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SOMEONE ASKED ME ABOUT THIS NEW SCANDALOUS TRUMP BOOK and all I could so was shrug indifferently.  Was this going to hurt the Trump Presidency?  Or even his chances of getting re-elected?  My honest answer is no.  Not even a little bit.  Unless Trump makes it bigger than it already is, which he seems hell bent on doing.  When the questioner expressed confusion at my lack of concern, I told him this.  Books outlining things JUST AS SCANDALOUS and yes, JUST AS WRONG came out by the droves after the Obama election.  Book written by people who didn't care about the truth, books written by people who I truly think are idiots, and books written solely to make money.  Most of them were a pile of hot garbage, and yet, the conservative outlets covered most of them breathlessly (me included for a time) and gave them life and never asked too many questions about sources and evidence and whatnot.  JUST LIKE THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS DOING NOW.  The issue isn't that someone is writing a book based solely on innuendo and made up stuff, it's that the MAINSTREAM MEDIA doesn't know they are peddling fake news just like MY SIDE peddled fake news.  I probably read 20 books about Obama after the election and the only one I still own is The Roots of Obama's Rage which I've long said has an unfortunately partisan and inflammatory title which belies it's insights.   The Washington Post even did an article about the right wing books on Obama.  I've read many of them and they fall into the "hot garbage" pile.  The big difference this time is that the media HATES Trump so they will cover all of these books with just as much sound and fury, hoping to bring down his presidency by any means necessary.  But honestly, if unemployment keeps dropping, and the economy keeps growing, and businesses use the new tax reform bill to pad people's 401ks and grow business, does it matter what a badly sourced book released in January of 2018 says?  Nope.  Now if only Trump would start ignoring this crap like Obama did.  

AND THOUGH THE LEFT KEEPS TALKING ABOUT WHAT A DISASTER TRUMP'S WHITE HOUSE IS Things are happening.  Lots of things.  Hugely big things.  And they aren't getting reported.  You are forgiven if you didn't see this very lengthy article on the ACTUAL things the Trump White House has accomplished since he was inaugurated.  It was published the Friday of New Year weekend so no one would see it.  You should read the whole thing here and ask yourself the same question I asked myself, which is how can a mentally unstable man who can't stay off Twitter gather up a list of accomplishments like this?  

OPRAH WOULD WIN IF SHE RAN FOR PRESIDENT Mark my words, she would win.  Sure, we have no idea what her policy positions would be.  But she would win.  Her speech last night at the Golden Globes was pitch perfect, and after four years of a Trump Presidency full of chaos and name calling, people are going to be very wooed by a candidate who may actually be able to deliver some sort of reconciliation.  


STEPHEN MILLER SORT OF HANDED JAKE TAPPER HIS HAT ON A PLATTER And I am sure Jake Tapper doesn't feel that way.  However if he has the stones to go back and watch himself, perhaps Tapper would see how condescending he is when Stephen Miller calls him on it.  Watch it here.  


RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE, EH?  SEE WHAT HAPPEN NEXT, HOSER. Canada is finding out what happens when you jack the minimum wage up super fast in order to satisfy the 15 an hour crowd.  Businesses make adjustments that workers do not like.  From cutting hours, to cutting paid breaks, to cutting employees altogether for a contractor model, businesses are responding.  And Canadians are SHOCKED, SHOCKED I tell you.  My favorite part of this article is this:

The move by the two prompted a sharp response from Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.

"To be blunt, I think it's the act of a bully," said Wynne in an interview with CBC News.

"And if Mr. Joyce wants to pick a fight, pick that fight with me and not the people who are working at the service window of the stores."

So people who DON'T own a business demanding an owner pay more to his or her employees is NOT bullying?  Just a thought.  

VAUNTED SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM CANCELS 50,000 SURGERIES And that's for just the month of January.  The flu has overwhelmed the already creaky National Health Service in the UK, and now they've cancelled all schedules surgeries of a non-emergency nature.  Can you imagine what it would take for the same to happen here?  Me neither.  

A CHILL FALLS ONTO RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES I've ceased being shocked when someone who is ardently advocating for 100% renewable energy finds out that there must be a gas/coal/oil fired back up system to all renewable energy.  Vermont wants to be one of those states, and yet when the temperatures plummeted this past week, an environmental blogger who supports nuclear energy, did the math on how much power was coming from renewables, and the results were not pretty.  And in this case, the wind was blowing so the turbines were spinning, but what about when the air gets so very, very still?  

WHERE WILL WE BUY OUR STUFF IN THE FUTURE?  Traditional retail seems to be on it's way out as thousands of retail locations are being shuttered as more and more of us shop online.  So where does this all settle?  I don't know, because I do 97% of my non-grocery shopping online at this point.  Will we see the end of the corner market?  When Amazon or some other company figures out two hour delivery, I'm inclined to say yes.  I would strongly advise against planning a career in retail unless you own the business.  And you better have an online presence as well.  

NEED A KICK IN THE PANTS TO START THIS YEAR OFF RIGHT?  Please read the letter written by a 27 year old Australian woman who recently died of cancer.  Then get off your arse and get living.

GOOD NIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT AND HOPE THAT THE BED BUGS DON'T BITE Because Denver is #22 for bed bug infestations according to Orkin.  EWWWWWW.  

NOW MERITOCRACY IN MATH IS A "TOOL OF WHITENESS"  Just in case you were wondering about the EXACT definition of Meritocracy, I've hooked you up. 

Definition of meritocracy

plural meritocracies1: a system in which the talented are chosen and moved ahead on the basis of their achievement
  • only the elite, in that new meritocracy, would enjoy the opportunity for self-fulfillment
  • —R. P. Warren
2: leadership selected on the basis of intellectual criteria
  • many private schools have sold their birthright by choosing … "diversity" over scholarly meritocracy
  •  —L. G. Crovitz

A math professor at Brooklyn College says that the notion of the meritocracy is simply a "tool of whiteness".  What does that mean?  From the article:

Rubel, who taught high school math for nine years before becoming a professor, argues that while meritocracy is commonly linked to hard work and talent, it also “functions as a tool of whiteness” because it “ignores systemic barriers and institutional structures that prevent opportunity and success.”

Except math is a hard science, meaning there is a question and an answer and mostly the answers are firm and fixed and not up for debate unless you are doing such high level math that this guy probably can't help you.  Good news though, he's got lots of suggestions on how white people can view black people as victims first and treat them as such.  Because somehow that will make math less....mathy? 

BOULDER WANTS TO SUE ENERGY COMPANIES AND I HOPE THEY LOSE And are forced to pay the attorney's fees of the energy companies because that would be AH-MA-ZING.  Right now there would be few direct out of pocket expenses but if they lost, why wouldn't the energy companies sue for attorney's fees?  Not to mention I'd love to see this whole climate change thing hashed out in court.  

THE DENVER POST USES THE OLD "WE NEED MORE RESOURCES" WHEN TALKING ABOUT THE DOUGCO SHOOTER And truly, this old canard needs to die.  Because in the same article where they say this:

The reason has a little bit to do with the language of Colorado’s mental health hold law, which — despite recent enhancements — can still make it difficult to define exactly when someone qualifies for a hold, one expert said. But the situation mostly points to a larger problem for mental health services in Colorado, which are overwhelmed by patients in need.

They also say this:

In 2014, four years after serving as a medic in the Wyoming National Guard during a deployment to Kuwait, Riehl was hospitalized at a veterans mental health facility in Wyoming. He escaped and was brought back on a 72-hour involuntary hold. Veterans Affairs records contain other references to attempts at mental health treatment in the following years.

So, too, do law enforcement records. During a welfare check last year, Riehl’s mother told a Lone Tree officer that her son stopped taking his psychiatric medications in February, according to a Douglas County investigative document obtained by The Denver Post through a records request. Specially trained crisis-intervention officers attempted to reach out to him. A retired behavioral health officer who knew Riehl from the Wyoming National Guard told The Post that he, also, tried to connect Riehl with help last year, only to receive in reply a string of bizarre text messages.

It's not the availability, it's the willingness to TAKE THE HELP and more importantly the meds.  

Mandy Connell


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