It's Sexual Harassment Free Friday! Because I Can.

STEVE SIMS MAKES DREAMS COME TRUE For the right price, of course.  Steve created a business out of thin air called Bluefish and when you hear about it, you will want to keep working until you can afford his services.  He's a super interesting guy you do not want to miss at 3!  Buy his engaging and entertaining book Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen here for guidance on how to dream bigger.  

YES VIRGINIA, MOST AMERICANS WOULD BENEFIT UNDER THE TAX REFORM PLAN And though Democrats are busy demagoguing it the usual way, the truth is that 70% of Americans don't itemize their taxes and when the standard deduction almost doubles under this plan that number would likely jump to 90%.  So 90% of Americans will immediately get tax relief.  And guess what?  Rich people itemize.  This attack plan will only work on people who wish to remain willfully uninformed.  I remain concerned about the deficit increase and the apparent lack of will to do anything to address our staggering debt.  

THE SINGLE PAYER WE HAVE NOW DOES NOT WORK...OR THE VA LIES AGAIN! A federal watchdog has found that the Denver, Golden and Colorado Springs VA used off-the-book list of veterans who needed mental health care, meaning they waited longer than the VA allows for care.  This sickens and angers me.  Vets who asked for mental health help for issues like PTSD were placed on a list designed to keep long wait times a secret.  Please tell me again why nationalized health care would be any different than this?  I wish someone would class action sue the DoD for this kind of stuff.  I'd like to know how many people got bonuses because of these lies?  I'd like to see someone charged with fraud.  Like today. 

IS THE ZIMBABWE COUP GOING TO GET UGLY?  THIS AUTHOR SAYS YES If we use Latin America as an indicator.  Latin America loves a military dictator and they've had a disproportionate share in the last 60 years.  This author says if we use Latin America as our model, there is very little chance that Zimbabwe will end up a truly democratic nation.  I have a feeling the people of Zimbabwe are going to continue to suffer.  Has there ever been a military coup that turned into a democracy?  Why yes, so maybe it's not all gloom and doom.  Here's an older article that explains since 1991 coups have often lead to free elections.  Here's hoping Zimbabwe is in the latter camp rather than the former.  

IF THE TAX BILL ELIMINATES THE MANDATE, WHAT WILL REALLY HAPPEN? According to a study by Standard and Poor's, it won't be as bad as people think it will.  Yes, people will drop insurance, but no, it won't be cataclysmic.  I'm wondering if doing away with the mandate won't put significant downward pressure on rates.  Why?  Because when people are no longer forced to buy your product, it stands to reason that competition will actually kick in.  Of course the insurance companies are having a cow now.  

A NAVY PILOT DREW A GIANT MALE UNIT IN THE SKY And though inappropriate, it still looks really funny.  You can see the picture by clicking here

SPEAKING OF PHOENICES... The new high school mascot of a brand new not even opened yet high school in Utah is going to be the Phoenix.  Except one man rightfully pointed out that when cheerleaders are going to yell "Go Phoenices" it sounds a bit too much like "Go Penises"!  So he's petitioning to change it.  

DON'T MESS WITH THIS GRANDPA, PUNK There is some BAD LANGUAGE in the form of the F Word at the end of this video but it's too good not to share.  This is what happens when a young punk messes with the wrong old dude.

WE NOW KNOW WHO THE FBI INFORMANT IN THE URANIUM ONE CASE IS And he's been cleared to testify before two House committees, although no one is sure when.  He says he's got lots of information on how corrupt Rosatom was before the Uranium One deal was approved.  This is not going away just yet.  


AND HERE IS TODAY'S LEAST SURPRISING NEWS STORY OF THE YEAR American adults don't eat enough fruits and vegetables.  

IF PERA IS TRULY ON THE ROAD TO SOLVENCY WHY IS IT AFFECTING COLORADO'S CREDIT SCORE?  And though our actual credit ratings has not been moved, it has been switched to a "negative" outlook by credit rating agencies.  When can we all agree that things are not rosy with PERA? 

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