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JOHN DRISKELL HOPKINS IS IN A BAND YOU MAY KNOW called the Zac Brown Band.  But John is also a lover of Christmas music so that makes him my spirit animal.  He's on today to talk about being a huge smashing success and to share some of his new Christmas album which rocketed it's way into the Mandy Connell top 3 Favorites list upon first listen. It's called You Better Watch Out and you MUST buy it here now

THE FLYNN PLEA MIGHT BE NOTHING.  BUT IT MIGHT NOT BE NOTHING. And we will have to wait just a few hot minutes before we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is something.  I have questions about why they would plea Flynn to a lesser charge if they were trying to prove a conspiracy.  That angle is addressed in this column.  ABC News is breathlessly reporting that Flynn was directed by Trump to make contact with the Russians to discuss ISIS cooperation.  But I'm not super sure that is illegal, is it, especially if it was President-Elect Trump?  Maybe not smart, but maybe not illegal.  We also don't know if this was Candidate Trump or President-elect Trump which would be two totally different animals.  ABC briefly said it was candidate Trump but Reuters says it's President Elect Trump.   Until Michael Flynn testifies under oath about what he did and when he did it, anything we are reading and hearing is speculation.  Let's just take a moment, shall we?  

WHEN THE ANNALS OF SPORTS HISTORY ARE WRITTEN Will Colin Kaepernick go down as the man who killed the NFL?  Last night's game, which admittedly had two mediocre teams duking it out on a Thursday night, saw some truly pathetic attendance.  I feel really sorry for the men and women who work at the stadium for tips.  Is this the end of the NFL as we know it?  I'm beginning to think so.  

I'M AFRAID ALL THIS MAN-WOMAN DRAMA IS HAPPENING AT THE SAME TIME OF THE RISE OF THE SEX ROBOT AND OUR ENTIRE WAY OF LIVING IS ON THE LINE There have been lots of stories about the sex robot industry.  There is a photo of a sex doll creator in this news story and I swear he looks like he could have come straight out of Weird Science.  So if women prove to be too "difficult" will men swear them off?  Don't laugh, there are going to be men who do just that.  If they can program a robot to be EXACTLY the kind of woman they want but she comes with an OFF switch, why wouldn't they?  I'm not saying we are going to die out as a species because of this, but someone needs to to think this through a bit more.  

IF MATT LAUER GETS A 30 MILLION DOLLAR PAYOUT, THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD And that is exactly what he is after.  He has lawyers picking apart his contract and they want a balloon payment for his severance.  I would LOVE to see this litigated in court.  Wouldn't you? 

DOES A "DO NOT RESUSCITATE" TATTOO EQUAL TO AN ADVANCE DIRECTIVE?  This is story is a very interesting dilemma stemming from what might have been one man's genius idea.  A 70 year old man showed up unconscious with a large "Do Not Resuscitate" tattoo, with a tattoed signature to boot, on his chest.  The doctors were not sure whether or not they should honor the tattoo as a legal wish.  They initially gave care but the hospital ethicists decided to advise them to honor it.  They later found that the man, who did die, indeed have a paper DNR.  But it's happened before with a much different result.  

EVERGREEN COLLEGE NOW BELIEVES IN SEGREGATION But this nutty as a fruitcake joint is too ill-educated to realize it.  They are allowing a NO WHITE PEOPLE ALLOWED editorial section in their school paper now.  That's not what they call it, but that's what it is.  Why anyone would send their children here is a complete mystery to me.  It feels like Social Justice Warrior Lord of the Flies to me.  

THIS ARTICLE IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF HOW BIAS WORKS SUBTLY I read this article in Forbes when I saw the headline: 

9% of Taxpayers Would Owe More Under Senate GOP's Tax Plan, Says New Report

Scary huh?  So read the article expecting to hear WHO exactly is going to pay more. Like what income bracket.  I read it once and had no idea and so I read the article again.  And STILL had no idea.  So I got Dave to read it, and I told him the information I was trying to find out.  HE couldn't find it.  This is how media bias works.  I'll explain today. 

GERALDO RIVERA IS SORRY FOR BEING GERALDO RIVERA AND BRAGGING ABOUT IT No one is surprised that Geraldo Rivera is a scumbag, we've known that for YEARS.  Now in an effort to somehow drag the spotlight to himself in the #metoo moment, he's apologizing for writing his Bro Bible 25 years ago where he bragged about sleeping with a bunch of women.  No one cares, Geraldo.  No one cares. 

A REPUBLICAN USED TAXPAYER FUNDS FOR A SEXUAL HARASSMENT SETTLEMENT His name is Rep. Blake Farenthold from Texas and his former communications director alleged he hit on her a lot and when she complained about it to a staff member, he fired her.  This is a bipartisan issue that must be remedied IMMEDIATELY.  No more hidden settlements and NO MORE taxpayer money to pay them.  Pay them yourself, horndog. 

YOUR TEENS SMARTPHONE COULD BE WARPING HIS BRAIN! And serious.  A Korean study shows that teens who compulsively hook into electronic devices are getting the same kind of brain reaction as addicts.  Expect more and more on this to come out, but you may want to get a handle on this stuff now. 

IF YOU USE MEDICAL MARIJUANA HAWAII DEMANDS YOU TURN IN YOUR GUNS. This is no joke.  Hawaii is the only state that requires you to register your firearm, and they are also a medical marijuana state with a registry of users.  Honolulu's police chief sent out letters to a bunch of med marijuana users telling them they have 30 days to turn in their weapons because their medical marijuana use prohibited them from owning a firearm.   How long before an anti-pot sheriff here in Colorado does the same thing?  The Honolulu PD says she's using justification from FEDERAL law.  This is a very dicey business.  

SMOKE EM IT YOU GOT EM, EXCEPT ON THE 16TH STREET MALL The last I spoke about the 16th Street Mall, there was a homeless guy hitting people with PVC pipe.  No word on if that's still going on, but if that guy smokes, they are surely going to stop him now!  The smoking ban goes into effect today

WHAT IF IT'S NOT C02 AFTER ALL?  The models have all been wrong thus far from the "CO2 is a pollutant that must be stopped" crowd when it comes to global warming.  And now a study I mentioned yesterday showing satellite temperature readings show no increase in the rate of warming for 23 years is casting more doubt onto what they are selling.  The Earth is warming, even by the standards of this new study, but no where near the rate it should be if you believe the Man Made Global Warming Alarmists.  So what now? What does it take for people like Bill Nye the Unscientific Guy to admit there may be more to this story than meets the eye?   Here is a column that explains the study well. 

THE ROOT OF MANY MENTAL ISSUES IS NOT WHAT YOU MIGHT THINK. I'm a huge Jordan Peterson fan and watch a lot of his videos, but this one I found very profound.  Think about this as you have friends who are struggling with various issues in their lives right now.  

IF YOU HAVE KIDS, HERE IS YOUR MOVIE LIFE FOR NEXT YEAR!  In the form of a movie trailers for 2018!

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