Ooh, look sexual harassment claims, that's new. Not.

ANOTHER WOMAN HAS ACCUSED JOHN CONYERS And no one is less surprised than Cokie Roberts.  Why Cokie?  She was discussing the ongoing issues popping up for Conyers and had this to say:

Roberts implied that Conyers' predatory behavior was an open secret among the press corps. 

"Don’t get in the elevator with him, you know, and the whole every female in the press corps knew that, right, don’t get in elevator with him," said Roberts. She continued, "Now people are saying it out loud. And I think that does make a difference."

Got that?  Does anyone think that if a Republican's predatory behavior was an "open secret" among the press corps it would have been exposed?  It must be nice to be an "icon" like Conyers and be able to do whatever and whomever you want.  The woman who was paid $27,000 in taxpayer money to settle a harassment claim against Conyers is now asking to have her confidentiality agreement undone.  And another former staffer says he hit on her many times but she knew (what we are all seeing now) that no one would do anything about it if she complained.  

I'M A BIT SICK OF THE MORAL POSTURING ABOUT THIS ISSUE FROM BOTH SIDES As both sides try to figure out how to throw stones without any of them boomeranging around and hitting themselves.  Let's all decide what the standard is and hold people to it.  Can you grab a woman's butt during a photo op?  Can you grope a staffer in a car?  Can you talk about grabbing women by the p*ssy?  Can you try to date 14 year old girls when you are in your 30s?  Answer these questions and we can all get on with it.  

THE SO-CALLED PARTY OF SCIENCE DOESN'T BELIEVE IN GENDER SCIENCE Because when it comes to the issue of transgendered people, there is NO science to show a gender spectrum or any of the other nonsense being sold by progressives these days.  There is however rather solid science that firmly demonstrates that a vast majority of us are simply born male or female.  Intersex folks born with all parts are definitely real people, but we're talking .01 to .02% of the population.   And yet it is Christians who side with science on this issue, while rational atheists side with junk science and socially correct pablum.  To be clear, I have nothing but compassion for people who believe they are transgendered, but changing huge swaths of public policy to accommodate this condition makes me very nervous.  

SO MUCH THIS ON LENA DUNHAM I was dumb in my 20s.  This does not mean that everyone is dumb in their 20s, but it does make me wary when any person in their 20s is touted as some sort of genius.  When Lena Dunham became famous, I was genuinely confused.  I read things she wrote and was struck only by their vapid uselessness.  When she wrote of being raped by a college Republican my first instinct (which turned out to be accurate) was that she made the story up to further her street cred as a progressive warrior.  Luckily for us, she keeps tripping over her own words and perhaps now she can be over.  This column from the New York Post sums it up perfectly.  

A CONCERNED MOM FACES FIVE YEARS IN PRISON FOR TAPING HER DAUGHTER'S DAY A fourth grader in Virginia was being bullied and when her mom got no response from the school about it, she decided to take measures into her own hands.  She put an audio recorder into her daughter's backpack so she could get an idea of what her daughter was dealing with.  The school called the cops and now the mom is facing BS felony charges.  

SO I GET EMAILS....  Occasionally they make great topics.  I got this email the day after Thanksgiving but didn't see it until yesterday. Check this out.

I was a guest for Thanksgiving dinner, seated at the dining room table . One of the guests (a 40-something woman) brought her lap dog to the table. It is a well-behaved very small little dog and sat quietly in the woman’s lap during the meal. The woman stroked the dog from time to time, talked to it and fed it a few scraps. The dog-mama did participate in the passing of food: pet puppy, pass potatoes, stick food in puppy’s mouth, pass the peas, etc. I should also add that the host and hostess’s big dog was in the back yard.

When I later complained about it and mentioned to the hostess  that I didn’t appreciate eating my Thanksgiving dinner with a dog she told me I was overly bothered by it and that I need to “let it go.” The dog mama is family and will be at Holiday dinners for the rest of my/her life.

I'll be anxious to have other opinions on this matter. I’m in my seventies – and maybe intolerant. I do know that there signs at lots of stores saying no do allowed, yet people take their dogs into the stores anyway and apparently management allows it. I don’t dislike dogs, but I really don’t want YOUR non-service dog pushed off on ME. I think YOUR non-service dog belongs at YOUR house.

I think she has a really good point.  I love dogs.  But I am becoming increasingly annoyed with people who assume that I should love their dog on THEIR terms, not mine.  Dave says this isn't a big problem but I think it's becoming a bigger one.  What do you think? 

AND I GET MORE EMAILS ABOUT STUFF WE TALK ABOUT And this email about the gentrification issue was very informative so I thought I'd share.  In light of our discussion about whether or not gentrification is good or bad or both, a listener weighed in with this:

I agree with your thoughts on the complexity of the issues w/this situation. And I can't fix it, but that doesn't mean I don't have some things to say.

I was told, by an African American woman, that has stayed w/me: Poor people see themselves as being controlled by their circumstances & are powerless to do anything to change it; while people in middle & upper socioeconomic levels see themselves as being in control of their circumstances & have the power to change what they do not like.

Something I learned as a Family Advocacy Treatment Manager: Powerless people tend to use physical violence as a means to prevent any change because the devil you know is better than one you don't because it's likely to be worse. These are often school dropouts w/limited vocabulary, who are frequently from socioeconomically distressed areas with high crime rates, intraracial violence, inter-racial violence, who look to others [read government] to solve their problems. So, when someone who sees they are part of the powerless people says they feel they're being heard is a huge thing.

That's a very interesting way to help us middle class folks understand why breaking a window seems like a good idea to someone opposed to gentrification.  It doesn't excuse it, mind you, it just helps understand why that may seem like a good idea.  It would seem to me that if we can change those feelings of helplessness we can truly help people in poverty succeed.  How do we do that?  I have no idea.  

SPEAKING OF GENTRIFICATION, HERE IS A STELLAR DEFENSE OF IT In a column that explains that gentrification isn't necessarily the horrible thing it is often thought to be.  

AND NOW HERE ARE 88 AMAZING FACTS EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW At least according the headline, but I'm not sure why I need to know that 35% of people are born without wisdom teeth.  Find the rest here

CNN IS CROWING ABOUT THE 1ST AMENDMENT WHILE IGNORING THE FIRST AMENDMENT. President Trump is completely under the skin of CNN after tweeting out some saucy insults over the holiday weekend.  CNN responded on air by defending themselves and attacking Trump.  Anderson Cooper had this to say:

“We have thick skin here at CNN,” host Anderson Cooper said Monday. “We can handle criticism, but we’ll damn sure call it out when it’s a lie.”

“His assault against a free press, a free press that stands up to him, will not stop us or any other legitimate news organization,” Cooper said. “It won’t stop my colleagues around the world who put their lives on the line to do their work, to report.”

But...but... CNN has been repeatedly caught pushing stories that were...well...fake.  And I find it interesting that the President giving his opinion, which is covered under the First Amendment, is being called an "assault" against a free press.  The President has done NOTHING either by law, or regulation, or Executive Order to curtail the press.  NOTHING.  Anderson is just mad someone isn't taking CNN's bias lying down.  

ROBOTS ARE COMING FOR YOUR JOBS, LULLABY COMPOSERS!  Artificial intelligence created a lullaby designed to put humans to sleep.  It's sort of lovely but I didn't want to listen to the whole thing because once we fall asleep the robots will load us into trucks and take us away.  Listen at your own risk.  

PEOPLE WHO DIE OF OPIOID OVERDOSES LIKELY GOT THEM FROM THEIR DOCTORS At least according a study of such things.  Yes, heroin is a problem, but not nearly the problem people simply accidentally overdosing on pain meds is.  Read this rather disheartening story here

LOOKING FOR A JOB, WHITEY?  DON'T APPLY AT THE BBC They just posted an ad for a paid internship but very clearly states that whites need not apply. How is this just?  How is this right?  And when does the scale get "balanced" in such a way that we can be done with identity politics and just judge people on the content of their character?  


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