There Seems To Be a New Scandal Brewin'

THIS TEXT MESSAGE THING COULD BE THE TIP OF A SCARY ICEBERG Much like every American should have been outraged that the IRS was weaponized with impunity every, American should be terrified by the thought that America's Top Cops at the FBI might be working actively against the Executive Office.  The story of the missing text messages, a "secret society" that met off site after the election, text messages of "an insurance policy" during the campaign and perhaps collusion between then AG Loretta Lynch and then FBI Director James Comey to protect the Democratic candidate for President from facing charges for her clearly illegal activity should chill the blood of every American who believes in our system of government.  I'm not getting all worked up because these things often fall flat, but when CNN is forced to run this headline:

Republican lawmakers spotlight 'jaw-dropping' FBI texts

You know something is up.  CNN did go to some effort to downplay the roles of the rogue texters in both the Russia investigation and the Hillary email investigation, but if you get your news from more than one source you know Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were very much involved in both.  As a matter of fact, Strzok said via text that he wasn't sure about joining the Mueller team because his gut said there was no "there there".    If any of the aforementioned stories happened in a vacuum, none of them would be particularly damning, but taken together, whoa.  This is something to pay close attention to.

BUT MANY ON THE LEFT ARE TRYING TO TELL YOU THERE'S NO THERE THERE About the entire FBI situation.  I read this from and I felt kind of sorry for the author, who I would imagine is too young to understand the great wrongs people in power, even if you like them, are capable of.  You see, Zach the young author and idealist, tries desperately to tell us the FBI's incredibly convenient software situation where five months of text messages were not backed up is a mere fluke.  Which in a vacuum, might be plausible.  But I'm old enough to remember the IRS allowing Lois Lerner to destroy her emails and then lie about trying to get them off a backup server which was subsequently erased while under subpoena.   I remember Hillary Clinton using bleachbit to wipe her private server down rather than share it with investigators.  You know, like with a cloth.  So pardon me if I'm not falling all over myself to believe that it's JUST A COINCIDENCE that these text messages have disappeared.  How many times do people who work for the same administration have to behave in the same way before we can call it a pattern of purposeful behavior?  

CAN HYPNOSIS HELP YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE?  I was a hypnosis skeptic until I met my friend Rich Guzzi the Comic Hypnotist.  Over the years now, I've had Rich hypnotize me multiple times to implant positive thoughts about something I want to accomplish and I 100% know it works.  Now MDs are beginning to tap into the power of the human mind in their practices.  I'm talking to Dr. Sheldon Sowell about how he's incorporating hypnosis with his patients and how it can work for you too.  Find out more about what they are doing by clicking here

ANOTHER NIGHTMARE STORY ABOUT TAX REFORM This one out of Kentucky, where liquor giant Brown-Forman made this announcement:

 its Board of Directors has approved a number of capital deployment actions aimed at benefiting shareholders, employees, and the community. These actions include a stock split and a special dividend, as well as additional funding of the company’s defined benefit program and the creation of a charitable foundation.

Just to give you an idea of real numbers, we're talking a $480 million dividend to stockholders, $120 million to FULLY fund it's generous pension system, and $70 million for charitable endeavors.  Why is this madness happening?  

Paul Varga, Chief Executive Officer of Brown-Forman, said, "These capital deployment actions underscore the strength of the company’s balance sheet and health of our business, and are augmented by the anticipated benefits due to tax reform. We believe the last many years of significant capital investment and portfolio reshaping have helped position our company for a continuation of the comprehensively strong results that Brown-Forman has historically enjoyed. Today’s announcement is reflective of the breadth and balance of stakeholder value we strive to create over time."

Emphasis is mine, but did you GET THAT???  Tax reform has reared it's ugly head once again.  All that's left is to count the dead bodies in the street. 

LET'S BE LIKE THE SWISS!  THEN WE CAN BE #1 AGAIN There is some ranking system somewhere that ranks the best countries in the world.  The big story is that the US has fallen to #8.  Switzerland is once again, #1.  I say we look at what the Swiss do and just do that, amiright?  First off, they only give refugee status to about 22% of those who apply.  They deport the rest.  They just passed a bill that requires any immigrant who wants to become a citizen to pay back any dollars gotten through the welfare system in the prior THREE YEARS before they can even apply.  And years spent in Switzerland as a refugee or asylum seeker count as HALF.  Meaning if you need to live in country 10 years to apply, a refugee needs to be there 20 years to apply.  Oh, and about that native born citizenship thing?  Not in Switzerland.  If you drop a baby in Switzerland, he or she is not necessarily a citizen.  You have to prove fluency in German or French, that you have Swiss friends and a Swiss job and all kinds of fun things.  Sounds like Switzerland is the place to be!  

THIS MIGHT BE WHY WE DON'T KEEP 8 FOOT LONG PYTHONS IN OUR BEDROOMS Because one ironically named "Tiny" killed it's owner.  

YES, THE LEFT IS EATING ITSELF, BUT I'LL LET A LEFTY EXPLAIN HOW Brett Weinstein was the biology professor at uber liberal Evergreen College who dared to veer from the progressive dogma and was deemed a racist by the students there.  The out of control mob then shut down the college for DAYS as the weak and ineffective administration did nothing to stop it.  While on recent panel which asked the question, "Is the Left Eating Itself" he gave this incredible opening statement.  It's worth every second you spend watching it.

I made the case the other day that the Democrat Party is going through the same sort of drama that the Republicans went through in 2008 with the rise of the Tea Party.  I now am starting to believe that this drama may not be as helpful to the Dems as the Tea Party has been for the GOP in terms of end results.  Why?  Because the hard core activists on the Left are not motivated to restore the country to the ideals which made it great (and no, I'm not talking about or referring to slavery in any way shape or form here).  They are trying to burn the whole thing down.  I'm not sure this will end well.  

HE WHO MAKES THE GOLD, MAKES THE RULES.  EXCEPT IN AFGHANISTAN The practice of Afghani men who keep young boys as sex slaves is disgusting and one of the reasons part of me doesn't care if the whole place rots.  But to find out MY TAX DOLLARS are STILL going to support the military units of despicable men who do this makes my blood boil.  Read this article and we'll talk about it later.  I'm afraid I might curse on the air if I talk about it today.  

HERE IS A NICE PIECE ON JORDAN PETERSON Who you need to be watching on his YouTube channel because he is stone cold brilliant.  This gives you the background on how he got to be where he is today.

SPEAKING OF JORDAN PETERSON Many of you probably saw his widely distributed discussion with a news anchor who probably wishes she hadn't been quite so dogged.  This column about it explains why more people need to be watching Jordan Peterson.  

RETIREMENT GOALS This 88 year old woman lives full time on a cruise ship.  

GREAT NOW BEING FAT IS CONTAGIOUS At least according to this study done on military personnel as they moved to counties with higher or lower obesity rates.  My guess is it's because obesity rates are higher for very specific lifestyle reasons in some areas, and when you get there, you join the lifestyle. 

CHUCK SCHUMER GETS BITTEN BY THE MONSTER HE HELPED CREATE The monster is the angry, angry DACA kids who decided to protest outside the Senator's brownstone yesterday.  They chanted about him not being able to sleep if they couldn't dream or some such nonsense.  I would have paid money to be a fly on the wall inside that brownstone.  Don't feel too badly for Chuck, this sort of protesting has been done for years by hard core lefties to right wingers and I never heard him complain about it, so I bet he thinks it's neat!  My favorite part is when the protesters chant in Spanish, because nothing says "I'm American" like chanting in Spanish! For the record, though I may have a bit of schadenfreude over this I am staunchly against protesting a political issue at someone's home.  Even Chuck Schumer.  His neighbors don't deserve it.  

YOU MEAN JOURNALISM MIGHT GET EVEN WORSE??? A new survey of journalists who have been working in the industry for at least 10 years shows a worrying trend.  Brand new journalists may know tech, but they don't know basic journalism.  Yikes. 

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