I'm Shooting the Crap with Ross Kaminsky Today

KHOW'S ROSS KAMINSKY JOINS ME TO SHOOT THE CRAP And tell you about tonight's radio Town Hall with yet another gubernatorial candidate.  Ross joins me at 1:35 to talk about stuff and things.  

KARYN RUTH WHITE IS A FUNNY LADY And she won my friend Jeanne Robertson's Comedy With Class contest and will be doing a short set when Jeanne performs here and in the Springs this weekend.  Karyn joins me at 3:05 for a bit.  Find out more about Karyn by clicking here!  Here is a clip that made me laugh really hard today.

LET'S TALK CRUISING FOR A MINUTE, CAN WE?  I'm talking with Kristian Anderson from Uniworld today about the ports of call for The Mandy Cruise.  Find out more or get your brochure by calling Cruise and Tour at 800-383-3131.  Find out more about the WHOLE trip and EVERYTHING that is included (including your airfare, transfers, hotels, booze, food, excursions, and pretty much everything else) by clicking here.       

RAND PAUL SAYS HE WAS ATTACKED FOR NO REASON And I believe him because he's not the sort to just make up stuff out of whole cloth.  The doctor who is accused of tackling him from behind and breaking six ribs however, might be.  Senator Paul says that the story spun by the tackler's attorney about the attack occurring after a petty dispute is in question after the Senator says he and his neighbor have not exchanged so much as a word in over a decade.  I am very interested to see what this doctor offers as his defense.  What I find truly disheartening are the idiots who thought this whole thing was SUPER funny because Republicans all deserve to be tackled from behind and have their ribs broken, amiright???   I wish the Senator a speedy recovery with no lasting ill effects. 

THE MYSTERY OF THE COLORADO SPRINGS MAD POOPER REMAINS Here's an update, but they apparently never caught the woman who was regularly jogging by and pooping in the yard of a Springs family.  

CHARTER SCHOOLS WORK AND THE WORK ESPECIALLY WELL FOR STUDENTS IN POVERTY I sure hope the new Douglas County School Board reads this before they try to hold back 5% of state money for charter school students.  The results from Stanford demonstrate that charter schools not only help students in poverty outperform public school students of poverty, but they outperform NON poverty students in public schools. If you want to make public schools better, it's time to start doing what charter schools are doing, which is damn near impossible with a collective bargaining agreement negotiated by the teacher's unions.  Roll that around in your head for a while and ask why that might be?  Read about the report here.  Read the Stanford study report in it's entirety here. 

IS BILL CLINTON'S WALK ON WATER FINALLY OVER?  With all the news about Men Behaving Awfully making the rounds, many people with long and accurate memories have asked repeatedly why Bill Clinton continues to get a pass.  I asked so in this blog posting.  Now it seems as if Bubba's pass is being revoked.  From The Atlantic, this author says Democrats need to reckon with the way they treated the many women who accused Bill years ago.  From the New York Times Op-Ed page, the author says she believes Juanita Broaddrick.  All I can say is it's about damn time.  

WILL ROY MOORE SUPPORTERS EVENTUALLY HAVE THEIR OWN RECKONING?  The Roy Moore story is truly disappointing on so many levels.  If you have believed the women who accused Bill Clinton all these years while immediately dismissing the women who are accusing Roy Moore, you need to check yourself.  The fact that so many people of a religious ilk have come forward to support a man who appears to be super creepy and has known to be super creepy for a long time in his home area is rather upsetting.  Putting politics before morals is dangerous business and discredits the nice people of faith the same way feminists defending Bill Clinton discredited them.  At least now, far too late, the feminists are beginning to understand what they've done.  I hope the religious folks realize their error long before that. 

FINALLY SOMEONE IS OPENLY TALKING ABOUT CONFISCATING GUNS Granted he's just a Boston Globe columnist, but I'm sure many politicians are silently applauding his brave stance.  It's sort of funny how this man, who I'm assuming doesn't own any guns, thinks that offering people 500 bucks for guns they likely paid FAR more for, is going to work.  When people talk about "confiscation", they are only referencing voluntary confiscation.  He even glosses over the sort of confiscation that would truly be required, which would be representatives of the government tossing people's houses and property to forcibly take weapons away.  Because if you start talking about that, the root purpose of the 2nd Amendment becomes abundantly clear, making confiscation even more difficult.  It's a perfect Catch-22 if you ask me.  

WOULD YOU GIVE UP GIFT GIVING AT CHRISTMAS IF EVERYONE ELSE DID?  A recent survey says 69% of Americans would forego gift giving at Christmas as long as everyone else agreed to do the same. I know for many children, this sounds horrific.  But for me, it sounds delightful.  Would you give up the gifting?  Here is a really great video done by a church last year that certainly provides perspective.

IS TESLA A HOTBED OF RACIAL ANIMUS?  That's what being alleged in a suit filed by a now former Tesla employee who says supervisors at the Fremont, California factory often used the "N word" when referring to black employees.  For his part, Elon Musk says employees should toughen up.  For real, this is what sent out in an email.  

“Part of not being a huge jerk is considering how someone might feel who is part of [a] historically less represented group,” Musk wrote in the email. “Sometimes these things happen unintentionally, in which case you should apologize. In fairness, if someone is a jerk to you, but sincerely apologizes, it is important to be thick-skinned and accept that apology.”

One must wonder if all the moral signalling green celebrities *coughLeoDeCapriocough* will feel less happy driving their government subsidized coal fired cars?  I doubt it.  

DID YOU HEAR ABOUT HOW DONALD TRUMP GOT THREE UCLA BASKETBALL PLAYERS RELEASED IN CHINA?  No?  I'm not shocked because President Trump had a really, really good trip to Asia so it will be summarily ignored by our media.  Three players were arrested in China for allegedly stealing sunglasses from the Louis Vuitton store in Hangzhou, China last week.  They were questioned and returned to their hotel where they stayed until the "investigation" was resolved.  Lo and behold it was right after Trump talked the President of China.  I do hope someone speaks to these three young men about stealing and what a great country we live in.  

A DEATH ROW INMATE WILL BE GIVEN A WEDGE PILLOW SO HIS EXECUTION WILL BE MORE COMFORTABLE.  I have no further comment on this because...seriously?  Read it here

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