I For REAL Hate Congress Now. I Owe Dave Two Bucks!

CONGRESS OWES ME TWO DOLLARS, BUT I DOUBT I'LL EVER GET IT Because I was stupid enough to think that Congress would actually get it's work done and not prioritize people who are here illegally over EVERYTHING else, but I was wrong.  Pfft.  More on that in a bit.

ARE YOU A VIRTUOUS PERSON? We all like to think we are, but in reality, we're really a mix of virtuous and not-so-much.  My guest today is Dr. Christian Miller, a Philosophy professor who says our character is NOT fixed and there are concrete steps we can take to be better people.  The good news?  It's not that hard.  Read his recent column here.  

THE SENATE IS GOING TO TRY TO PULL THIS THING OUT OF A DITCH AT NOON So the vote will have allegedly happened by the time the show starts.  I'll update it before then.  But just to give you an idea of how meaningless the ACTUAL shutdown is, note that ALL the language we're hearing from politicos isn't about what happens during shutdown, but about blame.  This is all about political posturing.  The Dems are mad the Republicans finally got good at the blame game and the Republicans are mad because even though they are right and the shutdown is the sole fault of the Dems, the media is still managing to obfuscate that fact more than they'd like.  It's shameful, really. 

***Update: Lord have mercy the Senate voted on a bill to extend spending to February 8th, when we get to do this crap again.  I reiterate how much I dislike Congress at this point. 

ABOUT THAT FISA MEMO THE HOUSE INTEL COMMITTEE VOTED TO RELEASE Some say (and by some I mean most vociferously former FBI agent Dan Bongino, who I am still unclear on whether or not he's actually seen said memo) that the Rep. Devin Nunes written memo in question will destroy the nice guy legacy of Obama by demonstrating that the Dems used the FISA courts to spy on their political opponents.  I've learned the hard way by overhyping rumors about devastating soon-to-come bombshells to sit back and wait until the memo is actually released to comment on it.  But you can read more about it here. By the way, left wing news outlets are reporting that Nunes refuses to release the memo to the FBI.  So one must ask if this memo is accurate, whether Rep. Nunes is afraid that the FBI will move quickly to mitigate the damage, or what happens if it's released the public before the FBI gets a chance to see it.  

SOMEONE SET OFF A PIPE BOMB AT A FLORIDA MALL But whoever it was didn't seem to want to inflict much damage, as he or she (although police say they are searching for a middle age white man) put it in one of those hallways next to a department store where no shoppers usually wander.  But two pipe bombs are no joke.  I hope they catch the guy asap. 

THE HOUSING MARKET MAY BE POISED FOR ANOTHER BUST.  OR NOT.  The buy who called the first housing crash is saying the market is showing similar signs this time around too.  Money manager James Stack says there are a lot of similarities to 2005 in today's market and buyers should be cautious.  He is the lone voice in this opinion however, as builder stocks are soaring and two different generations are either buying their first homes or moving into retirement communities.  If you own a home, my advice to you is to NOT be tempted to refi out all of your equity to buy something stupid like a Hummer.  I'm going to share with you what the housing crash in 2005 was like in the hardest hit part of the country.  I lived there. 

WEATHER CHANNEL FOUNDER AND MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING SKEPTIC IS DEAD But John Coleman isn't part of some grand conspiracy, he was 83 years old.  After helping found the Weather Channel, he later came out as a fierce critic of man made global warming and called it a "hoax" repeatedly.  

SCIENCE NOW GIRDS THE PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT I've often told my staunchly pro-choice friends who grasp on to the 28 week mark as some Holy Grail of abortion law to be careful.  They say things like "the fetus is not viable outside the womb" with such authority that it's almost understandable how they view a baby at that point as a "clump of cells".  But now science is proving them utterly and totally wrong.  A baby can be seen in the womb at 18 weeks sucking his thumb and even clapping.  And since Democrats are the party of science, this could cause a whole raft of problems for their embrace of this barbaric practice.  And you know where I read this?  In The Atlantic of all places.  

THIS VIDEO HAS MADE ME REALIZE I'M AN ELDER.  This video is seniors watching some stupid video that is a thing now for the kids and whatnot.

SO THIS GUY AT THE AVS GAME ON SATURDAY Nice guy, sitting behind us, but I have to give him credit for an epic photobomb, which I share here.  If you know him, tell him he is the MAN!

Avs photobomb

Avs photobomb

SPEAKING OF HOCKEY, I'VE REALIZED HOW MUCH RULES MEAN TO ME I don't know anything about hockey.  Nada.  Zip.  Zero.  However, that did not stop me from attending the Avs game on Saturday.  The first period I had no clue what was happening.  Don't get me wrong, I could follow the puck and all, and it was exciting, but I could have been at the park watching Q play on the swings for all I knew.  Second period, I learned what icing was.  Third period, I began to understand offsides.  Somewhat.  And I realized that as my knowledge of the rules increased, so did my level of enjoyment.  I had a great time and I'll be going back in the future, but I'll understand ALL the rules before I do.  Why am I even making this point?  Because apply that to politics and I wonder what would happen.  I think a lot of people are mad at politics because they don't understand the rules.  Just a thought.

BANNING TECHNOLOGY IN CLASS IS NOW A THING AT SOME COLLEGES When I went to college, it was the rare student who hauled in a laptop computer to class.  They were little boxes that did far less than today's smartphones and I found the tap-tap-tap of the keyboard to be excrutiatingly distracting. Pretty soon however they became the preferred way of taking notes and now with smartphones and social media, they are verging on a scourge.  And guess what?  They don't help students perform better.  At worst, they distract students so thoroughly that they do worse.  So now some colleges are banning ALL technology during class.  But teachers are giving students "tech breaks" so they can check their phones.  In my day this would have been akin to giving students beer bong breaks, but whatever.  

DOG MEETS PLUTO AND IT'S ADORABLE I don't mean the former planet, I mean the character at Disney World.  

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