Garrison Keiller? Matt Lauer? OH MY.

MATT LAUER GETS CANNED!  NBC acted very quickly when making a decision about the fate of Today show co-star Matt Lauer.  They got what they deem a very credible accusation of sexual assault on Monday night and fired Matt Lauer the next day.  WHOA. You want to see something Matt Lauer probably wishes wasn't on the internet right now?  Or does he understand what Bill went through.  It seems that Variety had been working on a story for months, so it's highly unlikely that NBC had NO CLUE until this woman sat down with them.  We'll see when the rest of the stories come out.  

AND NOW GARRISON KEILLOR?  GARRISON FREAKING KEILLOR??? You could have knocked me over with a feather on this one.  This is like your grandpa getting fired for sexual harassment.  Unfortunately for Mr. Keillor he JUST wrote a column for the Washington Post in which he mocked the calls for Al Franken's resignation by saying:

"He did USO tours overseas when he was in the comedy biz. He did it from deep in his heart, out of patriotism, and the show he did was broad comedy of a sort that goes back to the Middle Ages. ... Miss Tweeden knew what the game was and played her role and on the flight home, in a spirit of low comedy, Al ogled her and pretended to grab her and a picture was taken. Eleven years later, a talk show host in L.A., she goes public with her embarrassment, and there is talk of resignation. This is pure absurdity and the atrocity it leads to is a code of public deadliness. No kidding."

Got that?  Al was just joking around because he's a joker who jokes, amiright?  

NPR ALSO CANNED IT'S CHIEF NEWS EDITOR TOO After three women complained to HR about him.  You've never heard of David Sweeney, but he's looking for work now.   

HERE IS MY TAKE ON THIS STUFF First, I've been pretty open about my own experiences working in the media, so I believe these women are telling the truth.  Second, I think there is way more to this than JUST trying to hold men to account.  I think it's also about accounting.  Matt Lauer made a LOT of money, he's aging but NBC didn't want to deal with the blowback of letting him go.  So they make his bad behavior as an excuse to cut him loose now, and they get NO blowback.  Same with Garrison Keillor.  The Chief News Editor was likely very replaceable in a workplace that bows down every day to progressive sensitivities.  One can only imagine that they have hired only handsome young men to work on the Megyn Kelly show in the hopes she messes up too.  One more point, is it becoming obvious to anyone else that all these so-called liberal allies were simply pretending to stick up for the sisterhood so they would have cover for their predatory behavior?  

WHO THE HECK IS NEXT?  I WANT TO START A POOL.  We'll call it a Career Death Pool.  Don't judge me, you want to play too.  

SIDE NOTE: I FINALLY UNDERSTAND WHITE PRIVILEGE. It's a white woman lying about being a Native American to further her career.  Isn't it? 


LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT?  IT'S NOT A THING.  LUST AT FIRST SIGHT HOWEVER... This is really interesting.  Scientist who study such things now say that when we feel what we believe to be "love at first sight" we more likely experiencing a strong physical attraction, which would be lust.  I think this may have merit and those folks lucky enough to have experienced lust at first sight only to have it develop into love that lasts are probably the exception, rather than the rule. 

DENZEL WASHINGTON MUST BE A SELF-HATING RACIST OR SOMETHING Because he is making waves with his recent comments about black families and the importance of black fathers in the home.  Read the whole self-hating racist comments here.  I'm being sarcastic, btw.

REMEMBER FOLKS, CONGRESSCRITTERS DON'T HAVE TO HELD ACCOUNTABLE, K?  At least that's certainly the message from Rep. James Clyburn when asked if since all the media figures had been fired and held accountable.  He shot back, "who elected them?".  If Republicans can't make a serious run at his seat they just need to pack it in.  

AND I HAVE A STORY ABOUT THE BOULDERITE TIGHTWADS NOT DONATING TO CHARITY But I'm going to link it because it's behind a paywall.  Trust me, you won't be surprised.  

AT LEAST 100 ECONOMISTS THINK THE TAX REFORM BILL IS A REALLY GOOD IDEA They wrote an open letter to Congress urging them to pass it so the economy will "roar".  We shall see. 

PROOF THAT MEN AND WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT Because a woman would never say, "hey, I wonder if I can fly with a wingsuit into a flying plane?" 

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