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CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER IS ON TODAY TO TELL YOU IF YOU'RE RIGHT OR NOT So get your grammar and word questions ready to go at 3!  You can email me at if you can't call!  Find out more about Charles by visiting his website here.

IT'S TIME TO BE FRANKEN ABOUT SEXUAL HARASSMENT Al Franken that is.  He's the latest guy to be accused to being gross with a woman who didn't ask for it.  This is the first high profile politico who has been accused, and it will be interesting to see the newly "woke" Democrats who are all excited to throw the now-useless Bill Clinton under the bus handle this.  My feeling is they will weigh their options and decide if being on the side of moral righteousness is all it's really cracked up to be.  But it sure will be fun to watch for a bit.  I do think LeeAnn Tweeden does a good job explaining why she didn't come forward before now.  Oh, and Franken made rape jokes too, which contributes to rape culture which is why MEN MUST ALL DIE so there's that.  And now another woman is recounting her experiences with Franken.  The dominoes are falling?  We shall see.

DID YOU SEE THE PRESS COVERAGE OF TRUMP'S PRESS CONFERENCE YESTERDAY?  The press doesn't like being played the way they were played yesterday.  Here is the first few paragraphs of coverage from CBS News

President Trump has finally returned from his 12-day trip to Asia, to a tumultuous Washington, D.C.

The president gave updates from his trip to South Korea, China, Vietnam, Japan and the Philippines, and said America's standing in the world has never been better after his nearly two-week trip.

"The future has never looked brighter," Mr. Trump said.

But much of the focus is all but certain to be on domestic politics. The president ignored shouted questions as he left the stage.

They went on to talk about all the domestic issues they wanted addressed by weren't.  

This headline and accompanying story is all that remains on site today,

Trump roasted by late-night hosts after he stops midspeech to search for water

And this is the headline on NBC News:

Trump’s silence on Roy Moore speaks volumes

And this is why he tweets.  Because this is how the media does it.

TWO MORE WOMEN ACCUSE ROY MOORE OF BEING CREEPY And we have to be getting to the tipping point even for people who truly want to believe that Roy Moore isn't creepy.  Aren't we?  If not, when?  How many?  What party affiliation do they have to be?  I'm just curious. Read the new story here.

BUT THE GOP IS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT A WAY TO BE DONE WITH THE JUDGE While trying to save the Alabama seat for the GOP, of course.  They are looking at perhaps having the current Senator Luther Strange, who Roy Moore beat in the primary, resign his seat to trigger a DIFFERENT special election.  And isn't it odd that Moore beat Strange and now we're finding out how strange Moore really is?

A BROKEN HEART CAN BREAK YOUR HEART FOR REALS A new study shows that having your heart broken can have the same long lasting impact as having a physical heart attack.  This is such a sad thing.  And there doesn't seem to be a definitive way to fix it, but it may explain how couples married for a really, really long time die within hours or days of one another.  

THE US IS VOTING FOR FREE SPEECH, EVEN WHEN IT'S VILE, AT THE UN And though I find anyone who wished to talk up Nazism or Nazis to be personally repugnant, free speech means they can say whatever they want.  And as we are the nation with the most liberal protections of free speech in the world, we must vote no against a UN resolution which aims to curtail such speech.  To be clear, Nazis are scum.  

FOR SOMEONE WHO HATES BLACK PEOPLE, TRUMP DID QUITE A BIT TO HELP THREE BLACK PEOPLE And I'm talking about the three UCLA basketball players who decided to go on a shoplifting spree in a communist country.  When Trump was in China, he asked the Chinese President to resolve the issue as soon as possible and lo and behold, the boys are home now.  Seems odd a white supremacist would bother.  


WE HAVE A NEW ADDITION TO THE NEVER ENDING LIST OF DIVERSITY MICROAGRESSION RE EDUCATION PROGRAMS And it's starting to become evident that this list will never stop growing and pretty soon everything will be on it and we can all just go back to living by the golden rule or something.  What's the newest entry?  Being fat.  Fat people say they face pressure to overachieve to prove that fat people are just as good as skinny people.  And they want people on campus to have that re educated right out of them.

DOES THIS MEAN THEY MIGHT UNDERSTAND WHY SOME OF US COULDN'T VOTE FOR HILLARY NOW?  Hillary voters have been polled and NOW a majority of them say the accusation against Bill "have merit".  And this poll wasn't done at National Review, it was done by HuffPo.  So now we are supposed to believe they JUST HEARD about this, which is frankly unbelievable to me, or they JUST REALIZED that Bill is an awful person and Hillary was his enabler.  Either way, I'm sitting over here like MMMM HMMM.  Perhaps now they will understand why I could not now nor EVER vote for Her.  EVER.  

A CREEP LIST IN CONGRESS?  DON'T WE DESERVE TO KNOW WHO'S ON IT?  This story is not shocking but it does make me super angry.  Apparently there is an informal "creep list" known by staffers on the Hill warning women who to stay away from.  This story goes even further to demonstrate how little recourse women or men have if they've been harassed.  This. Must. Stop.  And I don't give two craps which political party is guilty here.  Not even one crap.  

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