suing GM.  It does beg the question of whether or not a self driving car CAN be liable.  Plus, I've heard tell of auto subscriptions where you can just order up a car you need instead of owning one.  And will be lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to self driving cars?  We'll talk with Willie about it at 1:35.

TRUMP'S POLLING NUMBERS HAVE MOVED UP SLIGHTLY, BUT I HAVE A QUESTION And that is by what objective measure can a thinking person view today's economy as worse than it was last year?  By every economic measure I am aware of the economy is in a better place than it was last year.  But according to this poll, a whopping 22% say Trump has made the economy worse.  This is why polling is stupid and should simply be viewed as a BUNCH of people giving an opinion in a vacuum.  

TRUMP FLIPS THE SCRIPT WITH THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY After Mike Pence was snubbed by Abbas and his group of misfits, Trump has gone on the offensive when it comes to peace talks.  While sitting next to Netanyahu he announced he would pull aid to the Palestinian Authority if they didn't serious about peace with Israel.  How much aid are we talking about?  There are multiple pots of money, but roughly 700 million per year from what I can tell.  This is certainly a new approach, and mirrors the ones Trump is using with states right now.  See below for more on that.

YOU WANTED A BUSINESSMAN IN OFFICE, AND HE'S WIELDING US DOLLARS LIKE A WEAPON And not just with the Palestinians, but with sanctuary cities as well.  Boulder has announced it's not even applying for some of the DOJ grant money they have traditionally gotten.  They believe sanctuary city status is more important than 20 grand in grant money.  Okay.  But what if the Feds decide to start withholding OTHER funds of more significance?  Don't scoff, it can happen.  And when you rely on the feds for a bulk of say, your transportation funds, what do you do?  We get 29% of our budget from the federal government, what if those things are in jeopardy over sanctuary cities?  Don't think Trump won't do it.  He's used to money being a bigger form of currency that just cash.  It's the world he lives in and has for years.  He's perfectly comfortable using it to bludgeon people into line.  You know who else did it? Ronald Reagan

IF I DIDN'T HATE ENVIRONMENTALISTS BEFORE I CERTAINLY DO NOW Because they are pushing for a meat tax.  A MEAT TAX.  A TAX, ON MEAT!  Read about this nonsense here and gird your (pork) loins for the fight! 

THEY WANT MY SANDWICHES TOO???? Because sandwiches cause global warming now.  IS THERE NOTHING SACRED TO ENVIRNMENTALIST JERKS????  Remind me to tell you about the show I watched about the Great Barrier Reef.

WHY DO I FEEL LIKE SPIELBERG IS GOING TO RUIN THIS?  West Side Story is a classic of the silver screen.  A modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet set in an ethnic neighborhood in New York was revolutionary when it came out and won a bunch of awards.  And now Steven Spielberg is going to remake it.  I'm afraid we're going to be treated to a beat-you-over-the-head story about racism or something.  Maybe I'll be wrong, but lately, I've been more right than wrong on how Hollywood ruins things. 

SO THOSE FBI TEXT MESSAGES WERE MIRACULOUSLY FOUND! At least that's what the DoJ is reporting today.  I wonder what the texts are going to show?  

WE WON'T HAVE PRESIDENT OPRAH TO KICK AROUND The Queen of Media has announced she won't be announcing.  She says she doesn't have it "in her DNA" to run for POTUS.  The GOP dodged a bullet on this one for sure.  

WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!  WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!  Because the Doomsday Clock, and entirely speculative venture designed to terrify people who are easily terrified, is expected to tick CLOSER to midnight today.  Yawn.   Oh look, it moved as close as it was in 1953 during the Cold War.  

SORRY GAY PEOPLE, THIS MIGHT BE SORT OF YOUR FAULT New polling data shows that more people have more unease about LGBTQ folks these days. tries to blame it on Trump and the transgender ban, but I think the reality is that people are uncomfortable with the notion that a gay person can force them to do something they don't want to do or face charges or lose their businesses.  It tends to make people a little more wary in the future.  

TWO 12 YEAR OLD FACE CHARGES FOR ANOTHER GIRL'S SUICIDE This story is so heartbreaking.  A 12 year old girl hanged herself after a brief video chat with one of her tormentors who told her to "just do it already".  Two 12 year olds are now being charged with cyberstalking and face serious penalties.  This is why my daughter will not use social media or video chatting out my sight until she's 30.  Okay, maybe 25.  

DON'T UNDERSTAND NET NEUTRALITY?  Burger King is trying to help you understand.  It's pretty funny.

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