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IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN, WORD NERDS! Charles Harrington Elster is the smartest fella I know when it comes to language and grammar, so pick his brain today at 3.  Find out more about Charles and language and grammar by clicking here

HYGGE IS A DANISH THING BUT I LIKE IT Leave it to people who live in a place with near all day darkness to come up with something that makes that cozy and comfortable.  Hygge is sweeping our nation now, and I think we should all adopt it.  I'll explain today, although I might not have to since Denver is the #5 city for Hygge in the US


I LOVE HOT FOOD, BUT THIS IS JUST STUPID. I truly enjoy spicy food.  I put hot sauce on eggs, I put jalapenos on most things and I love the burn.  But no way, no how would I EVER sign a waiver to eat some stupid ultra hot food that was concocted to be nothing but a publicity stunt.  Apparently other diners are not so discerning.  Here is the story.  

THIS IS WHY A FULLY ELECTRONIC ECONOMY SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF ME Wells Fargo says a "glitch" is the reason a bunch of Wells Fargo customers found themselves with empty bank accounts the other day.  A "glitch".  They say it was related to the electronic bill pay service.  I'm not the sort to long for the days of writing checks, but this scares me.  Because this was a mistake by Wells Fargo, but what if a bad actor decided to the same thing???

THE WORST CASE SCENARIOS FOR GLOBAL WARMING AREN'T GOING TO HAPPEN So says a group of scientists from the University of Exeter.  Using a new set of calculations they say are more accurate than previous readings (but I'm going to have to take their word for it do they really know??) and they pretty much eliminate the super scary effects of climate change as a possibility.  Al Gore has already jumped on his private jet powered by baby seal blubber to dispute the findings. 

THIS CAN'T BE RIGHT BECAUSE TRUMP IS PRESIDENT Jobless claims fell to the lowest level since 1973.  I know this can't be right because Trump is a moron and everything he does is going to destroy working people, amiright??  

DAVE AND I FAMILY GUYED OURSELVES And it's a thing you can do to celebrate the 300th episode of Family Guy.  You can waste a good half hour by doing yourself here.  Here you go for your viewing pleasure.  Dave is first, our boss Greg is second, I am third and new intern Victor is fourth.  This is remarkably accurate! 

Now here's Lori Lynn and Susan Witkin 

We even made Matt the Dead to Me Intern do it!  

And now Charles Harrington Elster!

THE YOUTUBE IS GOING TO INFLUENCE YOUR KIDS CAREER CHOICES This doesn't surprise me at all, as kids use YouTube the same way my generation used the television. Good news is that kids still want to be doctors (at least girls do) and cops and firefighters (boys do) so not much as changed in that respect.  Read the details here

IS THIS MOM BRILLIANT OR DEAD WRONG?  I lean toward the brilliant side, but making a five year old "pay rent" seems like it's happening a big young.  The mom is getting heaps of praise, especially because she is actually socking that money away for her daughter in the future.  

NOBODY IS GOING TO THE MOVIES ANYMORE And attendance is in the crapper.  I blame Hollywood for simply not making movies a thinking person wants to see anymore and self absorbed jerks for acting like morons and making it miserable to GO to the movies.  When was the last time you went to a theater? 

DID YOU SEE CORY BOOKER BEGIN HIS RUN FOR PRESIDENT?  He showed erebody how TOUGH he was by yelling at the head of DHS for not wanting to answer the SAME questions for the 100th time.  My favorite part is "TEARS OF RAGE".  


DOUGLAS COUNTY – Graduation rates in the Douglas County School District (DCSD)continue to climb. Data released today by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE)shows the on-time, four-year graduation rate is now 90.4 percent.

DCSD students also made an impressive showing at graduation. The class of 2017 earnedmore than $82 million in scholarships.  DCSD has one of the highest graduation rates in the Denver metro area. 

According to CDE,DCSD graduation rates have risen steadily from 81.9 percent in 2009 to 90.4 percent in 2017.The state’s graduation rate also improved. Colorado’s on-time graduation rate for 2017 is 79percent.

I sure hope the new school board doesn't screw this up. 

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