There is Hope for Alzheimer's Patients!

IS ALZHEIMER'S THE DEATH SENTENCE WE THINK IT IT?  My guest says we should look at this disease much differently and shares stories of people who seem to have staved off the progression using a combination of treatments and therapies.  This is a very hope inspiring read!  Buy the book by clicking here and I'll talk to Dr. Gayatri Devi at 2pm.  

GENTRIFICATION IS NOT A DIRTY WORD UNLESS YOU GET PRICED OUT OF YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD This story of a coffee shop with a cheeky advertising sign now being targeted by people opposed to gentrification is truly sad to me.  Why sad?  Because we're talking about taking a rundown neighborhood that no one has been investing any money in for a long time that all of sudden gets an infusion of businesses run by people who truly believe (and rightfully so, I think) they are making the neighborhood "better".  But they aren't generally "from" the neighborhood.  And in improving the neighborhood, rents and property values rise and may price some long time residents out of their homes.  So which is worse?  Having a neighborhood that is often crime ridden, with no economic opportunity for residents or figuring out how to help people who stand to be displaced?  Ink Coffee is not the enemy.  Neither is gentrification.  But we may need to look at mitigating some issues before they begin lest we end up like Ink Coffee with 200 protesters outside.  

CONGRESS IS BACK TO WORK AND THEY'VE GOT SOME CHANGES TO MAKE As the word on the hill is that more veteran members will find themselves in hot water over sexual harassment issues (so far it's just two Democrats on the hot seat) there is a move afoot to make sure there are actual consequences for those who act like pigs.  We'll see if they actually do something.  

NANCY PELOSI IS TRYING TO PLAY BOTH SIDES OF THIS CONYERS ISSUE She appeared on Meet the Press to tell us that Rep. John Conyers was an icon and therefore should be forgiven for his payout to a woman he allegedly harassed.  Okay, maybe not forgiven, but she's all about due process for Conyers, even as she questions the identity of his accusers and refusing to call for his resignation.  Later she issued a statement saying that someone's status as an icon is not a "license for harassment".  And Al Franken is back and work, but thank GOODNESS he has the decency to be embarrassed for being a scumbag.  That should do it.  

WE'VE REACHED PEAK ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE SILLINESS I've known about the additional letters constantly being tacked on to the LGBT shorthand for some years now.  But this takes the cake.  Elementary school teachers are being forced to go to a seminar addressing....wait for it... 

LGGBDTTTIQQAAP Sensitivity Training!

Why what is that you say?  Here is the entire list but I've lost interest.  I've simply lost interest.  

IF YOUR WIFE KEPT HER MARRIED NAME PEOPLE THINK SHE WEARS THE PANTS So says a study that shows men in relationships like that are perceived less manly that men in more traditional unions.  From the article:

The researchers’ first two studies found that whenever a husband’s last name differed from that of his wife’s, he was frequently described in ways that both deemphasized his masculinity and overemphasized any feminine characteristics.

Meanwhile, previous research has shown that wives who shun the time-tested naming tradition enjoy a number of benefits, including higher social status and perception of power, along with increased self-focus, ambition, and assertiveness.

So it's good for women, but bad for men.  I guess you just decide who gets to win in your relationship. 

YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY PEOPLE LAUGH AT TODAY'S MEDIA?  Just check out this bit of nonsense that happened over the holiday weekend.  White House Spokesperson Sarah Sanders made a pie, and like many of us, she posted a picture of it on Twitter.  Mmmkay.  A White House reporter reporter responded in disbelief and wanted to see a photo of it on the table.  And things went downhill from there.  Ahh, the internet.

CASABLANCA TURNS 75!  This movie remains a classic for so many reasons.  You should watch it and celebrate it's birthday soon



UNLESS YOU LIVE IN VENEZUELA, THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS. Did you see the videos of Black Friday brawls?  You know, Black Friday where we all try to buy gifts to celebrate the birth of Jesus, who would likely be horrified at this nonsense?  

THIS IS WHAT CREATIVE DISRUPTION IN DISTRIBUTION LOOKS LIKE Twenty major department store chains are scaling back or shutting down retail locations this year.  Some of them no one will miss, but others have been fixtures for a long, long time.  We are changing the way we shop.  Dramatically.  And it's time for businesses to figure it out or go the way of the dodo bird.  

ONE UNBIASED MSNBC REPORTER LOVES THAT RAND PAUL GOT BADLY INJURED And she let it slip during a broadcast and was forced to immediately walk it back via Twitter.  And this wasn't an opinion host, this was an allegedly unbiased reporter.  But honestly, at MSNBC who can tell the difference? 

PRINCE HARRY SNAGS HIS MISSUS! And it will be fun to watch the pomp and circumstance of another royal wedding.  Best wishes to the happy couple!  

A RACIST NURSE GETS FIRED OVER RACIST TWITTER POSTS The remarkable part of this story is that the nurse is black.  I'm guessing that white mothers who may have encountered this hateful woman can rest easy now that she won't have access to their white sons who she said should be "sacrificed to wolves".  At least we can say racists are being treated entirely equally now. 

LOTS OF COLORADANS ARE ARMING UP FOR CHRISTMAS As the CBI says there were a record number of background checks for firearm sales on Black Friday.  I don't know why I find this somewhat heartening.  I might just be weird.  Don't forget to train properly, people! 

Mandy Connell


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