Let's Talk Turkey Day Tragedies, Shall We?

SHALIN BHATT FIXED SOMETHING THAT WASN'T WORKING And Dave the Intrepid Producer wants to thank him.  Shalin will pop on for a quick visit at 3.

CONGRESSMAN KEN BUCK HAS OPINIONS ON STUFF And he's joining me at 2pm to discuss tax reform and other pressing issues.  

WE'VE ALL HAD THE NIGHTMARE THANKSGIVING DAY And I figure what they hey, let's share!  Because misery loves company and maybe you sharing your nightmare will prevent a similar situation for someone else this week!  Plus, how to avoid talking politics with your family.  I have a fun idea that just might work.  

CHRISTINA AGUILERA KILLED IT AT THE AMA'S LAST NIGHT In a tribute to one of the greatest voices of my lifetime, Whitney Houston.  KILLED. IT.  And yes, her lips are ridiculous, but her voice is amazeballs.


CHARLES MANSON IS FINALLY DEAD And I hope he rots in hell.  For real.  

THE TRUMP ECONOMY IS A GOOD ECONOMY AND HE'S GETTING CREDIT And I am in the camp of President's shouldn't get too much credit or too much blame for short term changes in the economy.  However, I do think there is an optimism in business that hasn't existed for a long, long time and I do think that is partially because of Trump.  Maybe in large part.  But this has to worry Democrats because unseating a sitting President in a booming economy is really, really hard.  However again, Trump isn't your normal POTUS and I'm thinking a lot can happen in the next 3 years.

ARE MILLENIALS NARCISSISTS OR CONFIDENT?  THEIR STORY HASN'T BEEN FINISHED YET But this article does a nice job presenting both sides of the argument.  I have a lot of faith in the millenials, and the studies showing that millenials may simply be more self confident at age when most of us were self centered gives me even more hope that they will be a trans formative generation for the good.  

I'M ODDLY FASCINATED BY BUILDING IMPLOSIONS I've seen one in person and I always watch a big building falling down.  They just blew up the Georgia Dome and it was awesome.  Skip to 2:36 for the good part. 


TODAY'S LEAST SURPRISING STUDY OF THE DAY: WOMEN LIKE MACHO MEN WITH MONEY And I'm not sure why this was even a study, but okay.  It seems that women like well built men who are successful and well dressed and whatnot.  The one upside to this study is it was strictly first impression type reactions, so Dad Bod men don't need to worry so much.  We love you too! 

NOW BRITISH AIRLINES IS LETTING RICH PEOPLE BOARD FIRST!  Okay, so maybe all the people who board first aren't RICH, but they did pay more for their tickets.  In an attempt to entice you into paying more, British Airlines is rolling out a plan where boarding positions are decided by how much you paid for your tickets.  This means business travelers will likely board first, because they are more important to airlines then us vacationers, but I'm sure there will be some fuss made by someone who doesn't have any room for their carry on.  

THIS VIDEO OF CJ ANDERSON IS HEARTBREAKING And makes me sad for the Broncos players who are going out there trying to win.  CJ fumbled the ball, and he takes the whole loss on himself.  Which isn't right, but you have to feel for the guy.  


AND OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR MIKE MCCOY IS OUT And I don't think Broncos fans are going to miss him.  I never want to see a guy lose his job when it may not all be his fault, but you can't fire the team.  

ANOTHER LEFTY REPORTER IS CHARGED WITH TREATING FEMALE COLLEAGUES POORLY And this one is a whopper.  Glenn Thrush, who made his bones at Politico before moving on to the New York Times, has been accused of preying on your female colleagues.  It seems Glenn gets his drink on and then tries to kiss women, or take the home, or hold their hands.  What got me in this story the most?  That he spun the story around while spreading it to colleagues.  As in, "she hit on me, but I shut it down".  That has happened to me more than once and it both made me angry and brought back very unpleasant memories at the same time.  The NY Times is "investigating".  We'll see what that means.  

AND AL FRANKEN GRABBED ANOTHER WOMAN'S BUTT He was Senator Al Franken at the time.  Read the details of the photo butt grab here.

SPEAKING OF BUTT GRABS, REMEMBER WHEN THE DONALD ALLEGEDLY DID IT?  This is going to tick some of you off, but here goes anyway.  In this new era of emboldened women FINALLY being believed, I thought I might take the time to revisit the accusations against our current President.  As the Left is taking stock of it's shameful support of Bill Clinton (and by extension his enabler Hillary) shouldn't we at least do the same?  Don't get me wrong, I can cynically look at the new "wokeness" about Bill and think the only reason it's happening is because they want to use it now to impeach Trump, but still.  If we are now believing women who talk about creepy dude behavior, don't we need to CONSIDER that the women who accused Trump of varying degrees of piggishness might be telling the truth?  Read about all the stories here.  Consistency is all I'm asking here.  

OUR OWN LITTLE COLFAX AVENUE MADE THE LA TIMES!  Not because of a prostitution bust, but because it's Colfax Avenue and now there is a museum documenting it's decades and decades of weirdness.  It's a neat article, especially for us relative newcomers who might not know all of it's glorious history. 

IS IT TOO LATE TO STUFF CHRISTMAS BACK INTO THE STOCKINGS?  This column is EXACTLY how I feel and I LOVE Christmas.  The day after Thanksgiving Christmas vomits it's red and green magic all OVER my house, but not a day before.  One thing he doesn't really spend much time on is how Thanksgiving is now the forgotten holiday.  And it's an IMPORTANT holiday in this country, or at least it should be.  But as we devalue our founding and the reasons behind it to remind everyone what horrible people the Europeans were to the Native Americans, we brush aside the holiday of food and family and GRATITUDE.  And personally I believe we need a whole lot more gratitude in our country.  

Mandy Connell


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