How Much is Too Much, Turkey Day Disasters and More!

DID YOU KNOW COLFAX AVENUE HAS ITS OWN MUSEUM NOW?  I read about it in the LA Times so we thought we'd get the man behind the museum on the show.  Johnny Barber joins me at 3 to talk about Colfax and the new museum which honors it's weirdness.  Find the museum via it's Facebook page here

WHAT DISASTERS HAVE YOU SUFFERED THROUGH AT THANKSGIVING?  To kick things off I will share the story of my Vegan Thanksgiving.  Yes.  A vegan Thanksgiving.  With a bunch of wiccans.  It was an experience I shall never forget.  And never repeat.

HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH FOR CONCERT TICKETS?  I got into a very interesting conversation with Chuck about this last night, as I said I thought $325 for Eagles and Jimmy Buffet was too steep.  He said for seats in the first five rows, he'd pay that much.  It goes to show that this is about personal taste, but what is too much for your taste?  


THIS STORY IS SO VERY VERY WRONG A young girl was beaten and raped and abused her entire life and sold into sex slavery in her early teens.  When she was "purchased" by a real estate agent to be used for sex, she fought back and killed the man.  She was 16, charged as an adult and is in prison with no chance of parole until she is 69 years oldThis is the sort of case that makes people distrust the "justice" system.  

A GOOD PRIMER ON NET NEUTRALITY If you're still trying to figure out why net neutrality is or isn't a good idea, this story grabs information from various sources to answer some of your questions.  It's not a perfect explanation and it leans towards more government intervention imo.  I personally still believe that in the long run, net neutrality would slow down our ability to innovate on the web.  Plus, I also believe that we are rapidly moving away from the old model of cable lines in the ground for web delivery, so why don't we let this whole thing play out for a bit longer?  


Income Tax Shares

Income Tax Shares

RIP DAVID CASSIDY, WE THOUGHT WE LOVED YOU AND NOW YOU'RE GONE I know I'm getting older when I read about the death of David Cassidy and I say, "He was ONLY 67!"  That's not old by today's standards.   May his family find peace in good memories.  

WE ARE GIVING OURSELVES CANCER WITH OUR CRAPPY LIFESTYLE CHOICES And it's not JUST smoking, although that this still a BIG one.  About half of the cancers diagnosed in the US are brought on by bad decision making involving smoking, obesity, drinking and excessive sun exposure.  This is just ridiculous.  And we, as in each individual, have the power to change this.  Frankly I think we should let insurance companies charge people who live unhealthy lifestyles charge more for healthcare.  That is the ONLY way we could get people to take their own health seriously.  

NOW HERE'S CHARLIE ROSE AND HIS CO-HOSTS BEING WHAT SEEMS SUPER CREEPY NOW And credit John Oliver with this wonderful compilation set to porn music.

WANT TO KNOW THE REAL STORY OF THANKSGIVING? You can find it here, and honestly, I didn't know it.  But surprise, surprise, there are politics and intrigue.  Because there is always politics and intrigue. 

BLACK FRIDAY IS LOSING IT'S LUSTER AND THIS GUY CAMPED OUT FOR THREE DAYS FOR NOTHING I remember the glory days of Black Friday, when you had to get up at the crack of dawn to get in line the day after Thanksgiving to get the best deals.  Okay, I don't remember it personally because I hate shopping and never did that crap, but I remember HEARING about the glory days from people who like such things.  Now a guy has been camping out for three days outside a Best Buy.  And he's by himself.  To save $300 bucks on a tv.  Imagine if he'd used that time doing something like, say, WORKING.  He could have made the stupid $300 already and been home.    No deal is good enough for me to camp out.  Now back in the day, concert tickets were another story.  

28 RULES FOR YOUR FAMILY THANKSGIVING TOUCH FOOTBALL GAME The Wall Street Journal does this every year, but it's behind a paywall, so let me generously sample it for you.

11. Your Uncle Ron is really proud of that new Porsche he bought. Would be a shame if someone accidentally overthrew a pass and hit Uncle Ron’s Porsche. Whoops. Sorry, Uncle Ron. Heh.

12. There will be a 10-minute delay in the game to look for the lizard that your niece was supposed to be babysitting over Thanksgiving for her third-grade class.

13. I bet Tom Brady has a great Thanksgiving Touch Football game, after which he serves everyone a delicious dinner of steamed lettuce.

14. Rob Gronkowski’s turkey, meanwhile, is deep-fried in Jägermeister.

15. At Bill Belichick’s Thanksgiving, when they ask “What are you thankful for?” Bill tersely replies: “We’re on to Christmas.”

16. “Wow, that’s a lot of Thanksgiving Family Touch Football rules about the stupid New England Patriots, Jason. That’s a 15-yard penalty for being a shameless Boston homer.”

17. As always, betting on Family Touch Football is CASH ONLY. And all monetary disputes will be settled by an argument over whether turnips are any good.

18. For the record, I am pro-turnip.

I just chose these because they make fun of the Patriots.  See the rest if you pay for the WSJ!

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