What's It Like to Put People to Sleep for a Living?

NOW JUST COUNT BACKWARDS FROM 100.... My guest today has probably said those words thousands of times, and Dr. Henry Jay Przybylo joins me to talk about his new book Counting Backwards: A Doctor's Notes on Anesthesia.  It's remarkable interesting as he relates stories from the OR as he puts people to sleep and wakes them back up.  He's on at 3.  

WHEN YOU'VE LOST SEAN HANNITY.... And it seems Judge Roy Moore lost Sean Hannity by not being entirely truthful about not knowing the young woman who initially came forward with her accusations.  Hannity issued a "you better come clean or else" and says if the judge can't clear up inconsistencies in his denials, he needs to step aside.  Who is left in this guy's camp?  I can't say I'm sorry to this happening to him.  Even Steve Bannon is allegedly thinking of tossing Moore aside.  

IS IT BETTER LATE THAN NEVER OR SIMPLY BEATING A USELESS HORSE?  Democrats are now rushing to issue mea culpas about not taking accusations against Bill Clinton seriously way back when.  Now people of the other side are beginning to question their motives.  I'm not saying that I don't believe that many Democrats who probably do regret allowing the Clintons to trash the women Bill victimized, but there is an air of political expediency.  I'll believe it when the same Dems who are rushing to throw the no longer powerful or useful Clintons under the sexual harassment bus do the same to Joe Biden for his MANY, MANY instances of groping women and young girls at photo ops through the years.  Or is that just Joe being Joe?  

STUPID ARGENTINA TOOK OUR WORLD'S FAIR Okay, so they didn't TAKE it, they won it with a bid that beat ours.  Frankly, I didn't know the World's Fair was still a thing, but I might make the trip if they did one in the US.   You can visit Argentina in 2022 for the World's Fair. 

EXPECT TO SEE THIS IN BOULDER IN 3...2...1... A Brooklyn based company is now parking Dog Parkers outside local businesses.  What is a Dog Parker?  It's a climate controlled dog house where you can lock your dog up and pay by the minute while you shop.  I'd love to mock this, but we all know Coloradans LOVE our pooches and I fully expect this to become a thing here quickly.  

YOUR TAX DOLLARS ARE PAYING SETTLEMENTS TO WOMEN VICTIMIZED BY MEMBERS OF CONGRESS And we're not talking peanuts here, we're talking 15 MILLION bucks.  Of taxpayer money.  OUR money.  YOUR money.  Because members of Congress are scumbags who are protected by our pocketbooks and non-disclosure agreements.  This INFURIATES me.  

DEAR ALABAMANS, THIS DOES NOT HELP PEOPLE THINK HIGHLY OF YOUR PEOPLE I just saw this interview with Roy Moore's attorney, who surely can't be serious when he brings up Ali Velshi's "background".  Head. Desk. 


To be clear, we are supposed to believe that if Judge Roy Moore was going to ask out a 35 year old woman, he would ask her mother first.  Sweet Mary and Joseph.  

A FOOL AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED FOR TURKEY DAY I'm definitely calling someone who spends $76,000 on Thanksgiving dinner a fool.  I don't care if the gravy is infused with Pappy Van Winkle, I don't care if elves shove the food in your mouth, it is simply idiotic to spend this much money on a meal.  Any meal.  Ever.  Read the stupid details here

OMG WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!  WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!  AGAIN. Remember when scientists and Al Gore told us that if we didn't do something NOW about global warming WE WERE ALL GOING TO BE DEAD IN 25 YEARS.  Well we're all still here walking and talking and not burning up under the fire of a thousand suns, so the scientists thought they'd try again.  So here we go: WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE UNLESS WE DO SOMETHING BIG ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING AND THIS TIME I'M TOTALLY SERIOUS.  Be sure and ignore the prediction they put out in 1992 though, as they got pretty much everything completely, totally, utterly, hopelessly wrong.  BUT THIS TIME!! 

REP STEVE LEBSOCK IS A VICTIM Y'ALL, A VICTIM I TELL YOU!  I cheekily asked yesterday what the standard of believability is when multiple women come forward to accuse a man of sexual harassment.  Colorado State Rep. Steve Lebsock has been accused of bad behavior by three women, and he issued an apology last Saturday but now says he's a victim of extortion and blackmail and other stuff.  This is an interesting way to handle things.  Lebsock says he doesn't know why he's being targeted women of his own party but he's going to play the victim card.  

DEMOCRATS WHO MUST BE DESPERATE FOR FUND RAISING FILE EYE ROLL WORTHY IMPEACHMENT BILL When even Nancy Pelosi tells you to wait, you should probably listen, but a handful of Democrats who must need the money filed a bill that is a mix of rehashed charges and total idiocy.  It's going nowhere, they know it's going nowhere and they will undoubtedly use it for the sole purpose of fundraising.  Such is what passes for politics these days. 


Mandy Connell


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