Wine, Women and Scumbags

IT'S A LIVING: SOMMELIER EDITION Kristal Alfonso is a sommelier who also is a cheese expert, so just in time for your holiday party she's on to talk about choosing wine and what to pair with them.  She's on at 3pm.  

ANOTHER PBS TALENT GOES DOWN AND RUSSELL SIMMONS IS NOT JUST A HARASSER Yesterday was another bad day for powerful men in media as a horrible story about Russell Simmons allegedly being a serial rapist dropped while PBS' Tavis Smiley gets suspended after women who have worked with him dropped the dime on his sexual relationships.  Tavis is fighting back by lashing out at PBS for it's lousy investigation.  I keep waiting for a prominent man to truly fight back to see what happens.  I'm not entirely comfortable with men losing everything before accusations are fully vetted.  I'm a big fan of due process and all the people out head hunting on the internet better hope no one accuses them of something unseemly in today's climate.  

AND DO WE TRUST THE MEN WHO SAY THEY ARE AWAKE NOW?  Morgan Spurlock wrote a long Twitter post about how he is part of the sexual harassment problem.  He bares his soul and admits all kinds of misdeeds he's committed against women.  Good for him.  But see the above story and consider the list of "woke" men who have been outed recently as "allies" in public but scumbags in private.  I don't trust that this means anything, honestly.  I think it's a pre-emptive strike by a guy who knows he's got a closet full of trouble.  But it does make me feel a bit sorry for guys who are struggling to reconcile who they have been with what's happening now.  

YOUR CELL PHONE MAY BE FRYING YOUR BRAIN One health department is warning people about the radio frequency waves emitted by your cell phone.  They are especially concerned about the effect on young brains which are still developing.  Read this for details on how to not fry your brain

THE FCC IS ROLLING BACK NET NEUTRALITY AND NOW WE HAVE DEATH THREATS The FCC is moving to do away with the net neutrality rules instituted at the very end of Obama's reign.  So the appropriate response from someone who disagrees is calling in a bomb threat during the hearing.  Seriously?  Someone is so afraid that the government won't be able to meddle in an internet which has flourished without such regulation that they are threatening to blow up the FCC?  This world we live in is so far away from the free nation the founders envisioned.  It makes me sad.  

THIS TAKES US ONE STEP CLOSER TO THE SINGULARITY A startup company is working towards the beginning of our complete absorption by the digital dimension: a chip in the brain.  What would this chip do?  It could cure diseases, it could make you smarter, it could make you love more.  At least that's what the owner of the startup says.  Don't take him lightly, this guy has a long track record of success so if anyone can make this happen, it's likely him.  

ODDLY THE NETWORKS DIDN'T COVER THE JUICY PART OF THE FBI TEXT MESSAGES And by oddly I mean of course they didn't.  All the big networks neglected to mention that FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were having an affair and none of them mentioned the specific text that referred to an "insurance policy" in case Trump won.  So, so odd. 

DOES THIS MEAN PAUL RYAN WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT? Paul Ryan is out of DC as of 2018, at least as a member of Congress.  Why? Because he feels like he is going to get done the things he set out to do.  Or he's going to primary Trump.  We shall see. 

WHY WON'T POLICE ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT THE VEGAS SHOOTER? Survivors say they have no closure as the cops have gone silent about the case, saying it's an ongoing investigation.  Ongoing why?  The shooter is dead and we've been told he acted alone.  Why isn't the case closed?  Something totally stinks here. 

MORE FAKE NEWS FROM THE WALL STREET JOURNAL What is happening to journalism?  When Trump aide Omarosa Manigault Newman announced her resignation, the Wall Street Journal reported this:

Ms. Manigault Newman’s departure was abrupt, according to a White House official, who said that Ms. Manigault Newman was “physically dragged and escorted off the campus” Tuesday evening.

Which the Secret Service says is completely untrue.  It will be interesting to hear what Omarosa has to say when she leaves the White House, as she alluded to in that linked article.  

100% RENEWABLE ENERGY FOR COLORADO?  IT'S ALL HOT AIR And I hope someone asks gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis about this new study which says it would cost almost 45 BILLION dollars to reach this fantasy of 100% renewables.  Who is going to pay for that?  Even California gave up the dream.  Read this whole story.  We are going to try to get Rep. Jared Polis on the show after the first of the year to discuss it.  


Mandy Connell


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