The Reactions to Tax Reform Have Been Entertaining

ROSS KAMINSKY WILL BE BY AT 1 TO SHOOT THE CRAP He's got an update on his little dog Hugo, who he didn't believe was what he was supposed to be.  Plus we'll talk tax reform and whatnot.

CAN WE DO AWAY WITH THE 24 HOUR NEWS CYCLE?  I realize it's ridiculous to try to put that genie back in the bottle, but I think a LOT of what's wrong with the media today comes from the desire to be first rather than right.  ABC News' Brian Ross is on a well-deserved unpaid suspension for his pattern of lousy journalism after reporting Candidate Trump contacted Russia rather than President Elect Trump, which is a BIG, BIG difference.  From my Friday blog:

THE FLYNN PLEA MIGHT BE NOTHING.  BUT IT MIGHT NOT BE NOTHING. And we will have to wait just a few hot minutes before we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is something.  I have questions about why they would plea Flynn to a lesser charge if they were trying to prove a conspiracy.  That angle is addressed in this column.  ABC News is breathlessly reporting that Flynn was directed by Trump to make contact with the Russians to discuss ISIS cooperation.  But I'm not super sure that is illegal, is it, especially if it was President-Elect Trump?  Maybe not smart, but maybe not illegal.  We also don't know if this was Candidate Trump or President-elect Trump which would be two totally different animals.  ABC briefly said it was candidate Trump but Reuters says it's President Elect Trump.   Until Michael Flynn testifies under oath about what he did and when he did it, anything we are reading and hearing is speculation.  Let's just take a moment, shall we?  

Now we KNOW it was President Elect Trump.  But what else do you know?  Here are some of the headlines from today:


Flynn wears wire?

Guilty Plea Sparks Clashing Interpretations...

 Inside secretive nerve center of investigation...

Papadopoulos' late night with FBI... 

YORK: Obama Team Used 'Logan Act' To Entangle Trump On Day 1...

DRAMA: Republicans Feel Triumph, Fear Tragedy...

Time to move on from Russia collusion fantasy?

MAG: Impeachment Investigation... 

What the hell?  Right now everyone is firmly on their own sides ready to believe whatever it is that girds their own belief system.  Doesn't anyone want to wait and see what this guy actually SAYS before we get all excited or dismiss every allegation?  Is there no thirst for the truth?  Nah, I didn't think so.  I'm over hear on the sidelines waiting for as much evidence as we are going to get to come out.  

DETROIT CAN'T EVEN BLOW STUFF UP PROPERLY.  And now I bring you the Silverdome implosion. Or not. 


THE REACTIONS TO TAX REFORM HAVE BEEN LUDICROUS.  For once I'm not being hyperbolic, I'm being serious.  How about this hot take from Twitter Friday:

Kurt EichenwaldVerified account @kurteichenwald

America died tonight. Economic suicide adopted to feed the insatiable greed of donors, who have been refusing to dole out $ to GOP until they got their tax cuts. Voters fooled by propaganda and tribal hatred. 

Millenials: move away if you can. USA is over. We killed it.

And it only got worse from there.  I even responded to a Patton Oswalt tweet about how this is the end of America.  I'm genuinely confused about this.  The only thing I can liken it to is when Republicans freaked out over Obamacare passing and well...they were right about what a disaster it is.  

HERE IS A GOOD EXPLANATION OF THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE HOUSE AND SENATE TAX BILL And maybe some of Friday's tweeters should read it as they clearly have no idea what they are talking about.  You can read it here

SHERYL SANDBERG AND I ARE THINKING ALIKE ON THIS ONE.  I am worried that the #metoo movement may backfire on women as some men decide the risk of a sexual harassment charge isn't worth hiring a woman.  Faceook's Sheryl Sandberg thinks the same thing in this post.  

DEMOCRATS LIE ABOUT A COLLEGE THAT DOESN'T TAKE FEDERAL MONEY That college is Hillsdale College, which as a talk radio listener you have doubtless heard about.  Within tax reform, there is a provision which will tax college and university endowments.  A provision was included that exempted schools which did not take federal money.  Hillsdale is one of those colleges.  Sen. Chuck Schumer rose a stink about this as an earmark for "a single wealthy college" even though it would have affected other schools as well.  But never let the truth get in the way of good demagoguery, amiright Chuck? 

THOSE GENDER REVEAL PARTIES?  THEY NEED TO GO!  You know those super cute gender reveal parties kids today are doing?  One pediatrician says we need to stop announcing gender, lest we project one gender or another on our kids.  Sigh.  I get that this women works with the very tiny percentage of people who are born intersex or with other gender muddling conditions, but seriously?  Should we stop having baby showers because 1% of women are going to have a stillbirth?  (I'm so very sorry if this happened to you) No, because things like this are designed to work for most people.  This one does. 


DOES A "DO NOT RESUSCITATE" TATTOO EQUAL TO AN ADVANCE DIRECTIVE?  This is story is a very interesting dilemma stemming from what might have been one man's genius idea.  A 70 year old man showed up unconscious with a large "Do Not Resuscitate" tattoo, with a tattoed signature to boot, on his chest.  The doctors were not sure whether or not they should honor the tattoo as a legal wish.  They initially gave care but the hospital ethicists decided to advise them to honor it.  They later found that the man, who did die, indeed have a paper DNR.  But it's happened before with a much different result.  

REMEMBER REP. CORRINE BROWN?  SHE'S GOING TO JAIL. The Democrat used a fake charity as a slush fund for herself and others in her family.  Wait, that sounds familiar somehow.  She got sentenced to five years in jail.  My favorite Rep. Corrine Brown moment was when she compared the investigation into her with the Pulse nightclub shootings.  Oh yes she did. 


I'M DONATING TO THIS GUY'S INDEPENDENT RUN FOR THE SENATE IN MASS Because I want to support a guy who is running under the campaign slogan "Only a Real Indian can beat a Fake Indian" as he tries to unseat Elizabeth Warren.  Heh.  

Mandy Connell


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