We Have An Indictment! But Not for Collusion.

PAUL MANAFORT HAS SOME EXPLAINING TO DO, BUT WILL HE THROW TRUMP UNDER THE BUS? That seems to be the hope of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller as he indicts Manafort for a variety of financial and tax crimes allegedly linked to his work years ago for the Ukrainian and Russian governments.  Before anyone gets all excited that THIS is the smoking gun that will bring down Trump, there is a lot here to be cautious about.  From what I can tell, the crimes in question all occurred well before Manafort became a part of the Trump team, and Trump, at this moment, has plausible deniability that he should have known about any of it.  There is no reason to believe, yet, that Trump should have known about something Manafort was allegedly hiding from the US Government.  Many are mentioning a Presidential Pardon as an option but I must say, if Manafort did what he is being charged with, I sure hope there isn't a pardon forthcoming.  Especially if there is no collusion otherwise.  Click that last link to the Bloomberg story to get the meat of Manafort's dealings with unsavory characters.  He certainly seems willing to align himself with the sorts of "bad hombres" decent people wouldn't be willing to help, but that's not necessarily a crime.  Until it is.  We'll see what happens now though, in today's edition of "As Washington DC Turns".  One last warning, the old adage "you can indict a ham sandwich" is absolutely true, so there is a chance Manafort has done nothing wrong.  A chance.  But it certainly looks ugly for him right now.  Read the whole indictment here.

LET'S PLAY "THE WHAT IF GAME" WITH PAUL MANAFORT Trust me, this will be much more fun than just rehashing the details above.  It goes like this, "What if Paul Manafort is guilty of laundering money for the Russians.  He could have been ordered by the Russians to get close to the Trump campaign, which he did, but it doesn't prove Trump knew anything about it."  

I KNOW I SAID I WAS DONE WITH BASEBALL THIS YEAR, BUT HOLY COW, THIS WORLD SERIES Has been epic.  I believe the two best teams in baseball are playing right now (sorry Rockies, your day is coming!) and this World Series has been nothing short of outstanding.  I didn't make it to the end of last night's game (I tried so hard) but it CRUSHED Sunday night football in the ratings.  IF I were baseball I would begin a full court media campaign for next year now.  They could be America's Pastime again with the right marketing and no politics.  

GOOGLE IS DROPPING EVERYTHING TO FIX IT'S CHEESEBURGER EMOJI At least according to the CEO who tweeted just that over the weekend.  What's the problem?  The cheese is UNDER the burger and apparently the internet will not have that.  This is what passes for "problems" in America today.  

KEVIN SPACEY IS THE GAY HARVEY WEINSTEIN NOW, ONLY CREEPIER As if that were possible.  According to actor Anthony Rapp, Kevin Spacey made a very physical pass at him when he was merely 14 years old and Spacey was 26.  In his online apology, Spacey was almost dismissive of his behavior and decided to announce he was gay in the same statement.  Um, what?  Is he also making a movie about the NRA and opposing Trump?  I sure hope Spacey gets the same level of vitriol that Milo Yiannopoulos got when he talked about gay men and young teen boys and how common it is.  I doubt it, but I'm just hoping for consistency.  I believed Milo when he talked about it, and I believe Anthony Rapp.  I just wonder how many other men have been victimized in Hollywood and how many are willing to talk about it now?  

YOU LAUGH AT ME FOR BUYING ORGANICS, YET ONE STUDY SHOWS PESTICIDE RESIDUE MAY BE A PROBLEM In this case it COULD be a problem for women trying to get pregnant.  I'm not saying you should buy everything organic, but we haven't studied the long term effects of pesticides as thoroughly as we should.  Perhaps this Harvard study is the beginning of a better understanding of the ways such things affect us.  

COMMON CORE IS A FAILURE, SO FINALLY ADMITS IT'S BIGGEST CHAMPION And that champion put his money where his mouth is.  Bill Gates is backing away from Common Core, which he championed vigorously during the Obama Presidency.  So vigorously that TRILLIONS of dollars have been wasted down the rabbit hole on a completely untested program Gates promoted.  And now he admits it doesn't work.  Sorry to you kids who got stuck with it.  And thank you Bill Gates, because without Common Core, my daughter probably wouldn't be in the fantastic Common Core free charter she's in now.  

MODERN FEMINISM IS TEACHING GIRLS FEAR AND ANXIETY And it's because modern feminism is all about how victimized women are in this world.  Now young women are full of anxiety, searching for their next victimizer the way we used to search for razor blades in Halloween candy.  There is a way to teach young women to stand up for themselves, and the recent focus on the kind of crap women have to put up with every day is helpful, but teaching girls that they are GOING to be victims is not healthy.  Read a great column on it here

AS WE MOVE TOWARDS TAX RETURNS IT'S TIME TO START TALKING REALITY And if this video is any indication of how little college students know about tax rates, perhaps Republicans should start talking about how much the "rich" actually pay.  

SOUTHWEST AIRLINES UPS IT'S IN FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT GAME With LIVE music in flight concerts on some flights.  I am intrigued by this idea, but people aren't necessarily going to book tickets for these "concerts" and as a passenger who doesn't love country music, this may be annoying.  But good on Southwest for trying something sort of ridiculous but cool.  If they could theme the music to the destination, that might be good.  My feeling is this will have  very limited shelf life.  

DO YOU PUSH YOUR KIDS AS HARD IN SCHOOL AS YOU DO IN SPORTS?  It seems like it should be an easy "yes" but it's not.  Parents are spending THOUSANDS of dollars for their kids to play sports year round but don't seem to put the same emphasis on academics and the effort required there to succeed.  This could explain a lot about why we are falling behind other nations who don't have the time or luxury to spend 10 grand so their kids can play softball year round.  

AND NOW, REPUBLICANS ARE GOING TO TRY AND RUN OVER NON WHITE CHILDREN IN CAMPAIGN ADS I have nothing to say about this ad which supports the Democratic candidate for Governor in Virginia.  

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