Let's Get to Know the New Guy, Marty Lenz!

MARTY LENZ GETS UP EARLY FOR US NOW!  Marty Lenz joined my girl April Zesbaugh Monday for what I'm sure will be the beginning of a long stint as co-host of Colorado's Morning News.  He joins me at 1:35 for "Meet Marty"!  

WEATHER WEDNESDAY IS GOING ON HIATUS But only because Chris Spears has so much on his plate.  Between Chris' work at CBS 4 and teaching at Metro State, the man is out of time this semester.  But I'll have him on today before the hiatus begins, so get your weather questions ready!  

FRENCH WOMEN AREN'T FEELING THE #METOO MOVEMENT And they may have a teeny point.  A letter signed by many French actresses says that men's "freedom to pester" is a part of sexual freedom, and that's something I agree with.  The problem I run into is that we have multiple stories of men whipping out their johnsons or doing other far more aggressive things.  Let's just say the open letter was not well received by feminist women in France.  

HE PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE FOCUS GROUPED THIS STATEMENT FIRST A Kansas lawmaker is in well-deserved hot water after saying that marijuana was historically outlawed because:

"One of the reasons why, I hate to say it, was that the African-Americans, they were basically users and they basically responded the worst off to those drugs just because of their character makeup, their genetics and that."

He really should have said this out loud in front of other people before he said in the legislature.  This does not do much to prove that racism isn't a thing in this country.  

HAS TRUMP CLAMPED DOWN ON THE PRESS.  NOT HARDLY.  If you listen to the press and organization which purport to care about things like freedom of the press, you might think that a Trump presidency has shut down our free press.  Except he hasn't.  This column does a nice job explaining why the scaremongering is completely over the top.  FYI, the POTUS expressing his displeasure with how he is treated by the press is a far cry from reporters being thrown into the gulag or murdered like they are in Mexico.  

IN OPRAH VS. TRUMP, OPRAH WINS Of course a nothingburger poll years before an election means nothing, but it fun to report on.  I wonder how I'd do against Trump?  

TRUMP DESERVES CREDIT, SO SAYS SOUTH KOREA And the PM of South Korea says the historic talks about to take place between North and South Korea would not have happened without Trump in the mix.  But I'm sure he's a foreign policy disaster everywhere else.  

SWITZERLAND MAKES IT VERY VERY HARD FOR WELFARE RECIPIENTS TO BECOME CITIZENS If you've lived off the dole in Switzerland for the prior three years, don't bother applying for citizenship unless you can pay the money back.  That's just part of immigration reforms passed by the wealthy little enclave.  You must also be proficient in at least one approved language AND prove you have Swiss friends.  Read it here

WHY #IDONTBELIEVE SHOULD TREND THIS YEAR If you can get past this woman's super boring voice, it's an interesting push back against the witch trials going on during #metoo.  

SEATTLE IS GOUGING RESIDENTS ON SUGARY BEVERAGES AND PEOPLE ARE MAD. But to Seattleites who are complaining, I say tough sh*t.  You morons keep voting nanny staters into office and now just mad that they are picking on YOU instead of the awful people they are supposed to be fixing.  Here is an overview and I'm truly shocked that progressive Costco had the stones to post why the prices of cases of soda jumped over 7 bucks overnight.  

COMING TO THE US TO HAVE YOUR BABY ISN'T ILLEGAL.  But it could provide fodder to change the birthright citizenship situation, or at least move for some clarity.  Feds busted up a birth tourism operation in SoCal where Chinese women paid tens of thousands of dollars to come here to have a baby with an American birth certificate.  

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