It's the Step Denver Radiothon! And SO MUCH MOORE.

WON'T YOU CONSIDER GIVING TO STEPDENVER?  Mike Rosen joins me today for our annual radiothon from 1 to 2 where we tell you about the men helped to overcome addiction and get back into life.  It's a worth cause and you can donate by clicking here

ROY MOORE LOST AND I'M NOT SORRY And good for Alabama for not electing this creep to the US Senate.  Now the GOP will actually have to be united to get anything done.  Now the Democrats are going to be going after Donald Trump trying to get him to quit, which he won't.  But I hope I never hear about creepy Roy Moore again.  And the GOP has six years to find a candidate which didn't hit on young girls when he was in his 30s.  Surely they can manage that task. 

AND IF THIS MEANS WE ARE DONE WITH STEVE BANNON, IT'S A GOOD LOSS I do not like Steve Bannon.  I will not miss him if this loss in Alabama means he becomes radioactive for future candidates.  I'm glad the GOP has an upstart portion of it's base full of young men who like Steve Bannon's in your face style, it's the white supremacist wing that adores Steve Bannon I would love to scrape off.  

FOXNEWS HAS OBTAINED 10,000 TWEETS BETWEEN TWO FBI AGENTS WORKING ON THE TRUMP CASE And it's BAD.  VERY, VERY BAD.  As in HUGELY bad.  There isn't one good place to grab what's out so far, and Politico is softballing the worst ones in this story.  You are going to want to read these when they all end up in one place, which they should.  Thanks internet!  Fox News' Shannon Bream is loading up her Twitter feed with the greatest hits.  Everything about this investigation is tainted.  Every. Thing. 

THIS STORY MAKES MY CHRISTMAS HEART HAPPY I am a huge fan of Gayla Peavey and her Christmas classic I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas and she is still helping zoos with her fantastic song!  Great story here.

WE HAVE A TAX DEAL!  Agreement has been reached on a tax reform package, and it looks as if the corporate tax rate is going to rest at 21% and the richest earners will also see their rate drop to 37%.  People will also keep their home interest rate deduction on homes up $750,000.  Democrats have spread the message that this is all tax cuts for the rich.  They better hope most people don't see a drop in their tax bill next year, or their credibility will be shot.  Again.  


ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS COULD ACTUALLY MAKE YOU FAT! And now a scientist has shown that artificial sweeteners can actually cause your cells to produce MORE fat.  I've pretty much given up anything but stevia, and this doesn't address that, but maybe we should all just recognize that water is the only thing that won't kill us or make us huge. 

NEWSFLASH, THE DENVER HOUSING MARKET IS UNAFFORDABLE FOR RESIDENTS The upside from this article is that we are ONLY the 14th least affordable housing market in North America!  Big thanks to Vancouver Canada for holding the top spot.  We are not keeping up with demand on the supply side of entry level housing (you know what would help?  Condos, just saying) or income.  What has to give?  Something will.  It's called economics and it's cyclical, so just be patient.  

OBAMACARE HAS PRICED A LOT OF PEOPLE OUT OF THE INSURANCE MARKET ENTIRELY And it's not going to get any better.  You know what hurts the most in this story?  That a farmer is considering having his wife quit her job so they could qualify for Medicaid.  That's horrible.  I do, however, believe that this is exactly what some creators of Obamacare were hoping would happen. 

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