It's Colorado Gives Day! I've Got Some Suggestions

I'VE GOT A CANCER CHARITY, A VETERANS CHARITY AND AN ADDICTION CHARITY FOR YOU! Today is a great day to make a donation for Colorado Gives Day.  All you have to do is click here to get to the site, pick a charity you'd like to give to and BOOM, you're done!  If you already have a favorite, hooray!  Don't know who to go to?  How about one of these charities I am knowledgeable about and strongly recommend:

VETERANS PASSPORT 2 HOPE Is an organization I've been associated with for four years now and love what they do.  They have three missions, one to educate about the trouble veterans have re integrating.  Two, to connect veterans with organizations that can help with a variety of issue with their veterans portal.  Third, to raise money to distribute to smaller veterans organizations that have been vetted for efficiency and effectiveness through a grant program.  They do a GREAT job and you can find out more about the entire organization here.  I'll talk with Executive Director Tony Drees at 3:05. 

CANCER LEAGUE OF COLORADO is doing God's work funding studies that have produced significant breakthroughs for many forms of cancer.  If you have been touched by cancer either personally or with a loved one, I'd recommend you check this out to make a donation.  Edie Marks will join me at 2:35 to tell you about it.  Find out more by clicking here

YOU KNOW ABOUT STEP DENVER And I hope if you're concerned about the rising homeless population and drug and alcohol addiction we're seeing in Denver, you'll give them your money.  I'll talk with Paul Skudo from Step Denver at 1:35.  Find out more about Step Denver by clicking here

EVEN IF YOU HATE TRUMP YOU HAVE TO ADMIT THIS LOOKS REALLY, REALLY BAD As CNN reports that the investigator fired over the summer for anti-Trump messages not only worked on the Russia investigation, he STARTED the Russia investigation. And that's not all, folks.  He also changed the wording on James Comey's Hillary Clinton statement in a very significant way.  Remember when James Comey said Hillary and her team were "extremely careless" with classified documents?  The wording originally said "grossly negligent" until agent Peter Strzok changed it.  Why does that matter?  Grossly negligent is a legal standard for criminal charges.  And the anti-Trump agent had those words changed.  But I'm sure there is NO bias at the FBI.  We should really have access to those messages, don't you think?  

DOUGCO ENDS THE VOUCHER PROGRAM Which is no surprise since the union backed board ran on this very issue.  Next up will likely be a recertification of the union.  Because you don't spend that kind of money on an election without expecting something in return, amiright?  

THE MASTERPIECE CAKE CASE IS BEING HEARD BY THE SUPREMES TODAY And this case is not only a sticky one, but I expect it to have long lasting ramifications.  This is a really good overview of what is expected to happen today and we will be watching this case very carefully.  I accidentally found this idiotic column espousing that we limit "free speech" because of this case.  Idiocy.  Total idiocy.  I shall rip it apart today and enjoy myself while doing it.  

HAVE WE SEEN THE END OF MASS MIGRATION TO COLORADO? Blame high housing prices, lagging income and horrible traffic, but people are finally moving out of Colorado.  This is good news to people willing to stick it out.  I say let the weak go, we don't want them anyway.  My fear is that only the idiots will stay however.  I will do my best to make they see the light. 

CU BOULDER USES SEGREGATION TO PROTECT SNOWFLAKE SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS It's true, CU-Boulder has created segregated dorms where students have to check certain racial or sexual identity categories to be considered for space.  That's right, white students need not apply for these dorms.  Straight students need not apply.  We've come full circle from the days when black people fought for the right to be treated equally and have equal access to accommodations, haven't we?  Sure, it's against the law.  But it's designed to make students never have to deal with someone who isn't like them, so that's good, right?  I'm being sarcastic.  

IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF DAILY SEXUAL HARASSMENT? Randi Zuckerberg is an executive at Facebook and she travels a lot.  Recently on an Alaskan Airlines flight she was continually verbally sexually harassed by a fellow passenger. She is angry because she reported the man's rude behavior to a flight attendant and was told he was a frequent flier who was often obnoxious.  She wants to know why the flight attendant offered HER a seat in the back rather than moving the man.  It's a valid question.  So what are businesses to do in this situation?  This is a very sticky wicket and businesses need to be figuring out how to address complaints like this one. 

JOHN DRISKELL HOPKINS DID ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONGS And here is the excellent video for you to enjoy. 

THE FEDS ARE ASKING FOR GUNS BACK THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE ALLOWED TO BE BOUGHT Because the system they set up failed to prevent people who shouldn't have been allowed to buy weapons to buy them.  Unless and until they fix the system so it works PERFECTLY EVERY TIME I'm not interested in hearing about how we need more laws.  

REP. JOHN CONYERS DOES THE RIGHT THING, WILL FRANKEN FOLLOW? Rep. John Conyers is resigning from the seat he's held for fifty years.  In light of the revelation that he paid a settlement to a former staffer using taxpayer dollars along with other accusations of sexual harassment this is the only suitable outcome.  Buh-bye. 

ARABS COMPLAIN ISRAEL IS RUINING THE NON EXISTENT PEACE PROCESS As President Trump moves towards recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel warnings are coming from Arab circles about how detrimental to the "peace process" this development might be.  What peace process?  Arabs have never shown any real desire to strike a lasting peace agreement with Israel.  I say do it and show them we're done messing around. 

IF THIS WERE A CHARTER SCHOOL, IT WOULD ALREADY BE SHUT DOWN A Washington DC public school hailed as a "miracle" school for it's one year turnaround has since been found to be a total fraud.  I hope they put people in jail for this.  

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