Ever Wondered When to Merge? Me Too!

IT'S A LIVING: COLORADO STATE PATROL PIO EDITION! A PIO is a public information officer, and I've got a good one on today.  Captain Jeff Goodwin joins me today at 3 to talk about what life with the State Patrol is like.  Plus I have a bunch of traffic law questions for him.  

WOULD YOU MOVE TO A LIBERTARIAN FLOATING ISLAND?  I'M THINKING ABOUT IT.  Peter Thiel is a noted libertarian and genius and super rich and now he's going to make his own floating country to "liberate humanity from politicians".  I'm down with that.  Check out the images and photos here, they are pretty cool.  It may sound crazy, but this may be the best hope for freedom loving people.  And I would miss mowing my yard.  

BIG THANKS TO WILLIE B FOR HAVING THESE T SHIRTS MADE And if you missed us talking about the voice mail of complaint Dave got, this won't make much sense to you.  But if you did hear it HOW AWESOME ARE THESE???  And before you ask, no, they will not be made available to the general public.  Because cocaine and everything. 

Mandy, Dave and Richard tshirts

Mandy, Dave and Richard tshirts

I'M DOING MY SONG EAR WIG TOPIC TODAY And you can check yesterday's blog to see what Christmas song gets in my head and I can't get it out, I'm not risking it by finding it again today. 

THE ISLAMIZATION OF EUROPE IS WELL UNDER WAY. If this latest demographic study by Pew is any indication, it's happening faster than many anticipated.  Why is Muslim immigration bad?  It's not inherently so on it's face depending on the attitudes of the Muslims immigrating.  However, when opinion polls of Muslims in the UK show that 40% want some form of sharia law, you should begin to worry.  Or that 21% think it's okay to stone an adulterer, or that 31% think multiple wives are okay, or that 39% that women should obey their husbands ALL the time one must wonder if this is compatible with a Western democracy.  It's all fine until the population of people who believe all of the above have sufficient numbers to change the fundamental structure of government and completely take over.  But I'm sure it will be fine. 

MY WHITENESS ONLY CAUSES DISCOMFORT WHEN I HAVE TO WEAR A SKIRT IN THE WINTER But if I ever DO feel discomfort about my whiteness, you can bet your sweet bippy I'm gonna sign up for the University of Michigan's class for faculty on how to not be so sad about being white.  I'll let College Fix explain what this magic is:

The “Conversations on Whiteness” session was one of more than a dozen workshops offered at the conference, held Dec. 4 and 5. The whiteness session utilized the “Privileged Identity Exploration Model” to help white participants explore the “discomfort” of their “white identity,” according to organizers.

Got that?  

WHATEVER IS STILL ANNOYING?  WHATEV.  The word "whatever" has lost some steam in the contest for the World's Most Annoying Word but it's still on top, baby!  It's down from prior years, but still beat out "fake news" to be crowned....again... the worst word we use regularly.  Whatever.  

OH FLORIDA, WHY.  JUST WHY.  This mall in Fort Myers is sort of known for really bad behavior around the holidays but this one takes the cake.  A woman pushing a toddler in a stroller found time to kick someone in a brawl in the face.  This before she parked the stroller and kept on fighting.  Stay classy, Fort Myers.  Stay classy.   

DEAR UN, YOU AREN'T THE BOSS OF US And by us, I mean the good ol' US of A.  The UN tried to pass a resolution demanding that we retract Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  We vetoed it.  Heh.  

ONE OF THE WOMEN WHO ACCUSED TRUMP HAS SOME...UM...QUESTIONABLE DECISION MAKING TO EXPLAIN.  After accusing Trump of sexual assault in 1997 Jill Harth filed a lawsuit alleging Donald trump tried over and over again to have his way with her.  The lawsuit was eventually dropped by Harth.  During the election, a law website reached out to her to ask about it.  

LawNewz.com spoke briefly to Jill Harth in an interview last week. Harth wouldn’t’ discuss the settlement or much about either lawsuit. When asked about the allegations, Harth told LawNewz that she was “under duress” and “pressured” to file the case. But when questioned about who applied that pressure, she wouldn’t say.

So were the sexual harassment allegations true? Harth says: “The allegations were twisted and embellished. Everything could be looked at in different way.”

Harth, who now runs a beauty business, says she’s put the lawsuit behind her, and get this, she says she’d even vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming election — what she calls “supporting a friend.”

Of course she came out before the election to try to paint Trump as a sexual predator, but now we also find out she had written him SEVERAL emails offering to "do his makeup" while on the campaign.  And when TheHill.com reached out to her to find out why she did that, this is what she said:

The Hill has insisted I explain how I could accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault, sexual harassment and attempted rape in a 1997 federal lawsuit, then send him an email volunteering to do his makeup during the 2016 election campaign. Well, a couple years of therapy helped me deal with Trump’s sexual attacks and the mind games he had played on me for more than a year and move on with my life…

The email was the first such contact with Trump in a long while and our relationship was still cordial even though I realized that I would be dealing with someone who acted like a ‘dog in heat’ then, who had ruined my marriage and had continued pursuing me through the years. Yes, I had moved on but had not forgotten the pain he brought into my life. I was older, wiser. Trump was married to Melania and I had hoped he was a changed man.

Hmmm.  This is sort of what we were talking about yesterday.  She says the man is a predator, she says he attacked her, but now she want to help him out because he's married and she hopes he's changed?  This is complete crap.  And why men are struggling so badly to navigate this current environment.  

SPEAKING OF WOMEN GAMING THE SYSTEM... A former legislative intern is accusing a state lawmaker of sexual harassment.  You know how we know?  She notified the media in the form of public radio, who she happily supplied a copy of her complaint.  Public radio did an interview with her but let her remain anonymous because of this:

The intern gave a copy of the complaint to the radio station, but reports are confidential and not available to the public. Only the person who brings the accusation, the accused, Capitol leadership and outside legal advisers generally have knowledge of such complaints, a Capitol staff member said.

So let's be clear here.  The intern gets to hurl accusations and provide those accusations to the news media but she gets to stay anonymous?  That's not right.  I'm not sure if she sought out the news media, but as soon as she turned over confidential documents it sort of negates the confidentiality, doesn't it?  If she was concerned about privacy she could have refused comment and waited until the OUTCOME of the investigation to be made public.  I have no idea whether or not this man did anything wrong, but if his reputation and career is going to be destroyed by a woman who is trying her case in the media, doesn't she give up SOME anonymity?  This is where things are starting to get dicey. 


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