Please Wish Dave The Intrepid Producer a Happy 30th!

DAVE HAS BEEN AT THE COMPANY FOR 30 YEARS And for those of you who don't work in radio, you don't understand what an accomplishment that is.  In an industry known for unexpected firings, he has outlasted and outwitted many, many other people.  Congrats to Dave!  

HAPPY MLK DAY!  To all of you who braved the ice today to get to work, good for you!  Here's some of the best of Martin Luther King, Jr's speeches and quotes

CAN WE EVER RECOVER FROM THE CORRUPT SYSTEM WE HAVE NOW?  Sometimes I read book and find myself buoyed by them.  I put them down and feel full of positive energy for what's possible.  I did not feel this way about this book.  Not that Virtue: How We Tried To Ban Corruption, Failed, and What We Can Do About It by FH Buckley is not worth the read, but I simply don't think enough Americans care about how corrupt our political system is to fix it.  I'll talk to FH Buckley at 3pm about the book.  Buy it here

EVER SENT A NUDE PIC THROUGH TWITTER?  SOMEONE THERE HAS SEEN IT. And I'm not sure why this is surprising.  EVERYTHING YOU DO ONLINE IS POTENTIALLY SEEN BY SOMEONE.  And guess what, they can download and make it their screen saver if they want.  The James O'Keefe expose on Twitter continues with the least surprising revelation ever.  If it's free, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT. 

I'M SO NOT READY FOR NO STEERING WHEEL, ARE YOU? The latest GM concept car does not have a steering wheel.  It is a self driving car, so you in theory won't need one, but DANG, I'm not ready for this.  I'm sure my children's children will laugh at me someday for being concerned, but I'm not so sure we can do this until we figure out a way these cars can't be hacked, which will likely be impossible.  CBS This Morning did a story on drivers like me.

THE WORKER WHO CAUSED MASS PANIC IN HAWAII DOESN'T GET FIRED Because why would a government employee ever get fired, amiright?  The still unnamed worker was simply re assigned after pushing the wrong button...TWICE...and causing people to shove their children into drainage tubes.  I guess you have to NOT hit the button when a missile is on it's way to get fired.  But I doubt it.

WHEN #METOO IS A COVER FOR REGRETTABLE SEX I don't particularly care about Aziz Ansari (he is so unknown to me I had to look at his name four times to make sure he didn't misspell it) but he is about to be the face of #noyoudont.  What is #noyoudont is a new movement I've made up in response to women who have an avoidable regrettable encounter and then try to play the victim.  A young woman met Aziz at a party, they flirted, he asked her out and when she went back to his apartment after dinner, he made aggressive moves.  The issue?  She acquiesced.  She didn't JUST LEAVE, like she could/should have.  And now she's trying to make this guy out like a rapist because she didn't like the way the encounter went down.  Sorry, girl, but this is not sexual assault.  This was a date gone bad.  And you always had the opportunity to just leave.  

GUESS WHICH STATES PEOPLE ARE LEAVING THE MOST?  COULD IT BE HIGH TAX STATES? This story is interesting because it shows what economists have known since the beginning of time.  When taxes get confiscatory people respond with their feet.  They leave.  Read it here

A LIBERAL REPORTER PLAGIARIZES A CONSERVATIVE AUTHOR AND GETS BUSTED And now she has resigned from The Daily Beast.  Seems Lizzie Crocker figured NO one who reads the Beast would EVER read The Weekly Standard so it would a-okay for her to lift paragraphs directly from one of their stories.  She was wrong.  But it's sort of interesting to think she thought she could get away with it. 

LET'S STOP ACTING LIKE OUR PRESIDENTS DON'T CUSS And has a super fun mashup of previous potty mouthed POTUSes.  

THE MOST POPULAR BABY NAME IN THE NETHERLANDS IS.... If you said "Noah" try again.  It's Mohammed.  Same in the UK.  But I'm sure they will all grow up to be great Dutchman not the kind who stabbed Theo Van Gogh in the heart in broad daylight.  

RIP DELORES O'RIORDAN She was the lead singer of The Cranberries which were one of those bands who transported me away from whatever hardship I was facing.  Her voice was ethereal and now she is too.

IT'S THE LITTLE BOY WHO USED TO BE A GIRL WHO CRIED WOLF!  I despise when any special interest group uses a tragedy to forward an agenda.  The LGBT community is now on my list as they try to use the domestic violence murder of a transgendered woman to prove a hate crime.  I'm guessing her husband didn't marry her because he was a bigot.  He is apparently just a violent run of the mill ahole instead.  

IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE HITTING THE GYM, PLEASE WATCH THIS Sometimes a little perspective is what you really need.  I'm not crying, you're crying. 

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