Here We Go Again. But the Show Must Go On.

I AM WEARY FROM THE MASS SHOOTINGS As I'm guessing every other American is weary of the mass shootings.  I'm also weary of the INSTANT politicization of mass shootings, as I am tired of the INSTANT politicization of every horrific attack like the one in New York.  I'll wait for a day for more information to come out about this shooter, but it seems he was always an ahole and he died being the ultimate ahole.  Although mocking the "thoughts and prayers" of religious people is sort of the kind of rhetoric that may have inspired this guy?  

ERIC BRAEDEN IS A SOAP SUPER STAR AND HE'S HAD AN INTERESTING LIFE Which he's written about in his new autobiography I'll Be Damned: How My Young and Restless Life Led Me to America's #1 Daytime Drama.  He's on today at 2 to discuss his new book as I feed my own love of Young and the Restless.  Buy the book by clicking here.

THE DOUGLAS COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD RACE IS HEATING UP And I'll have the four candidates who make up the Elevate Slate on today.  Join me at 3 to hear from Randy Mills, Ryan Abresch, Deborah Schiffel, and Grant Nelson.  And if you haven't voted yet, please do so today!  Find out more about Elevate by clicking here.  Find out more about the disgusting bullying tactics employed by the other side here and here.

MATT THE DEAD TO ME INTERN HAS SOMETHING TO DO IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS And that is stalk Tom Brady.  The Patriots are staying in Denver after their game vs. the Broncos to prepare for their game in Mexico City.  We're going to need your help so Matt can live the dream of being in the same room with his hero.  

SAUDI ARABIA IS DEMONSTRATING WHAT AN ACTUAL DICTATORSHIP LOOKS LIKE And perhaps this will give perspective to those who fear Donald Trump wants to be a dictator himself.  A Saudi Crown Prince is rounding up his competitors to the thrown and arresting them for what may be trumped up charges (I say that not because I have some indication that they are, but simply because the charges were levied a mere HOURS after the creation of an Anti-Corruption Task Force).  Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman seems to be consolidating his own power as he takes down his rivals while taking on Iran.  This is one to watch in the Middle East.  

WACKADOODLE LEFTIE ATTACKS RAND PAUL AT HIS OWN HOME And the wackadoodle leftie is a doctor whose Facebook page is allegedly full of Anti-Trump rhetoric.  Senator Rand Paul has five broken ribs and is laid up for some time.  This after he survived being shot at during a baseball practice as well.  

WE SHOULD ALL BE CONCERNED THE REPUBLICAN TAX PLAN IS GOING TO BLOW UP THE DEBT And the rosy predictions are nothing more than just that...rosy predictions.  We HOPE economic growth skyrockets, we HOPE tax rolls will swell as the rising tide lifts all ships, but I don't see any real will in DC to stem the tide of spending that happens every day.  Without those two things together, the debt will eventually, and it looks like sooner rather than later, bring us all down.  And this isn't even real tax REFORM, it's just a rate simplification with a few deductions of THOUSANDS at risk.  

WANT TO NOT BE POOR?  GET MARRIED AND STAY MARRIED.  The research about marriage is in and it's VERY compelling.  Especially when it comes to wealth creation and poverty avoidance.  There IS a correct sequence to do things, you see.  The "Success Sequence" goes like this: graduate high school, get married and THEN have a baby.  In that order.  They don't have to be one right after the other, but they MUST be in that sequence to give yourself and your kids the best chance at not living in poverty.  This quote is stunning to me but not surprising:

“the proliferation of single-parent households accounts for virtually all of the increase in child poverty since the early 1970s.” 

VIRTUALLY ALL.  That's a big statement.  You should read this with your teenagers and tell them if they want to buy what they want someday with a big paycheck, they should make sure to follow the "success sequence" in life.  It works.  

FIRST THE ROBOTS CAME FOR THE GROCERY STORE WORKERS.... Right after my mom "retired" she got a part time gig with Walmart getting the groceries that people ordered online.  She walked about the store and filled multiple orders at a time, but it is a time consuming proposition.  Until robots.  A grocery store chain in the UK now has robots which fill grocery orders in a whopping five minutes.  This is the future of online fulfillment in every way.

VIN SCULLY IS DONE WITH FOOTBALL At least that's what the great former Voice of the Dodgers told a crowd during a speech this past weekend.  He said he's never watch another NFL game again because of the protests.  This as marketers are warning that things are not looking good if the networks continue to cover the protests and drive more fans away.  More and more photos of lots of empty seats are making the rounds after the weekends.  It will be interesting to see how this all ends.   

HEY WHITE DUDE, DON'T BOTHER RAISING YOUR HAND IN CLASS If you teacher engages in "progressive stacking" that is.  What is progressive stacking?  It's where a college professor will call on people of color first, then white women, then white men as a last resort.  Progressive professors say it gives voice to people in oppressed communities.  I say it's racism disguised as helping.  But whatev.  

THOSE PAYOFFS TO WOMEN WHO WERE SEXUALLY HARASSED AND ABUSED?  THEY'RE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  This is why we need real tax reform which includes a move to the Fair Tax to do away with ALL deductions.  You should not be able to write off hush money on your taxes, and yet, this author says some men do.  

DONATING YOUR BODY TO SCIENCE?  IT MAY BE SOLD FOR PARTS And this is an ongoing issue for the so-called "body trade".  After a woman's professionally severed head was found on the side of a road in Pennsylvania, cops started warning people to know who they are dealing with when they donate a body, but it still could be an issue later.  Read about the body trade here.


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