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THE FALL OUT CONTINUES AS WE LEARN MORE ABOUT MATT LAUER And this one has a LOT of people coming out to throw him under the bus.  Megyn Kelly took her turn and apparently alienated a LOT of the staff of the Today show who saw her comments as opportunistic.  Which they kind of were.  This whole thing has NBC in significant disarray with the future of the Today show up the air in a big way.   NBC brass is denying they knew anything but if the reports in the New York Times are remotely accurate, somebody high up knew something and simply chose to look the other way.   This is what happens when an open secret finally explodes.  

BILL O'REILLY SHOULD PROBABLY JUST SHUT HIS PIE HOLE ABOUT NOW But he isn't, because he's Bill O'Reilly.  He was on the morning show in DC and said this about the current environment:

“There’s an industry now that files these suits,” O’Reilly told WMAL’s Mornings on the Mall Thursday. “The press will not stop. It’s conviction by headline, and the lawyers know that,” he added.

He went on to declare that he believed Roy Moore's accusers.  Mmmkay.  

“The women who have come forth look credible to me as a journalist,” O’Reilly told WMAL. “If I were in Alabama, I would not vote for him,” he added.

But the women he paid millions of dollars to to cover up his own sexual harassment aren't credible, Bill?  This is where consistency is hard. 

SO WHAT DO WE DO WITH THE ART CREATED BY BAD MEN OR WOMEN?  Dave and I were talking about this yesterday.  This column makes the argument that it is wrong of NPR to pull all of Garrison Keillor's old shows in light of his recent firing.  She has a point.  If we did away with all the art or literature or performances or movies that have been created by less than savory types, we may not be left with much.  Why can't I watch an old Louis CK special?  Can't I make that choice on my own?  Apparently not.  I feel the same way about trying to rewrite the remarkable history of this country because the brilliant yet flawed men who founded it owned slaves.  

JOHN MCCAIN IS SUPPORTING THE SENATE TAX REFORM BILL Which is likely to pass now with his support assured.   We shall see.  

FORGET A BUMPER STICKER, YOUR CAR TELLS WHO YOU MIGHT HAVE VOTED FOR! I think this is pretty cool, although you can take the results with a grain of salt.  A new study from Stanford evaluated what sorts of cars people drove with how they likely voted.  Drive a pickup?  You're likely a Trump guy or gal.  A sedan?  Welcome to the Democrat party.  I love nonsensical silly stuff like this until I realize my tax dollars may have paid for it. 

SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, JIM NABORS HAS PASSED AWAY It's hard to feel sad when someone makes it to the ripe old age of 87 and was beloved during his lifetime like Jim Nabors was.  RIP, Gomer Pyle!  

SATELLITES SHOW NO INCREASE IN THE RATE OF WARMING FOR 23 YEARS But I'm sure I'll be told I don't believe science when I talk about the scientific study of satellite temperature data.  Satellite temperature data is not subject to things like bad positioning or concrete heat islands.  And scientists have determined that the rate of increase has remained steady.  Why does this matter?  Because the scientists who did the study have long maintained that the impact of CO2 on the atmosphere is completely overblown.  If this study is correct, they may be right.  

SAN FRAN NAN PUT HER FINGER IN THE WIND And decided to demand icon...John Conyers should resign. (that ellipsis was there to represent the dramatic pause I must insert between icon...and John Conyers).  Why now, Nance?  She must have done the calculus and decided Conyers is expendable.  To Conyers credit, he sent Rep. James Clyburn out to push back in the most racist way possible.  He said the women shouldn't be believed because they are white.  

CATS MUST HAVE A BETTER PR FIRM Because new research shows that DOGS are smarter than cats.  I believe it.  Now if they could just measure evil tendencies, cats would win in a landslide.

COULD YOUR RECEDING HAIRLINE MEAN YOU'RE AT A HIGHER RISK OF HEART TROUBLE?  It depends on when you starting graying or balding, but if it was before the age of 40 the answer may be yes. This according to an Indian study of other signs doctors should look for when trying to determine a man's risk of heart disease.  

A LOT OF OUR KIDS COULD BE HEADING FOR OBESITY BY THE TIME THEY ARE 35.  As in 57% of kids now could be obese by the time they are 35 unless we change our evil ways when it comes to diet and exercise.  I sure hope watching their parents struggle with weight related health issues as they age in will inspire people to take control of their health as adults.  Because it will happen. 

REPLACE THE WORD "WHITENESS" WITH "BLACKNESS" AND REALLY WATCH THE WORLD EXPLODE But because it says "whiteness" the outrage remains rather localized to Texas where the column appeared in a college newspaper.  Your DNA is an abomination screams the headline and the column is even worse, full of the sort of blatant racism you'd expect to see from a white nationalist.  Here's a super cool nugget:

“Until then, remember this: I hate you because you shouldn’t exist,” the column adds. “You are both the dominant apparatus on the planet and the void in which all other cultures, upon meeting you, die.”

I sure hope this student is subjected to sensitivity training, cultural competency training and whatever training they subject other people too when accused of racism.  Somehow I doubt this horrible guy will be. 

THIS IS WHAT WE TALK ABOUT IN THE OFFICE BEFORE THE SHOW Dave was talking about the Today show back in the day and he mentioned Kuda Bux, the Indian mystic and firewalker.  It reminded of Yogi Coudox from That's Incredible who shoved himself into tiny plexiglass box for some reason.  Here he is!  

Now here's Kuda Bux, who I maintain is half the man Yogi Coudox was.  

HOW TRUMP GETS AWAY WITH SOME RIDICULOUS STUFF HE SAYS This is a very well though out article about President Trump's retweeting of some dubious stuff.  It's called a paralipsis and Trump wields it better than most.  This is a very insightful read.  

THE RELIGION OF PEACE HAS AN ALLY WHEN IT COMES TO BOMBING CHURCHES Just not mosques.  An Egyptian newscaster who has a history of inflammatory statements supporting Islamic attacks on Christians has done it again.  She said after the horrible mosque attack that it was okay to bomb churches, but not mosques.  She's been suspended. Not fired, mind you, but suspended.  Roll that around in your head for a minute.  

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