So this FBI Text Thing is Weird, Huh?

REMIND ME WHY WE FOLLOW THE RULES AGAIN?  It is becoming increasingly more difficult to understand why an average American should follow the rules put forth by our government.  The two people at the forefront of the FBI texting situation, who were both involved in protecting investigating Hillary and based on their text messages HATED Trump, were on cell phones with the SAME glitch.  Why does this matter?  Now the FBI says that five months of text messages, during an extremely important time in the Russian collusion investigation, somehow didn't get backed up and are *poof* gone.  How convenient.  I'm not saying this is some sort of smoking gun, but it does seem very similar to Hillary's "lost" emails which were later recovered.  After the election, of course.  This stinks. 

THIS IS NOW A PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR UNDER CHIEF ROBERT WHITE.  ALLEGEDLY.  Chief Robert White left Louisville, Kentucky shortly after I got there.  He left behind him a police department full of angry officers happy to see him go.  He also left while many were reporting he downgraded crimes to influence crime statistics.  And now we see this investigation into similar accusations here.  I sure hope someone involved in this rolls over and admits this comes from the top, if they did, because I can show him the feelings of cops in Louisville who will be more than happy to tell them Chief White is not on anyone's side but his own.  

AND THIS IS WHY THE DEMOCRATS HAVE A BIG PROBLEM WITH THE DREAMERS They are going to be held responsible for WHATEVER happens, good or bad.  And the DREAMRS are not going to forget it.  Look for some primary opponents if the Dems can't get this passed.  

AND CHUCK SCHUMER REALIZED HE GOT OUT NEGOTIATED BY TRUMP Senator Chuck Schumer is trying to undo the damage his Shut Down That Went Nowhere caused by angrily declaring that funding for the border wall is no longer on the table.  The issue here is that during a public meeting with Trump, Schumer put all his cards on the table in order to impress everyone with his reasonableness.  Now Trump knows what he's willing to give to get what he wants.  Schumer already lost.  Poor Chuckie.

COULD THE DEMOCRATS BE MAKING A HUGE MISCALCULATION ON IMMIGRATION? New polling data says yes.  And it's not JUST about illegal immigrants, it's about LEGAL immigration as well.  A large majority of Americans say they want an annual cap on immigration of 1,000,000.  That is significantly LOWER than we currently have.  And that's on LEGAL immigration.  This is not good news for a party which has hung it's hat lately on legalizing millions of people here illegally.  

AWWW, HOLDING HANDS DOES REDUCE PAIN And it in a pretty big way.  A new study showed that if a woman is giving birth and her partner is actively engaged in the process and truly empathetic to her pain, her pain is reduced.  Whoa.  So if you see a friend in pain, don't be afraid to grab and hand.  

THE LIST OF MOVIES I HAVEN'T SEEN Also known as the Oscar Best Picture Nominees.  Check them here

SONG SUNG BLUE TODAY AT THIS NEWS I'm thrilled I got to see Neil Diamond a couple of years ago here in Denver.  He was OUTSTANDING.  But he's not touring anymore as he's announced he has Parkinson's Disease.  I wish him well and I hope his health remains relatively good for a long time.  Here is one of Neil's best songs, imho.

A HIGH SCHOOL SHOOTING BECOMES THE FIRST OF 2018 As two are dead and 19 other injured after a 15 year old student opens fire in Benton, Kentucky.   The shooter is not among the dead and will face multiple charges.  No motive has been released.  

TEENS WHO ACTUALLY DO THINGS LIKE HANG OUT AND PLAY SPORTS ARE HAPPIER Then kids who spend their lives online with social media.  There is nothing surprising about this study from San Diego State, but I will be shocked if parents pay attention to it.  I am no longer shocked by the number of kids at my daughter's elementary school who already have smart phones.  Sigh.  

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