Your Car Is Spying on You. For Real.

THERE IS NO HIDING FROM MARKETERS, EVEN IF YOU TRY We usually know (well I know if even you don't) that when we are on the internet we are leaving a trail that is used by marketers to sell us things.  Whatever you do on Facebook, or google, or Twitter, or Snapchat is tracked so advertisers can sell you things.  But did you know YOUR FREAKING CAR IS SPYING ON YOU TO GET THE SAME DATA???  And it's NOT just where you drive, it's How. Much. You. Weigh.  GET THAT??? Your car knows how much you weigh!!  And then that data is sent to marketers to use to sell you things.  So there is nothing left that is still private in your life.  Ever.  

BUT IF YOU PUT THIS IN YOUR BEDROOM YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE This is a big news story as Amazon is selling the Echo Spot in the UK designed SPECIFICALLY to be placed in your BEDROOM.  It has a camera and a microphone.  In your bedroom.  But I'm sure nothing will go wrong. 

GOOD GRIEF THE WHITE HOUSE PRESS CORPS EMBARRASSED THEMSELVES YESTERDAY By asking the DUMBEST questions EVER about President Trump's physical.  They did everything but ask, "How much poison would it take to bring a man about his size down?"  Check the whole bit of nonsense here. But in all fairness, they did ask Obama about his smoking habit.  But that's it.  

NOW A LIBERAL DUDE IS TRYING TO RUIN COMIC CON BY MAKING IT POLITICAL Full disclosure, I'm not a full blown "comic nerd" but I play one on Comic Con day.  I LOVE it.  The people who go to Comic Cons are the nicest people in the WORLD who love to dress up and meet the stars who bring their favorite characters to life.  What's not to love?  I have no idea the political affiliation of anyone I've ever met at a Con and I don't care to.  But now a jackass in New Jersey (of course) is trying to drag politics into his little con by declaring that HE JUST CAN'T INVITE KEVIN SORBO BECAUSE HE'S FRIENDS WITH SEAN HANNITY.  Give me a break.  By the way, Kevin Sorbo said in his most Herculean voice that he's never even heard of this con and doesn't want to go anyway.  

A MILLENIAL REALIZES SEX IS SPECIAL AND DESERVES TO BE TREATED AS SUCH Could the new sexual revolution mean we go back to a time when sexual relations actually meant something?  Could the era of casual sex and hookup culture be over?  In this column about the Aziz Ansari situation (I've mentioned it several times, so don't act like you don't know) Millenial columnist Elizabeth Bruenig says this:

The trouble is that sex is clearly different, as the lasting unhappiness of so many women attests. If acknowledging that endangers one of the achievements of the sexual revolution, then so be it: What is the alternative? Telling women over and over that, when it comes to sex, they must abandon all of the normal rules of interacting with others in society hasn’t helped and seems transparently ridiculous. In every other domain of life, being patient and generous with others makes a person praiseworthy and well-liked; those mores are deeply instilled and hard to shake, especially for women. It doesn’t make any sense to keep insisting otherwise, and trying to destroy those norms — which are good for society in general — seems like a ruinous project.

Instead, we ought to appreciate that sex is a domain so intimate and personal that more harm can be done than in most social situations, and that given that heightened capacity for harm, we should expect people to operate with greater conscientiousness, concern and care in that domain than in others. If you are still hanging around your tired host’s home long after the party is over, excuse yourself and leave — don’t wait for them to order you out or call the police. If you are kissing someone and they’re barely responsive — if they say, as Ansari’s partner did, “I don’t want to feel forced because then I’ll hate you, and I’d rather not hate you” — then get their coat for them and call it a night. Ansari didn’t commit a crime. But cruelty isn’t restricted to criminal acts. In all domains of life, but especially where it comes to sex, we must insist that people consider one another’s interior lives, feelings, personhood, dignity.

Long story short, the sexual revolution that freed women to hook up with whomever they wanted also unleashed the notion that personal agency when it comes to sex is overrated, that having sex was nothing more than a handshake.  It's not.  The Millenial generation overall was far less likely to have teenage sex as their Gen X predecessors

THIS AS OTHER MILLENIALS DECIDE TO NOT LET MARRIAGE SLOW DOWN THEIR DATING It's finally true, we have degraded marriage utterly and completely.  Proof can be found in the brand new marriage of two idiots who aren't even dating, but "soul mates" and "best friends" who are STILL dating other people and plan to continue to do so.  This is the most insulting thing I've ever heard.  Insulting to anyone who takes marriage seriously that is.  

I LOVE HOT FOOD, BUT THIS IS JUST STUPID. I truly enjoy spicy food.  I put hot sauce on eggs, I put jalapenos on most things and I love the burn.  But no way, no how would I EVER sign a waiver to eat some stupid ultra hot food that was concocted to be nothing but a publicity stunt.  Apparently other diners are not so discerning.  Here is the story.  

NOW HERE ARE SOME SICK BURNS AND OFF THE CUFF COMMENTS THAT MADE ME LAUGH. There is some bad language but it's worth it.  


I'M GETTING MY HYGGE ON THIS WEEKEND And I bet many of you are too, once you find out what this is.  Denver has been named the #5 city in the country on's Top Hygge Cities list.  What the heck is "hygge".  Well first it's pronounced "hue-guh" and it's The Danish concept of "creating cozy environments that foster well-being and contentment.  I'll be getting my hygge on all day Sunday when the snow comes!  Hygge on!  

Mandy Connell


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