Are We Out of Entertainment Options?

HOW MANY MORE CELEBRITIES ARE GOING TO TURN OUT TO BE CREEPS? Because it feels like every day a new celebrity is accused of being a disgusting human.  Although I am not the least bit surprised that one them is Charlie Sheen, it's getting difficult to find an untainted film or tv show.  I've never been one to count on Hollywood for anything more than entertainment, so my moral compass isn't affected, but what do you do when you think your favorite actor is a serial predator?  Where do you go?  Or does it even matter?  Between this and the NFL protests, we must be finding new ways to spend our time.  Can books make a comeback?  And if Hollywood keeps excommunicating people accused of being awful, will there anyone left to watch anyway?  Not that I think they shouldn't, but it's still a question.

WELL THAT DIDN'T GO WELL FOR SELF DRIVING CARS A new driverless shuttle in Las Vegas, unveiled with MUCH fanfare by the city and mayor, crashed just two hours after launching.  The police say it was the human drivers fault, but still, this doesn't inspire much confidence. 

REDDIT KNOWS THAT BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY IS A COMPLETE FRAUD And it was probably not a super good idea for him to an AMA (Ask Me Anything for those of you non Redditters out there).  It sort of went downhill quickly and then a guy absolutely CRUSHED the tv actor who stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.  Heh.  

IF THE ARMY PAYS BERGDAHL BACK PAY I WILL THROW UP IN MY MOUTH There is a chance that the Army will pay deserter and jerk Bowe Bergdahl back pay for the time he spent in a Taliban prison.  A prison, I might add, that he walked into when he walked off his post.  But Army regs are very cut and dried and I'm not sure there is a "this guy is a scumbag deserter" clause in the regs.  Which will infuriate me.  

SO THAT WHOLE "SCREAM HELPLESSLY AT THE SKY" EVENT DIDN'T GO ALL THAT WELL As most disappointed liberals realized it was ridiculous and stupid and made them look very, very silly.  The turnout was anemic to say the least.  I'm guessing yesterday's positive election results for Democrats probably gave many of them enough hope to keep them from participating in this nonsense. 

THE DENVER EVENT WASN'T MUCH BETTER.  The guy laughing while filming this is my new hero.  There is some bad language screamed by the "protesters".  


THIS VIDEO WILL BLOW YOU MIND AND MAKE YOU REALIZE THE FUTURE IS NOW And more importantly, it will make you wonder what will come next?  


BUT WILL IT HELP ME REMEMBER WHERE I LEFT MY KEYS?  As a companion piece to the mind blowing video above, now scientists say we are a mere 15 years away from implantable chips in our brains which can make us super smart and stuff.  They can also make it so you can swap out unpleasant memories for new ones.  Not going to lie, this makes me worry.  Because if we erase our bad memories do we also erase the certainty of the lessons we learned through those experiences?  

A FROZEN BABY LION FROM 50,000 YEARS AGO MAY COME BACK TO LIFE Well not exactly THAT lion but they are going to use this baby lion's DNA to clone another version of him.  This is cool.  

THE TSA IS VERY BAD AT IT'S JOB AND THEY SAY IT'S BECAUSE MONEY And this is my shocked face telling you that in a recent briefing on how well the TSA fared during recent tests (where a traveler tries to sneak fake guns or bombs through security) lawmakers found out the TSA failed somewhere around 70 to 80% of the time.  This is actually an improvement!  They used to fail 95% of the time.  Now they want CT scanners for checked and carryon bags, but if the people working the checkpoints remain the same, why in the world would we think more expensive scanners would do anything?  

FIDGET SPINNERS SOLD AT TARGET ARE BOTH ANNOYING AND CONTAIN LEAD Can I say it?  I HATE fidget spinners.  They are annoying the kids who have them lord them over other kids like they are the Holy Grail and I think they just give kids an excuse to not sit still or learn how to sit still.  And I say this a person who had a great deal of trouble sitting still as a kid.  They are crutch and I hate them.  HATE. THEM. And now we know that Target fidget spinners contain lead.  

WOMEN ARE MARRYING DOWN AT RECORD LEVELS But it's not surprising when you consider that more women are going to and graduating from college.  And we're talking about educational attainment in this circumstance.  Now 25% of wives have a higher level of education than their spouses, even though most of the time men still out earn women.  Why?  They don't take trade schools into account and that could explain the disparity.  

WHO DIDN'T SEE THIS ATTACK ON THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER COMING? After Colin Kaeparnick decided to forever ruin football by kneeling for the Star Spangled Banner it was only a matter of time before the full scale attack on the National Anthem began.  Now the NAACP wants to remove the SSB as the national anthem because they say the third stanza which isn't ever sung is anti-black and racist.  Those who actually study history say that interpretation is dead wrong.  

THIS GIVES "GIVE ME SOME SKIN" A WHOLE NEW MEANING! This is super cool.  Just super, super cool.  A boy with a fatal skin disease gets his life back with gene therapy.  

CALORIE COUNTS ON MENUS PROVE CENTRAL PLANNING IS STUPID Since Obamacare decided to force chain restaurants to print calorie counts on menus, there has been a lot of trouble figuring out the rules.  I will say this, those calorie counts do influence my behavior and I hate the government for FOREVER ruining the Cheesecake Factory for me.  

Mandy Connell


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