What Do You Do When You Can't Find Qualified Workers?

I LIKE A COMPANY THAT DOESN'T WHINE ABOUT A PROBLEM And solves it instead.  When Oakwood Homes couldn't find qualified workers to build their 1,000 plus homes a year in our busy market, they didn't whine.  They created a home building academy to train a workforce to do the job.  I'll talk to Mike Smith about how the academy and it's graduates are performing so far.  Find out more or how to apply by clicking here.  

GIVE THIS GUY A DAD OF THE YEAR AWARD I love so much about this story.  Three stupid men vandalized a really cool Christmas light display and it was caught on tape and shown to the public through the news media.   Across the country a dad was alerted by an older brother, hopped on a plane and came back for what I can only imagine was a pretty epic reunion with one of the stupid men.  Just a short time later, the three stupid men appeared to apologize for being stupid with said dad.  This dad rocks.  


ISLAMISTS WERE TRYING TO KILL BRITISH PM THERESA MAY But luckily the plot was foiled by the cops.  Apparently this is not an isolated incident.  

WHOA.  Here is the Broadmoor's ginormous ginger bread house. 

THE CHINESE DEMONSTRATE HOW TO SPY ON THEIR PEOPLE At the latest tech conference in China Chinese companies trotted out new technology that can zip through facial recognition and even describe what people are wearing.  Other tech can spot foreigners in the city.  Yet another can track the movements of people to and from work.  This is going to be very, very bad when someone with less than honorable intentions uses it.  

YOU NEED TO READ THIS OUTLINE OF THE URANIUM ONE DEAL It's long, and worth every second you spend reading it.  When you read it, you will be left with one of two conclusions.  You may decide that Hillary and Bill were paid handsomely to make sure the Rosatom purchase went through.  Or you may decide that Hillary got duped by crafty Russians she was simply trying to hit the "reset" button with.  There isn't much middle ground, and neither of them is very flattering.  I'm guessing Hillary will go with incompetence.  She's used to that when it's convenient.  

TRUMP FOLLOWS FOR ISRAEL AND NOW PEOPLE ARE MAD By announcing that the US will not only recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and also move the US embassy to Jerusalem, Trump got all the hens clucking.  Senator Dianne Feinstein is especially horrified that the President is following through to enforce legislation she voted for.  This column makes the case quite well that this will actually help the peace process no matter what the breathless nonsense from angry Palestinians.  

CALIFORNIA HATES POOR PEOPLE WHO DRIVE How do I know?  A California lawmaker is proposing a law to ban gas powered cars in the state by 2040.  Don't get me wrong, if you want an electric car, get one!  But if you can't afford to replace $10,000 worth of batteries in a used electric car, you shouldn't be penalized for driving a gas powered car.  Maybe by 2040 the tech will be better, or batteries will never die or something, but this is just stupid.  And it hurts poor people the most. 

IS AL FRANKEN ON HIS WAY OUT?  It's tough to imagine he continues to weather the storm as even members of his own party are calling for his resignation.  He's making an announcement tomorrow.  Someone should walk up in the middle and cup his breasts while he makes it.  

CONSENSUAL NON MONOGAMY IS A THING NOW BUT WON'T BE FOR LONG This article about a panel discussion by a bunch of people who are married and sleeping with each other they aren't married to is worth of an eyeroll.  Since the beginning of time, I'm sure there have been attempts to have your cake and eat it to while married, Most of the time, it's in secret, but now it's in vogue to be open about infidelity to your partner and demand acceptance.  But this is short lived, because this always ends up with someone falling in love with someone who isn't their spouse and leaving.  And much of the time, they end in a monogamous relationship with the person they cheated with in the first place.  But good luck to these folks.  

HERE'S ANOTHER COLUMN ON HOW EMP'S ARE WHAT WE NEED TO WORRY ABOUT The thought of an EMP terrifies me.  Seriously.  Because if you knock out our entire electrical grid, the US will fall into chaos almost immediately.  And yet, the government is not taking this seriously.  Read this and get on the bandwagon to DO SOMETHING to protect our grid.  Or we'll all seriously going to die. 

TIME HONORS THE RIGHT ONE THIS TIME By choosing the Silence Breakers as the Persons of the Year.  The women who came forth and unleashed the dam of long silenced accusations of sexual harassment have truly changed the world.  

THE STUFFED ANIMAL CONUNDRUM ISN'T THAT HARD TO SOLVE, PEOPLE This story of parents sneaking into kids rooms to throw away stuffed animals is insane and a perfect example of how crappy parenting has gotten these days.  Every parent knows that you reach Peak Stuffed Animal multiple times in a child's life.  So how to get rid of the little buggers that no one plays with?  I made Q cull the herd and she's better for it.  I shall explain.  

I HAVE TO GIVE MAD PROPS TO ANHEISER-BUSCH FOR THIS ONE.  A craft brewer in Minnesota decided to make a beer called "Dilly Dilly Double IPA", blatantly using the new catchphrase popularized by new Budweiser commercials.  Rather than reign down Goliath-style lawyers onto the little crafter, A-B sent this guy to give them a message.  Brilliant.  

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