Happy Halloween! I Hope You Bought Good Candy.

ARE YOU READY TO GIVE THE GHOSTS AND GOBLINS WHAT THEY WANT TONIGHT? Do kids even dress up like goblins anymore?  Do they even know what goblins are?  Anywho, tonight is the night when kids go door to door and shamelessly demand you give them candy.  So what to give?  Here is a handy list of GREAT candy and AWFUL candy.  Spoiler alert, if you give circus peanuts expect bad things to happen.  

BUY TICKETS TO SEE JEANNE ROBERTSON IN DENVER OR COLORADO SPRINGS!  She is hilarious and you can take the whole family.  Buy Denver tickets here or buy tickets for the Springs here.

IN RELATED NEWS, BLACK LICORICE IS DISGUSTING AND POTENTIALLY DEADLY And I'm going to leave this right here for your own protection. 

YET ANOTHER USELESS POLITICAL "PROTEST".  HOWEVER THIS ONE MAY BE FUN TO WATCH. First let me say that if someone is still SO upset about President Trump being President Trump and they haven't done anything actually productive about it like volunteering to help a mid term campaign or something, I feel sorry for them.  But nonetheless there are always ways to express discontent without accomplishing anything, and a great version of that is happening on November 8th.  On the anniversary of the historic election of the non politician to the highest office in the land, angry folks will gather together to "Scream Helplessly At the Sky". I'm not kidding.  There is an event scheduled in Cheesman Park here in Denver.  If it makes them feel better, good on 'em.  It should be super fun to watch.  Bless their little hearts. 

OH LORD, THE DENVER BRONCOS.  BLESS THEIR HEARTS.  Did you see the game last night?  Yes, me too.  Sigh.  

HEY EREBODY, THE BLACK DEATH IS ON THE MOVE AGAIN! I'm talking about the plague and it's making a run in Southeastern Africa right now.  The latest breakout, which has killed 124 people and infected around 1,300.  The bacterial infection, spread by fleas, is on the rise and doctors are warning of a possible epidemic outbreak that could spread around the world, and this type of plague seems to be "different" according to some doctors.  You may want to put off your trip to Madagascar this year.  

HOW DOES BEING AN AMERICAN COMPARE TO BEING A EUROPEAN? In this subtly pro-EU infographic (I say subtly because they gloss over stats where the EU falls behind us) you can get an idea of the differences.  Instead of paying attention to surveys of emotions, pay attention to the hard numbers.  We do pretty darn well. 

BEING CATCALLED ISN'T BEING RAPED SO STOP PRETENDING IT IS I got into a pretty heated Facebook discussion on a friend's page about this very thing.  Although I think the #metoo movement has been very good at helping your average non-jerk men understand what it's like to be a woman in a world full of jerk men, I've been bothered since the beginning by the lumping in of assault with harassment.  Yes, being harassed and spoken to in vulgar terms is not cool, but it doesn't even come close to the experiences of women who have been sexually assaulted.  Words can't lodge the pain that a physical attack can.  And now this columnist is calling out the movement for downplaying one while elevating the other.  Yes, there is a difference.  We need to remember that. And the good men who are re evaluating every interaction they have ever had with women need a break.  They deserve it. 

WE MUST WARN STUPID PEOPLE NOT TO TATTOO THEIR OWN EYEBALLS Because it's a thing now and people are hurting their eyes because they are idiots who think this is a good idea.  I'm ready for tattoos to fade into the woodwork again.  And they will.  Because trends.  

THE DNC IS HIRING!  UNLESS YOU'RE A STRAIGHT WHITE MALE, THEN NEVERMIND This is fantastic.  I wonder how all those straight, white cisgender males are feeling today when they find out that the DNC is hiring in their tech department, but they aren't interested in having straight white males apply.  Heh.  

I HAVE NO NO IDEA WHY THIS IS SO INTERESTING TO ME, BUT HERE'S A STORY ABOUT POTTY TRAINING AROUND THE WORLD What I find the most interesting is how late we potty train our kids in the US.  I think at least in part is both parents are so busy they don't want to deal with it.  I personally was terrified of potty training and there was no rational reason for it.  Q did just fine once I made it an issue. 

YOU KNOW WHY POLLING IS STUPID THESE DAYS?  BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE AFRAID TO TELL THE TRUTH At least when it comes to politics.  Political correctness is to blame, as a majority say the climate of pc has made them self censor, even when it prevents important conversations from being had.  And we have folks on both sides saying ridiculous things like NFL players should be fired for kneeling or it's okay to punch a Nazi (those are from the right and left respectively).  What's clear from this survey is that Democrats don't feel censored as much as Republicans do, and also that we can no longer discuss the things that have divided us.  Ever.  

AND NOW HERE'S A POLL ABOUT CONSUMER CONFIDENCE And if you believe in polls, which I would understand you might be skeptical of because of ^^^^^, but if you're inclined here it is.  It shows that consumer confidence is continuing to rise.  What is the consumer confidence index?

The index takes into account Americans' views of current economic conditions and their expectations for the next six months. Economists pay close attention to the numbers because consumer spending accounts for about 70 percent of U.S. economic activity.

So the fact it has skyrocketed from around 100 to over 125 is good news.  If you're the sort to believe a survey.  

NOW HAVING A WHITE NUCLEAR FAMILY IS WHITE SUPREMACY.  And I'm officially done with anyone who wants to talk about white supremacy if this is how they prove it.  

WILL CALIFORNIA'S NEW SANCTUARY STATE ACT FINALLY KILL IT? And by "it" I mean the entire state of California.  What's new here?  Instead of just refusing to inform ICE about undocumented people who have committed a crime, they are now refusing to inform ICE about people who have been convicted of a crime and should be deported.  This is a game changer.  We'll see what happens, but if I were an illegal criminal I'm damn sure move to Cali right about now. 

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