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REMEMBER WHEN WE WERE GOING TO LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT JFK?  IT seems like just yesterday.  Okay it WAS just yesterday that was going to be THE DAY when the government finally let us see all the document surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  But it was not to be, as the CIA and the FBI and I'm sure other spook organizations got all uptight that something they did or didn't do would come to light and convinced President Trump to redact a bunch of stuff and hold stuff back because NATIONAL SECURITY or something.  This was a big disappointment and only adds to the intrigue surrounding an event that happened over 50 years ago.  It's time, people.  We have a right to know. 

IS ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK WORTH $75 FOR THE DAY?  That could be the per car fee starting next year during peak times.  And not just at RMNP, at many national parks.  I have a theory that this is not only designed to bring in more money for the parks, but also to reduce the number of visitors.  After seeing what some jackasses think is okay in our national parks, I might be okay with this.  But I'd probably buy an all encompassing national parks annual pass and just call it a day. 

THE FORMER CEO OF NPR SAYS, YES, MEDIA BIAS IS A THING AND "REAL AMERICANS" AREN'T SO BAD Ken Stern used to be the CEO of NPR.  He was forced out in 2008 for what I read as "not being NPR enough".  So what did he do then?  I have no idea, but recently he took a trip across America to meet the people in flyover country and he's written a great column about what he learned and oh by the way NPR is liberal.  It's a good column and I hope his former cohorts at NPR are reading it.

MORE POT = MORE SEX! And if this doesn't cause a rush to legalization nothing will.  A recent survey has shown that people who use pot have more sex.  Do I need to expound on this?  I didn't think so but you can read about it here. 

THE SUGAR-CANCER RELATIONSHIP IS FINALLY BEING STUDIED And I know many integrative medicine professionals who advise their patients with cancer to avoid sugar as much as possible.  Why?  Because cancer feeds on sugar.  But the relationship of how cancer and sugar interact has been a mystery in terms of whether or not eating sugar could affect or even cause cancer.  It's being studied now and the answer so far is, "we don't know yet" but why not just cut it out if you're battling the disease?  There IS a connection between obesity and cancer.  So let's all do something about that. 

THIS KID HAS A REAL FUTURE.  IN PRISON. A ten year old boy lead officers on a high speed chase in Ohio topping 100 miles per hour at some point.  When they finally pulled him over, he was spitting and kicking cops.  He sounds like a real winner.  The best part?  This isn't the first time he's done this.  I hope he gets the help he obviously needs.  He also obviously has no respect for the police and it seems that lack of respect goes to the law as well. 

AND THIS IS WHY I THINK ALEX JONES AND HIS ILK ARE THE WORST PEOPLE EVER Imagine escaping one of the worst mass shootings ever after being shot in the head, only to have Infowars conspiracy types accuse you of being an actor faking being shot.  Oh, and also wishing you death.  It's happening to a man who survived the Las Vegas shooting.  He's being accused of being part of a "false flag" operation in Vegas and he had to shut down his social media after idiots starting wishing someone would REALLY kill him.  People who do this are not just mentally unstable, but also horrible, horrible people who don't deserve access to a keyboard.  

A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICAN SOCIETY TODAY A woman was knocked out by a man on the street in Pittsburgh.  It was caught on camera.  But then, instead of calling 911 as the woman lay unconscious on the street, a group of men took pictures and stole her phone.  Stay classy Pittsburgh, stay classy. 

AND NOW HERE ARE SOME MORE FUNNY REPORTER FAILS And though there is some bad language, a weather man with the hiccups is just good clean fun.


DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE TRUMP NEW NORMAL OF ECONOMIC GROWTH? Remember when we were told that anemic economic growth was our "new normal"?  Apparently the economy didn't get the message as Q3 economic growth is coming in at 3%.  This after last quarter's 3.1%.  It also happened during a quarter where two massive hurricanes shut down large parts of the country for weeks at a time.  I wonder how Paul Krugman feels about this?  Spoiler alert: he's confused and unhappy and sitting in a safe space. 

THE BEST PART OF LAST NIGHT'S DOLPHINS GAME WAS TONY ROMO'S PLAY-BY-PLAY ON A CAT I can't embed it in the blog, but it is totally worth a click through, trust me.

THE GUYS WHO ARE THE BIGGEST JERKS TO EVERYONE AT THE OFFICE ARE OFTEN THE GUYS WHO HARASS WOMEN So says a female media executive and she makes an excellent point.

"If you are anxiously looking around your media organization wondering who the harassers are or were, start with the men in power who are bullies: who screamed at subordinates, berated them, seemed to take pleasure in humiliating them — often publicly. We all know them. We have all worked with them. There is clearly a correlation between that behavior and this. ... I would love to send a message to the screamers that their behavior will no longer be tolerated."

She said it in an email to the author of this column, but she's right.  Media is full of them, but I think that type works in every industry.  I hate them all.  

Mandy Connell


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