It's the MOST WONDERFUL TIME of the Year!!

IT'S TIME TO DO FOR THOSE WHO CAN'T DO FOR THEMSELVES And bring down some toys or donations to the King Soopers at Yale and Colorado because I want a 14er of toys for the Boys and Girls Club this year!  I'm doing the show live from there and would love to see you!  

LET'S TALK CHRISTMAS HISTORY FOR A MOMENT?  Bruce David Forbes wrote a cool book on Crhistmas and he joins me today at 2 to discuss how we got to where we are today when it comes to Christmas.  Buy his book Christmas: A Candid History by clicking here

WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE "HOT" TOYS ARE THIS YEAR?  Here is a list from the UK with all kinds of stuff on it, but I've also got this list from the US.  Good luck on your hunt, but please don't be one of those people in a fist fight over the last finger monkey or something.  I'll also talk to Rebecca Lehmann from Brad' at 3pm for the top 25 toys on their radar this year.  Check the article here. 

FORGET "HOT" TOYS AND CHECK OUT THIS LIST Yes, I'm one of those moms who picks toys that have some learning component, but DANG they are COOL now.  Yes, you can still get an erector set, but check out some of the cool stuff here.  A coding mouse trap?  Yes, please.  A Droid inventor kit?  Alright!  This list is right up my alley

BUT IN YOUR QUEST TO FIND "THE" GIFT, DON'T GET DUPED Because crafty scammers are rushing fake products out just in time for Christmas.  Make sure you check packaging and the EXACT name on the package lest you end up with a disappointing poor quality copycat this year year.  

IS ANYONE ELSE'S KID IMPOSSIBLE TO BUY FOR?  When I was a kid it was right around Thanksgiving that the catalogs started coming.  And by catalogs, I mean JCPenney and Sears.  That was it.  But they were AAAAAMAZING.  We would spend hours pouring over the toy pages and marking and remarking stuff.  My kid The Q, on the other hand, has no clue what she wants for Christmas.  And it's not that she has a HUGE list to whittle down, it's that she really doesn't want stuff.  So I am going with that. 

THIS IS WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO FOR BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB And get ready to shed a tear because this children are everything right with Christmas.  

YOUR KID LOVES DINOSAURS?  WE'VE GOT SOME ROARING GOOD GIFTS HERE Because who doesn't want a toy that can educate and terrify younger siblings too?  Find it all here.

HERE'S SOMETHING FOR THE TRUMP HATING DOG LOVER IN YOUR LIFE!  Or the Trump loving pooch in your life.  It's the Dognald Trump toy.  Yes.  It's a thing. 

DON'T LET THIS NEGATIVE NELLIES RUIN YOUR CHRISTMAS Buy your kid a Wonder Woman sword anyway!  But just in case you're the overprotective type, here's a list some group of fun busters put together with toys they deem dangerous somehow.  WE HAD LAWN DARTS AND SURVIVED. Well most of us anyway.  

WANT TO SCAR YOUR KIDS FOR LIFE?  CHECK OUT THESE DISTURBING GIFT OPTIONS! Some of these must have been created by people on drugs.  For real.  And some of them are just plain horrible.  But all of them are somewhat entertaining in their horrificness.  

WE HAVEN'T CORNERED THE MARKET ON WEIRD TOYS, LET'S GO INTERNATIONAL! With the 25 most baffling toys from around the world.  The girl doll with male genitalia is honestly my fave.  



UM WHAT?  The Oxford Word of the Year is a word I've never even heard of.  Apparently "youthquake" means a younger generation changing things blah blah blah.  Good thing I don't have to commit this to memory.  

OH TOOTSIE, SAY IT ISN'T SO Dustin Hoffman is now being accused of exposing himself to several minors and more years ago.  He's now 80 and I'm not even sure what to do with this.  It's not Bill Cosby level creepy and it was a long time ago but it's still disgusting and outrageious but things were different back then but was it ever really okay to put your finger into a women's privates unannounced and so on and so on.  Sorry you were a scumbag, Dustin, I wanted to believe you weren't.  I hope he can prove somehow he didn't do it, but it doesn't look good.  Now I'm waiting for the rest of the women to come forward. 

NOW JINGLE BELLS IS RACIST And I just can't anymore.  You can read the idiocy here, but your IQ will drop if you read it. 

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