Weather Wednesday and a Kid's Turkey Shoot!

WEATHER WEDNESDAY WITH CHRIS SPEARS!  Get your weather questions ready, CBS 4's Chris Spears is on today at 3 to answer them ALL!  We may also talk about the fact he's going on the Mandy Connell Show Cruise too...hint...hint... you should click here to find out more.  

THERE IS A TURKEY SHOOT FOR KIDS, BUT PETA CAN SAVE THEIR COMPLAINTS Because these turkeys are made of paper and the guns are simply BB guns.  Find out more by clicking here

HEY, DID YOU HEAR I WANT YOU TO GO ON VACATION WITH ME?  Not just me, Chuck too, and he's really the fun one in our relationship.  Get a free brochure to see what you'll be missing from my friends at Cruise and Tour by calling 800-383-3131.  Here's some of the weird things you can see in Vienna.  I'm leaning towards the giant crypt full of skeletons myself. 

IF YOU COULD HAVE YOUR BRAIN INSERTED INTO ANY ANIMAL, WHAT WOULD YOU BE?  Don't laugh, this came to me when I read this story about scientist inserting tiny human brains into mice.  I don't know if they would have any sort of human consciousness, but it got me to thinking.  If they were going to insert my brain and consciousness into an animal, what would I want to be.  I've been thinking about this for pretty much 24 hours straight now.  

MY TEAM LOST IN DOUGLAS COUNTY SCHOOLS AND CHARTER SCHOOL PARENTS SHOULD BE VERY AFRAID And by "my team" I mean children and parents who value choice.  Two predictions: the union will be recertified very quickly and this new board will begin to "explore" holding back pass through student monies (PPR) from charter school students.  It's already been discussed at prior board meetings the the then candidates tried to say it sounded like "fear mongering".  Let's hope they stand up and declare it a non starter when it's brought up again by Ms. Vogel.  Here is a handy video to let you know what this union backed (and likely controlled) board is perhaps going to be up to.  And there is no one left to stop them.  By the way, I hope and pray I am dead wrong about this bunch.  We'll see.  And I doubt it, the American Federation of Teachers is going to expect something for their $300,000.  

AND NOW HERE'S SOME SHARKS ATTACKING A SUBMARINE As we get the ability to go deeper into the ocean in submarines, we get to see really cool stuff, like a group of cow sharks feasting on the carcass of a whale.  It's pretty awesome.

THIS IS A FANTASTIC SUMMARY OF THE FAILURES OF COMMUNISM IN THE LAST 100 YEARS And please feel free to share it with Millenials, who seem to have the impression that socialism and communism aren't responsible for the deaths of millions of people in the last century.  Because they are.  

I TRULY DON'T GET WHY A YOUNG CADET CRAVES VICTIMHOOD I don't understand why any African-American  would ever fake a hate crime where they were the victim.  But I also don't understand why women would lie about sexual assault, but that happens too.  Now we know that racist graffiti scrawled on the doors of black cadets at the Air Force Academy was scrawled by one of the alleged "victims".  Apparently this kid was trying to get out some other trouble and he figured victim hood was the best cover.  That's sad and pathetic.  

DOCTORS ARE DOING HARM BECAUSE THEY FEAR HURTING FAT PATIENTS FEELINGS This survey boggles the mind.  Two-thirds of doctors say they don't talk about weight management with their patients for fear of embarrassing them.  ARE YOU JOKING ME.  Doctors need to treat this just like smoking, which every doctor will counsel a patient to stop doing.  

THIS STORY MADE ME...HEAD...DESK.  I've not talked about the trial of Senator Robert Menendez because he isn't our Senator and I figured I'd let the jury rule on whether or not the Senator was guilty of bribery.  But this story hurts my heart.  It seems that the first question asked by a juror as deliberations was,

What's a Senator?

There is no hope.  None at all. 

STUPID ETHANOL MANDATES ARE MAKING BACON WAY MORE EXPENSIVE And this must be stopped, people!  Because corn, which hogs eat, is being diverted from the food chain to inefficient fuel sources that damage engines it's more expensive to feed hogs, which makes bacon more expensive.   Government ruins everything.  

TV ANCHOR HEATHER UNRUH FINALLY TELLS US WHO IN HER FAMILY WAS ASSAULTED BY KEVIN SPACEY And as it turns out, it's her now 19 year old son, who had his junk grabbed by Spacey when he met him by chance at a bar.  She says he's filed a police report.  Kevin Spacey is so done. 

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