The Things We Do For Our Loved Ones...

MY FRIEND ROSS KAMINSKY IS COMING IN TO SHOOT THE CRAP At 1:35.  Why?  He is currently on a vegan diet because his wife made him asked him to try it.  So of course I have to make fun of him.  But it does bring the question to mind: what is the craziest/stupidest/wildest thing you've done for love?  I dropped out of college and moved to a new city, which actually didn't turn out to be the WORST decision I've ever made.  

YOU'RE NOT PARANOID IF THEY ARE OUT TO GET YOU That sort of sums up what Trump must be feeling all the time.  I find it truly odd that I am regularly defending Trump now.  It doesn't feel right, but it must be done, because this is RIDICULOUS. is reporting that some of the texts between FBI agent Peter Strzok and his alleged mistress attorney Lisa page may show the two were leaking information about the Trump investigation directly to the media.  Congress is now investigating.  If leaking actually DOES matter, this is sort of a big deal.  

EXPECT MORE MEAN BOOKS ABOUT TRUMP Just like we had a ton of mean books about Obama.  Here's a list of a few not to waste your time on. 

THIS IS WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT YESTERDAY WITH OPRAH But of course Kevin Williamson at National Review does a more eloquent job describing why we shouldn't count out President Oprah as a thing.  

AND THE OPPO RESEARCH ON OPRAH HAS ALREADY BEGUN Oprah may have a hard time explaining some of the positions she has promoted on her show when it comes to medical stuff.  The Federalist has a handy list of some of the questionable medical issues she has discussed in the past.  Although I take issue with them including bioidentical hormones on this list, because those things work.  

SARAH SILVERMAN TURNS OUT TO BE PRETTY DECENT AFTER ALL I go hot and cold on Sarah Silverman.  I think she can be very funny, but I also think she can be unnecessarily mean.  I'm hot on her today after reading a story about how she engaged with a guy who called her a horrible name on Twitter and ended up paying for his back treatments and hopefully changed his life for the better.  Read the story here

THE WOMEN WHO SET OFF THE #METOO MOVEMENT WEREN'T INVITED TO THE GOLDEN GLOBES And one must wonder if they are forever banished from the Hollywood scene because they started the whole ball of wax rolling.  We'll see who casts these women, some of whom have serious acting chops (Mira Sorvino I'm talking 'bout you) and what kind of box office they get.  Here's hoping they band together and form their own production company and make really great movies by themselves.  Asia Argento nailed it when she said:

“Victims aren’t glamorous enough.”

A PERSON SUES FOR BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST BECAUSE OF RACE AND GENDER The problem is he's a white guy.  James Damore rocketed to internet infamy when his well reasoned paper on why more women are in tech was leaked by someone in Google and he was summarily fired.  Now he's suing Google for discrimination and his suit reads like a nightmare work scenario.  This could be a big deal if Google doesn't settle, and I hope they don't.  We need to establish that discrimination based on ethnicity and gender is wrong, PERIOD.  And Google is using race and gender in a big way they shouldn't.  This should be really fun to watch. 

HOW IS THIS GUY NOT FROM FLORIDA?  But alas, the American tourist who stripped nekkid and threw poop at security guards in Thailand is actually from New York.  I'm sure he'll retire in Florida though. 

BUT HERE'S A FLORIDA BOY IN ACTION!  He was arrested with a full rack of ribs in his pants.  And that's not a euphemism.  

AND NOW, HERE ARE THE BEST NEWS BLOOPERS OF 2017!  You guys know I love these things. 

THE NEW ROSEANNE REBOOT MAY BE INTERESTING TO WATCH I'll cop to being a "Roseanne" fan when her show was on the first run.  I've watched the real Roseanne come unglued and seem bonkers only to then say really rational things and then seem bonkers again.  She is rebooting "Roseanne" for ABC and in this version, she is playing the titular character as a grandmother who voted for Trump.  And it's caused a rift in her family.  From the article:

“It was the working-class people who elected Trump,” Barr said Monday while promoting the sitcom at a Television Critics Association event in Pasadena, Calif. “I felt that was very real and something that needed to be discussed and especially about polarization in the family and people actually hating other people for the way they voted, which I feel is not American,” Barr said, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Doesn't sound so bonkers, and yes, I'm going to watch.  

HOW OFTEN DO YOU GO OUT TO EAT?  Zagat has the results of a new survey out and it says people in Houston, Texas eat out six times a week.  The big takeaway for me is the biggest diner annoyance, and that is NOISE.  Can we please be done with the concrete floors and high ceilings and loud music?  I hate it and I know a lot of people who hate it.  Thank you very much.  

DID YOU HAPPEN TO SEE THE SMALL BUSINESS OPTIMISM INDEX?  If not, you should as it hit record highs.  

DO YOU HAVE THE FLU YET?  Seems like everyone else has had it this year as 46 states are battling serious flu out breaks.  If you're feeling smug because you got a flu shot this year you may want to ratchet that back, as the flu vaccine is only a whopping 10% effective this year.  

WHEN COMING OUT IS HARDER THAN BEING GAY Coming out as a Republican, that is.  This column is alternately funny and sad as the author relates the difference in how he was treated when he came out as gay versus when he came out to his staunchly Democrat family as a Republican.  Maybe it will help some other gay conservative teenager find solace by knowing he is not alone.  

THIS IS A GREAT ANALYSIS OF THE UPSIDE OF GENTRIFICATION.  AND THERE IS ONE. City Journal does an outstanding job of defending gentrification and outlining factual data that shows it's definitely not all bad news for the residents who are currently being used as pawns in the anti-gentrification battle.  You should read it here

HERE IS THAT ONE TIME JOE SCARBOROUGH SAID THE RIGHT THING When asking how people can support Trump when he's a racist bigot.  When did he get it right?  When he pointed out that many Democrats supported Bill Clinton when they believed he raped Juanita Broaddrick.  

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