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MY HEART GOES OUT TO THE FAMILY OF A SLAIN DEPUTY In what was a crime that seems to be completely related to mental illness unchecked.  The story of how Deputy Zachari Parrish died started a long time ago as police in Wyoming believed the shooter to be mentally ill after he posted indirect threats against the staff of the law school there online.  This case, more than any I can remember recently, demonstrates the challenge in dealing with someone who is likely mentally ill yet doesn't know it or won't seek treatment.  The law prevents someone from being held for a mental evaluation if they haven't made direct threats.  That seems to be what happened here.  But lest you think this should quickly change, that would be a system ripe for abuse.  And even when someone is held for an evaluation, it doesn't mean he or she will continue with treatment for the mental illness.  It's a horrible situation with no easy answer.  And in the meantime, a deputy with a family who volunteered to serve and protect our community is dead in a crime that should have never happened.  Please rest in peace, Deputy Zachari Parrish, and thank you for your selfless service.  




VANCE JOSEPH GETS A SECOND CHANCE And gets to keep his job after a dismal year for the Broncos.  But he's being micromanaged on his coaching staff already and one must assume he is on a very, very short leash.  If we pay for a veteran quarterback, Joseph has to know he's got to win and win early or he won't make it until Christmas next year.  I hope he succeeds!  For his sake, and the Bronco fans as well.

THE MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE IS HURTING ONE NON PROFIT And one can only imagine it's doing the same to other non profits in the state as they grapple with yet another minimum wage increase.  These organizations don't have a way to increase prices as their labor costs shoot up.  But hey, let's stick it to the BIG CORPORATIONS and screw everybody else in the process, amiright??

IN TWO PARAGRAPHS THIS ARTICLE EXPLAINS A BIG PART OF WHAT'S WRONG WITH HEALTHCARE And the article is about the new requirement that hospitals post the prices for the top 50 services they deliver on an annual basis.  Seems like a good move, right?  Until you read this bit of the article:

Thus, some hospital officials worry that the new requirements will confuse patients even more than they will provide for more transparency. Prices for insured individuals will be vastly different and will depend on the contract each facility has negotiated with each insurer, and even the prices charged to most uninsured individuals can be discounted by hospitals depending on their income level.

“I definitely think we’re concerned that this might confuse patients even more,” acknowledged Dan Weaver, senior director of public and media relations for UCHealth. “Because prices are based so much on individual patients, their needs and their insurance plans, I think providing estimates really comes down to the individual patient level.”

So the problem is that NO ONE PAYS THE SAME AMOUNT.  We aren't even CHARGED the same amount.  WTF, seriously?  This is the worst business model of all time.  Can you imagine going grocery shopping and seeing no prices because depending on your address or some other bit of random information that identifies you, you pay a different price than everyone else?  We need completely transparent prices that can't be discounted for anyone.  Period.  That would go a long way to injecting competition into the system that would actually bring the prices down. 

ZERO DOLLARS FOR TRANSPORTATION.  ZERO.  NADA. ZILCH. NOTHING. That's what the Governor proposes in his new budget for the year.  Sure, there is some money from gas taxes and whatnot, but there are NO GENERAL FUND dollars for roads and potholes and bridges allotted.  This column infuriated me and I'm going to get State Senator Ray Scott on to discuss it asap.  

THIS IS REALLY LONG BUT ONLY BECAUSE THE MEDIA HATES TRUMP This is a rabbit hole we all need to go down.  In the last year, President Trump has given the media fits with his Twitter account.  The fits have somehow created a complete abdication of journalistic responsibility by the media.  Here is a LONG article relating some of the most egregious media malpractice of the Trump presidency.  It's worth a look and a share to those who breathlessly share every bit of negative Trump reporting with a breathless "SEE????".  See indeed.  

SO YOU ONLY BELIEVE IN SCIENCE, EH?  Then please watch this video about science from the 1950's.

SO DEMOCRATS WERE PAYING WOMEN TO COME FORWARD?  THIS IS MY SHOCKED FACE. In this era of #metoo women have been empowered to come forward in droves to accuse (let's face it, mostly liberal) men of behaving in horribly sexist ways that sometimes include sexual assault.  So it should seem that it would be no big deal for women to come out NOW to accuse our sitting President of sexual assault because EVERYONE knows he's a pig and a horrible man and awful and all that.  The New York Times reported over the weekend (a holiday weekend so not TOO many people would be paying attention) that Hillary supporters ponied up big money for women to come forward before the election to accuse Trump of sexual assault.  From paying off the mortgage on one woman's apartment to offering another hundreds of thousands of dollars, they tried everything.  But that was BEFORE the #metoo movement, so maybe the women thought no one would believe them, right?  But what about now?  Why not now?  Other than Summer Zervos, the former reality show contestant who has been accused by Trump of wanting the celebrity status she no longer has, where are the accusers too afraid to come forward without cash?  It's odd, isn't it?  And I say this as someone who does think Trump is super shallow when it comes to beautiful women and definitely behaved like a pig with Billy Bush.  Read the whole story here, since I'm sure not many people did on New Year's Eve.  

THESE PARENTING STORIES MAKE ME FEEL PRETTY GOOD ABOUT MY PARENTING SKILLS Even though a couple aren't about bad parenting at all, but the ridiculous over protective societies we've created that pretend to know what's best for children.  Read them and weep for our next generation. 

BLACK PASTOR IN BALTIMORE SAYS RECORD HIGH MURDER RATE IS BECAUSE POLICE BACKED OFF And now he wants increased patrols in the high crime areas where murder rates are soaring.  Rev. Kinjii Scott wants the cops to come back and is asking for community conversations with police in an attempt to create a workable relationship between those who need protecting and police.  Here is a question and answer I found especially interesting:

On whether the community wanted police to back off after the death of Freddie Gray

No. That represented our progressives, our activists, our liberal journalists, our politicians, but it did not represent the overall community. Because we know for a fact that around the time Freddie Gray was killed, we start to see homicides increase. We had five homicides in that neighborhood while we were protesting.

What I wanted to see happen was that people would be able to trust the relationship with our police department so that they would feel more comfortable. We'd have conversations with the police about crime in their neighborhood because they would feel safer. So we wanted the police there. We wanted them engaged in the community. We didn't want them beating the hell out of us, we didn't want that.

Got that?  The people who LIVE in high crime areas didn't want the police to back off, but the people with the biggest microphones did.  But oddly, they are getting murdered for walking down the street.  

WERE WE WRONG ABOUT STOP AND FRISK?  National Review has the stones to admit when they are wrong.  So much so that they published a mea culpa saying they were wrong about the policing policy known as stop and frisk.  It's worth a read and worth remembering how important it is to admit when you were wrong so the same mistakes don't get made in the future.  

ORRIN HATCH IS RETIRING AT THE END OF HIS TERM And this one is going to hurt on the Judiciary committee.  He says he's ready to spend time with his wife and all that.  Already talk has started about Mitt Romney being the next Senator from Utah and I'd be fine with that.  I know that people are hating on Mitt because he doesn't like Trump, but I think Mitt's politics are fair and even minded and not prone to fits of pique and I'd be perfectly fine with someone like that in the Senate.  

IRAN'S PROTESTS ARE ALL OUR FAULT Okay, maybe not ALL our fault, it's Israel's fault too.  This according the Supreme Leader who issued a statement about the growing protests around his country.  Right now, the Iranian President (who isn't as important as the Supreme Leader, of course) is trying to play it cool and blame the protests on outside interference.  Let's see how the Revolutionary Guard reacts if these things continue or even grow.  Could this be the beginning of a revolution?  We shall see.  I just hope we don't get involved.  

AND NOW, THE TOP 100 VIRAL VIDEOS OF 2017 And I don't know how I missed so many of these.

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