I Sure Wish I Could Trust the News.

I WAS READING AN ARTICLE ABOUT IMMIGRATION NEGOTIATIONS IN DC And this is a very important issue to a lot of people, so finding good info on where things are in the process is important, right?  So I'm reading this article and it says close Trump adviser Stephen Miller is gunking up the works on immigration reform.  It says that everybody wants some sort of deal EXCEPT Stephen Miller and he's the problem.  Which MIGHT be true.  But it MIGHT not and that's what's frustrating me.  With all the demonstrably false reporting we've seen based on people who only commented anonymously, I don't believe much anymore.  And that is truly, truly, sad.  My thinking is that Miller is providing the side of the argument against such things as blanket amnesty and a never ending application process for DACA participants, which I agree with.  And the press is making him the bad guy because they believe if they can get him kicked out of the inner circle, they can manipulate Trump into doing whatever they want him to do because he's so dumb.  But that's just my thought.  The media has put me in the position of reading everything about this administration with a grain of salt and that's not good for anyone. 

ZAGAT DOES A SURVEY EVERY YEAR And I like to read it because sometimes it can give you a glimpse into what's coming down the pike restaurant-wise.  My biggest takeaway is not that some diners want to do away with tipping (my friend Lori Lynn will hopefully tell you about her recent experience in a non-tipping establishment) but that noise is the biggest annoyance to diners.  What are your pet peeves while dining?  

LADIES, NEED A STRESS RELIEF?  SMELL THIS. And it's not cookies baking, or that candle you love, it's the funk of your romantic partner.  And now science has done a study to prove that smelling your partners scent actually lowers cortisol levels in women.  What I found really interesting is that when women were given the scents of OTHER men to smell, cortisol levels went up.  Sleeping in your hubby's tshirt when he's gone doesn't seem to be so silly now, does it.  

COULD FLIP PHONES SPELL RELIEF FOR OVERSTRESSED PEOPLE?  There is a move afoot by some tired of feeling like slaves to technology, and it's a flip phone revolution.  You remember the flip phone, right?  That archaic device that only allowed phone calls and cumbersome texting?  It's making a comeback and those who have made the switch say it's the best idea ever.  You know who uses a flip phone?  Warren Buffet.  And he seems to have turned out okay.

HARVARD PROFESSOR STEVEN PINKER MAKES A CASE AGAINST POLITICAL CORRECTNESS But not in the angry way you might expect.  This is worth every single minute you spend watching it. 


WHAT A HORROR SHOW.  WALMART RAISES WAGES BECAUSE OF TAX DEALS And I'm sure people are going to be dying in the streets like the Democrats said would happen when the tax reform deal passed.  That was sarcasm.  Walmart is starting it's employees out at $11 an hour now.  I'd love to believe it's simply because the tax bill is so good they wanted to reward their employees.  I would argue that this is also a response to a tightening labor market which is making harder for Walmart to find the hoardes of employees it needs to do it's business.  But let's not look a gift horse in the mouth, shall we? 

IS DEPRESSION WHAT WE THINK IT IS?  I hope this is the end of a "pill for everything" version of healthcare we've been experiencing for decades.  This author asserts after his own depression and lots of study with medical professionals from around the world, that the story we've been told about depression being a "chemical imbalance" is hot garbage.  This is somewhat revolutionary, but worth a closer look. 

IS JAMES FRANCO WHERE THE #METOO MOVEMENT BEGINS TO UNRAVEL?  James Franco has been accused by five women of various offenses.  Some of which revolve around his movie making, some from his acting school and one an ex-girlfriend.  I've read this long article and honestly, I feel more like these women made choices that they later regretted and have decided to #metoo James Franco because they can.  This is where the movement is going to get squirrelly.  When someone accuses a man because he asked them to do something that made them uncomfortable and they said no, but then they say he was "angry", I'm not sure this rises to the standard of Harvey Weinstein.  James Franco doesn't have the power to black ball anyone as far as I know, and his art films have always been weird and full of naked people.  My point is, these women decided dancing around in lingerie with a mask on was okay as a trade for a career boost.  Where is there personal responsibility?  How can you claim to be morally outraged that screenshots of the nude scenes that were willingly agreed to show up on a porn site?  Women need to stop painting themselves as victims when their own decision making didn't work out the way they thought it would.  Would any of these women come forward now if they were famous because these scenes helped make them famous?  My guess is no.  

ET TU, TOM HANKS?  Don't get me wrong, it's not like I didn't know Tom Hanks was a liberal, but to hear him jump into the "Trump is destroying the media" narrative in his interviews about The Post is nonetheless discouraging.  And boy does he.  The notion that criticism however pointed by a sitting President is akin to stifling the First Amendment is hot garbage.  But if Tom is going to keep vacationing with the Obamas, he's got to keep saying the "right" things.  


I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS BAND AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO If you ever loved Led Zeppelin, you should really give Greta Van Fleet a listen.  And they are adorable. 

Mandy Connell


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