Where is DA George Brauchler Headed Next?

GEORGE BRAUCHLER IS OUT OF THE GOVERNOR'S RACE AND ON THE SHOW AT 2! He can explain his thinking that lead to his decision to drop out of one race and jump in another.

PLEASE HELP STEP DENVER BY EATING I'm not kidding, if you eat at ANY Chili's location statewide today and mention Step Denver, they are going to give 15% of your check to Step Denver.  Click here to download a coupon to remind you AND get you a FREE chips and salsa!  I'll be at the Chili's at Hampden and 25 (near the movie theater) from 5 to 7pm today, so stop by and see me!  

HAVE YOU LOOKED INTO THE MANDY CRUISE YET?  Find out more by calling my friends at Cruise and Tour at 800-383-3131 or visit mandycruise.com for all the details!  

HOW DO YOU GET RID OF %*&$# WOODPECKERS??? Woodpeckers and finches are costing me a pretty penny right about now.  We've tried the fake falcon and are about to hang cd's from my roof.  Anyone else got anything that keep these dastardly jerks from tearing up my siding again??

WANT TO KNOW WHY SOME PEOPLE ARE MAD AT ROBERT MUELLER?  It goes back to James Comey and the treatment of Hillary Clinton and her people by the FBI.  Andrew McCarthy does a perfect job of CLEARLY explaining why many of us still have a bitter taste when it comes to investigations.  The side by side comparison of how the email investigation was handled and the Manafort investigation is being handled is striking.  I think if most people were to examine this rationally, they would have to admit quite unfair.  All I'm asking for is consistency.  Apparently that is too much to ask. 

WOULD YOU STOP GIVING GIFTS AT CHRISTMAS IF EVERYONE ELSE AGREED TO DO THE SAME? A recent survey says that many of us would gladly forego gift giving at Christmas.  I'm intrigued by this.  We already told The Q she is only getting three gifts from us this year.  She was fine with it.  I'm so sick of going overboard only to find last year's Christmas gifts UNTOUCHED STILL at this point this year.  How do you start this trend??? 

IF YOU ARE GIVING GIFTS, ARE YOU SPENDING MORE OR LESS THIS YEAR?  Rich people are going to spend more according to this survey, and good for them.  Do you set a total budget?  We sort of set a per person budget and go from there.  Our Christmas budget is dropping however, as two of our kids are grown ups and we all know that Christmas sucks when you're a grown up. 

COPS GIVE DRIVERS THE BIRD!  Cops in Billings, Montana gave drivers and shock when they pulled people over and instead of giving them a ticket gave them a frozen turkey!  I love stuff like this. 

FAMILY GUY NAILS OUR CURRENT CULTURE ONCE AGAIN.  Brian the dog sends an unfortunate tweet and then tries to apologize for it.  It doesn't go well. 

REP STEVE LEBSOCK (D-Thornton) IS SORT OF EVERYTHING WRONG WITH MAN-WOMAN WORK RELATIONSHIPS I sort of believe him when he says he was just being "playful" when he reached over and unbuttoned a co workers blouse.  He apologize over the weekend to several women who have come forward saying he treated them inappropriately.  He says he was being "playful" and "flirty" but now realizes those unwelcome advances are not okay.  The fact that he thought propositioning a female colleague when he found out her husband was out of town shows how deep this issue is with some men.  And though most men certainly aren't this stupid and ignorant, a certain portion is.  And they are the ones who must be stopped in no uncertain terms.  I also think for him to wait until the end of the month before he announces his decision on his political future seems to be designed to see if this will all pass over and allow him to stay.  

ONE RACIST BLACK MAN SAYS DON'T BOTHER TRYING TO BE HIS FRIEND, WHITEY And if the situation were reversed (as it sort of was when John Derbyshire was fired for writing a column on "the talk" he gave his kids) there would be a rightful outcry.  But saying you can't be friends with white people because Trump is what passes for legitimate conversation these days.  You can read it here, but the cliff notes are if you're white you're racist and I don't want to be friends the end.  

PLANNING A LONG CAR TRIP FOR THANKSGIVING?  I'VE GOT IDEAS FOR THE KIDS!  Kids, back when I was a kid, we had to pass the time doing stuff like "reading" and "staring out the window" and playing games like The Alphabet Game and The License Plate Game.  Well here is a whole list from USAToday.com of great ideas for the kids to pass the time

GOOD NEWS!  MOST OF US WON'T DIE FROM A HEART ATTACK AFTER SEX!  OF those of us who do drop dead during the deed, men are far more likely to be the one's dropping dead.  But don't worry about sexy time, unless you're cheating on your wife


ARE YOU PACKING HEAT WHEN YOU HEAD TO CHURCH?  This is a question being asked after the terrible mass shootings in churches in the past few years.  Some say don't do it, but I'm not sure if there is a good enough argument for not.  Others say go right ahead. Churches would make a soft target for a deranged person, and why shouldn't you be able to protect yourself wherever you are?  It's not like you're going there to shove your gun in someone's maw if you don't like the homily.  

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