Why Do Conservatives Hate the New Star Wars?

HAVE YOU NOTICED WHICH CRITICS HATE STAR WARS? Christian Toto has and he addressed it in a recent column on his Hollywood in Toto blog.  The part I find most annoying about this whole thing is we've taken something magical from my childhood and made even IT political.  Booooo.  Christian joins me today at 3 to discuss it.

I NEED TO MAKE A CORRECTION ABOUT THE MCKESSON STORY FROM YESTERDAY I got multiple emails from people who wanted me to know that McKesson is NOT a drug MAKER, but a drug distributor.  So to be clear, McKesson is a drug distributor who according to a former DEA agent who worked the case, blatantly disregarded the law and sent out huge quantities of highly addictive drugs to pharmacies all over the country.  There, I feel better.  

I AM SO OVER THE WHINING ABOUT THE "SPEED" THE REPUBLICANS "SHOVED THROUGH" TAX REFORM  But it is ironic that the same GOP who whined about the speed with which Democrats rammed through Obamacare did almost the same thing.  I say ALMOST, because this tax bill has been available to the public for a few weeks in pretty much it's present form.  Plenty of time to actually read it if you are so inclined.  A Republican Congressman made that case well on CNN.  Paul Ryan didn't take to a podium to say this:

This bill has been out there.  Lots of people have read and analyzed it and talked about it and Democrats, most of whom have NOT read the bill judging by their comments, have certainly been out talking like they HAVE read the bill.  Is this the best way to legislate?  No.  In my experience no legislation that is shoved through this quick is the best legislation.  But is it better than nothing?  Probably.  You can find out for yourself by using this tax calculator I found online.  According to it's calculations, my taxes will go down by a bit.  I'll take it.  I'll take every bit I can.  

WE ARE STRESSED IN A BIG WAY IN THIS COUNTRY And the numbers show it.  I'd put myself in the daily stress/not enough time to do the things I want category BIG TIME.  But I don't know what to do about it.  I'm in my peak earning years, have a job I love but takes a lot more time than people think and I'm starting a side project that is taking all my other time.  Plus I have a husband, an 8 year old and LIFE.  And I know I am not the only one who falls into bed at the end of the day wondering what the hell happened to the last 16 hours.  And now I have a poll confirming that.  But again, what do I do about it?  Keep swimming, that's what.  

IT'S THE WONDER WOMAN LASSO OF ROBOTS!   I've always though the Lasso of Truth was idiotic and totally sexist, but what if a robot could let you know if someone is lying?  In my house it would go something like this.  

Me:  Q, did you brush your teeth?

Q:  Yes.

Me:  Robot? 

Robot:  That is a lie

Q:  Dang it.  

This robot can tell if someone is lying about 92% accuracy.  This could be the death knell for some relationships I'm guessing, but maybe it would force people to just tell the truth instead.  

PARENTS ARE ANGRY THEIR CHILDREN MET THE PRESIDENT'S DAUGHTER.  SERIOUSLY. I did NOT like the politics of President Obama.  Not one bit.  But if I found out that Malia or Sasha had popped by my daughter's school, I would not have freaked out like these Connecticut parents did.  They are pulling their children out of school, lest their kids catch the Trumpiness Ivanka surely spreads.  

NIKKI HALEY IS A BADASS AND I HAVE A GIRL CRUSH ON HER.  Did you see her Tweet about the vote to tell the US to change it's position on Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?  

At the UN we're always asked to do more & give more. So, when we make a decision, at the will of the American ppl, abt where to locate OUR embassy, we don't expect those we've helped to target us. On Thurs there'll be a vote criticizing our choice. The US will be taking names.

Oh. Snap.  I love this woman.  I hope she runs for President one day.  And I'm really, really happy to have someone with serous cojones at the UN again.  Read this whole story, it will make you happy.  At least it made me happy. 

INNER CITIES REACH PEAK MILLENIALS AS MILLENIALS DO WHAT WE ALL DID Which is get married, have kids and want yards and good schools and all those things the suburbs offer.  So millenials are beginning the mass exodus out of the inner cities they were supposed to revitalize, leaving behind crime and often crummy schools.  It's what we all did, and for all those prognosticators who said this generation was going to be DIFFERENT, I can only say I told you so.  Because I did. 

THE SEVEN SIGNS OF THE END OF AN EMPIRE I know I've posted this before, but you really should watch it because the United States is typified in this video.  We are in the Age of Decadence. 

TAVIS SMILEY MIGHT HAVE A POINT HERE, BUT HE MIGHT NOT Tavis Smiley says in an era where we are working well beyond the normal 40 hour workweek, it is not unreasonable for people like him to date people he works with.  He has a point.  The issue is whether or not subordinates feel like they can say no to a workplace romance, and Smiley doesn't address that issue.  According to the PBS investigation some of the women Smiley romanced seemed to think their job depended on the relationship.  That is wrong.  Completely wrong.  

SO FAKE REALLY IS BETTER THAN REAL!  I'm talking about Christmas trees, you dirty monkey.  Doctors are warning of "Christmas Tree Syndrome" which afflicts many people with asthma or breathing issues.  This is why I proudly rock my Martha Stewart Living fake tree with lights that gently change colors and never needs to be watered.  


It was all about scaring kids into not doing drugs using heavy handed tactics of fear and terror.  But a weird thing happened for some kids.  They did drugs and didn't feel like they scrambled their brains.  So they then stopped believing anything they were told by the government.  Denver is taking a different tack.  They are educating young people on the actual dangers of using marijuana without resorting to scare tactics.  Kids are super smart these days, and I have always believed that given the facts on how pot affects young minds, many kids would choose not to do it.  

AN EVIL CORPORATION IS GIVING SOME OF IT'S FILTHY LUCRE TO IT'S WORKER BECAUSE OF THE TAX BILL. This story just broke about AT+T giving $1000 bonuses to 200,000 workers because the tax bill passed.  That is so weird, because I heard Savannah Guthrie say this. 

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