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KEN STERN HAS CAUSED QUITE A STIR The former head of National Public Radio has a book out called Republican Like Me: How I Left the Liberal Bubble and Learned to Love the Right about his experiences traveling the US meeting people in flyover country.  He joins me at 3 to discuss his cultural tourism experiment and how it changed his views on "the others".  Buy the book by clicking here


INCOMPETENCE STOPS MASS MURDER IN NYC As a pipe bomb went off early and seriously injured the jackass who was trying to kill people in the name of ISIS.  A Bangladeshi national in New York tried to set off a pipe bomb in the subway, but he only managed to hurt him.  Heh.  

#METOO GETS A CELEBRITY CHEF As Mario Batali steps down from running his empire and co-hosting The Chew while ABC "investigates" new allegations that Batali acted like a creep to multiple women.  I like Mario Batali, but this doesn't surprise me in the sense that restaurants are sort of a hot bed for bad behavior of this nature.  I think it's only a matter of time before more celeb chefs have more charges leveled against them.  What I find interesting is that Batali does not deny anything even though the women who are making charges are unnamed.  He says the behavior described does "match up" with the way he has acted in the past.  I think that's the only way to move forward if you're a dude.  

THE WOMEN ACCUSING TRUMP HAD A PRESS CONFERENCE And there are officially 13 women who say that our President, before he was in office, harassed or assaulted them.  The charges range from an unwanted kiss on the lips, to grabbing and unwanted hands in unwanted places.  I have to say I find them believable.  But will it be enough for Trump to step down?  Or face impeachment?  I say no on both counts.  Boy is Al Franken gonna be pissed he was the sacrificial lamb.  

WHEN THE TRADITIONAL NEWS MEDIA FINALLY CROAKS, IT WILL BE SUICIDE NOT MURDER If I were trying to ruin the dodgy reputation of the traditional news media I couldn't do a better job than they themselves are doing.  Friday CNN ran with a story that seemed to show Donald Trump Jr. colluded with the Russians.  The story all started because of an email from a guy giving an encryption key to the Wikileaks files that were published last fall.  CNN ran with the narrative that the date on the email was BEFORE the files went public.  And they ran with it the entire day, to be joined by other media outlets throughout the day.  Except is was all HOT GARBAGE.  The email was sent and received AFTER the leaks were public, so there is no there there.  Glenn Greenwald has written an excellent postmortem on the situation and so many others here.  Read and share it with people who don't understand media bias. 

 BULLIED BOY ASKS WHY BULLIES BULLY IN A VIDEO SEEN AROUND THE WORLD And if you watched Keaton Jones' video he asked his mother to share after she had to pick him up from what must surely be the worst school in the world AGAIN, your heart surely broke.  Watch this.  


I'm guessing those bullies are rethinking their choices after celebrities and sports heroes and all manner of people are reaching out to offer support to this kid.  I'm glad he's getting it, but I can't help wonder how many other kids are dealing with this on a daily basis and not getting invited to the Avengers premiere.  And WHAT THE HELL is going on in this school that a kid is getting milk poured on his head and nothing is done???  WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL???

JUST DAMN.  This column by Kurt Schlicter should be printed out and carried around in case you meet a "I just don't know HOW people voted for Trump!" person so you can just hand it to them.  Welcome to to the world of the Woke Conservative.  I've been this for a long time, I just didn't have the correct words to explain my lack of sh*t giving to others the way that Schlicter does.  

I HOPE THEY SAVE SOME OF THIS MONEY FOR REHAB This story on the face of it seems like a dream come true!  A six year old boy doing toy reviews on YouTube is making about $11 MILLION bucks a YEAR from the endeavor.  I sure hope his parents save a good bit of that for rehab when he hits his teen years and struggles with not being an adorable six year old anymore.  I am firmly against fame for children.  It rarely, if ever, ends well.  

A MAN WHO HELPED BUILD FACEBOOK NOW FEELS TREMENDOUS GUILT.  LET THAT SINK IN. If you are finding yourself checking your phone a thousand times a day to look at Facebook, you need to read this.  Now.  One of the men who was instrumental in creating Facebook is now urging people to take a "hard break" on this technology.  He also says that social media is "destroying how society works".  Click through here to watch him talk about it.  

ARE YOU PARTIED OUT IN DECEMBER?  This column is one part tongue in cheek, but one part spot on.  I had a Christmas party last weekend and the getting ready almost killed me.  And this weekend we have FOUR parties to attend.  FOUR.  Now these are the parties I've said yes to, and I'm excited about each of them, but there were other invites that I just couldn't swing.  Should we have a National Conversation on Christmas Parties?  Maybe next year I'll have a Christmas Wind Down Party in January.  That actually sounds very appealing right now. 

MILLENIALS ARE THINKING ABOUT DATING ROBOTS Not ALL Millenials, of course, but a pretty good chunk say they would "date" a robot.  Not surprisingly most of those who say they would consider it are male.  This makes me sad for this generation.  

WANT TO BUY A FIREARM?  THERE ARE DEALS TO BE HAD! And we have President Trump to blame as fear based gun sales have plummeted under the current 2nd Amendment supporting administration.  So there are bargains galore as gun dealers are trying to ratchet back production to meet the reduced demand.  Gun manufacturer stock prices have fallen as sales have tapered off.  Note to self, if a Dem looks like they will get elected President, buy gun stock before the election date.  Sell before a Republican takes office.  



THE GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINATIONS ARE OUT!  I've decided to wear the fact I've not seen ONE single thing on this list as a badge of honor.  You can find out if you've heard of any of this stuff by clicking here

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