Our Last Transportation Tuesday with Shalin Bhatt!

TOM TANCREDO WANTS TO BE GOVERNOR And he's in the crowded Republican field.  People ask me all the time if I "like Tom".  I have to be honest and say yes, he's a great guy and I genuinely like him.  Do I think he should be in the Governor's race?  Hmmmmm.  He's on at 2pm to discuss why he decided to do this again.  Find out more about Tom by clicking here

CDOT'S SHALIN BHATT IS ON FOR ONE LAST TIME As he's taken a new job in the private sector.  I'll ask him for his parting shots about Colorado's transportation situation and wish him well on his new endeavors at 3!  

WE HAVE BACKGROUND CHECKS BUT THEY DON'T WORK IF THE GOVERNMENT DOESN'T DO THEM RIGHT In what is truly the saddest part of the horror story of the Texas church shootings, THIS gunman should have been stopped in his tracks when he tried to buy a weapon, but he wasn't.  Why not?  The Air Force did not report his domestic violence conviction and dishonorable discharge to national database.  And oddly, the shooter himself LIED on his application to buy the weapons.   

YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY WOMEN DON'T REPORT HORRIBLE, POWERFUL MEN?  You need to read this HORRIFYING account of the lengths Harvey Weinstein went to to keep women from reporting on his rapes and horrible behavior.  He hired a company which sent an undercover woman to befriend Rose McGowan to find out what she was going to say in in her upcoming book.  It's NUTS what he did.  And one must think that he's not the only type to seek to destroy the women he victimized. Just look at how Bill O'Reilly characterizes the women he settled with.  These men truly believe that THEY themselves are the victims, which is why I don't think as much changes as one would hope.  

REMEMBER WHEN MILLENIALS WEREN'T GOING TO BUY HOMES EVER?  There were a LOT of those stories a few years ago and I rolled my eyes at them.  Why?  Because Millenials simply weren't ready to buy homes yet.  Now they are married with kids and want a yard so they are buying, and people who have been loving the insane rental market seem to be confused.  They are also concerned that millenials settling down is going to affect their ability to raise rents well above the rate of inflation.  The pendulum always swings the other way, people.  It always does.  

HAVE YOU NOTICED THE COVERAGE MELANIA TRUMP IS GETTING?  OR NOT GETTING? I made a comment to Dave yesterday about how the media who used to crow EVERY DAY it seemed about how beautiful and elegant and perfectly appointed Michelle Obama was doesn't seem to notice that Melania Trump shows up to every event in a pitch perfect outfit for the occasion.  She is a stunning woman with an amazing fashion sense.  But not the media, who only mentioned what she wore to the State Dinner in Japan in order to mention that she was "upstaged" by White House Communications Director Hope Hicks.  Seriously?  Why not ask the women to jello wrestle while you're at it?  Jerks. 

SLEEP DEPRIVATION CHANGES THE WAY YOUR BRAIN WORKS AND NOT FOR THE BETTER Science is all about studying the effect of sleep deprivation on our health now, and a new study shows that our brains will find ways to compensate for our lack of zzzzz's.  It seems that when you are overly tired your brain will simply shut down parts of itself to allow that part of the brain to rest.  How does this affect you?  Pretty significantly as you can imagine.  Get enough sleep, people!  



JOHNNIE LANGENDORFF HAS ME RECONSIDERING MY FEELINGS ABOUT NECK TATTOOS And the people who chose to sport them.  He's one of the guys who chased the church shooter down.  He's brave and the sort of person I usually choose to be around...but the neck tattoo.  I have to rethink my judgment on this issue. 

JAPANESE PEOPLE GET WAY BETTER SERVICE FROM THEIR CAR DEALERS THAN WE DO And I wish we had demanded the bar be this high years ago.  From coming to you to let you test drive a car to free service and car washes, Japanese car makers put it ALL out there for their Japanese customers.  Not so much for us Yanks. 

VETERANS ARE ON BOARD WITH LEGALIZING POT At least according to a new survey by the American Legion.  Not recreational pot use, mind you, but medical marijuana.  They say the veterans they serve are very supportive of finding out whether or not pot can help vets with a variety of ailments.  The Washington Post used this to try to prove that the American Legion is becoming a bastion of progressivism.  Mmmkay.   

Mandy Connell


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