Ever Wonder What It's Like to Be A NYC Cabbie?

IT'S A LIVING: CAB DRIVER EDITION! What's it like driving a cab in New York City?  My guest today drove a cab for 40 years in the New York City area and now he's got a one man show Off Broadway about his experiences.  John McDonagh's new show is called "Off the Meter and On the Record" and he joins me at  to discuss what life behind the wheel was like.

HAVE YOU REGISTERED TO WIN THE EUROPEAN CRUISE FOR TWO YET???  You better do it, because the Cocktails and Conversation even on November 2nd is JUST AROUND THE CORNER!  We are going to announce who won a trip for two on the Mandy Connell Show Cruise to Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary in July.  Go get all the info on the trip by clicking here and then enter to win here

DID YOU CAST YOUR BALLOT FOR THE DOUGCO SCHOOL BOARD YET?  READ THIS FIRST. It's more about the skullduggery of the national teacher's union POURING hundreds of thousands of dollars behind the allegedly "grassroots" slate of candidates.  It happened in JeffCo, don't fall for this now.  

CAN I GIVE A BIG SHOUTOUT TO WAYFAIR.COM FOR A MINUTE?  I just spent about 30 days waiting for a new headboard I ordered from Wayfair.com.  The headboard arrived from the Wayfair warehouse in a timely fashion to be delivered by a local delivery company called Mountain Man Delivery.  THEY. ARE. HORRIBLE.  After trying to work with the "customer service" team at Mountain Man Delivery (they are the one's who suck, in case you didn't get the direct comment before) to schedule a delivery for a MONTH, I called Wayfair.com to complain and they jumped on the situation and went so far as to contract with a DIFFERENT company entirely and got me my new headboard today.  I remain a huge fan of Wayfair.com and can only urge you to never use Mountain Man Delivery.  

BILL O'REILLY AND HARVEY WEINSTEIN HAVE THE SAME SPIRIT ANIMAL And whatever that animal is it's pathetic.  Bill O'Reilly is out playing the victim because the New York Times reported on his ridiculously huge settlement with former Fox News contributor Lis Wiehl.  He says he's "mad at God" because this is happening and OMG HIS CHIILLLLDREN, who I actually feel very sorry for, but not because of God but because their dad is a horndog who can't take responsibility for his own actions.  Harvey Weinstein put out a statement on Saturday saying he was CURED at rehab and leaving to go home, but then someone smarter than Harvey put the kibosh on that and now he's staying.  These men really, truly don't believe that treating women like garbage and using their positions of power to get into women's pant is wrong.  

I WILL PROVIDE COSTUME DISPENSATIONS TODAY. Look out, moms and dads, the thought police is running rampant to tell you what your kids can and can't be for Halloween.  Your blonde haired, blue eyed daughter wants to be Moana?  Not so fast!  (although it's unclear if your gender fluid son who currently identifies as a Polynesian can or not) I'm going to do us all a favor and give you permission to allow you child to wear whatever costume his or her or zer or zis heart desires.  It's the Mandy Connell Dispensation show!  Read the article that started this whole bit of idiocy here

THE LATEST TRUMP VS SOMEONE BATTLE FINDS A REPUBLICAN FOE This time it's retiring GOP Senator and former Trump backer Bob Corker.  He has now called the White House a "daycare center" which went over REALLY well with Trump, who fired back via Twitter that Corker was trying to stop tax reform.  Part of me enjoys this, part of me is sick of this and part of me just wishes we had a small and unobtrusive federal government without so much power that we are forced to have to pay attention to such nonsense.  Most of me actually.  

WATCH AS MSNBC UNWITTINGLY PROVES THE NEED FOR TRUMP'S BORDER WALL As they were on the border talking about prototypes, people jumped over the current fence as cameras rolled. 

THE ATTACK IN NIGER ON GREEN BERETS WAS A SET UP And it shows how far and wide our battle with ISIS really is.  The military says the team of four men was delayed leaving a village sympathetic to ISIS so attackers could position themselves in such a way as to ambush the men.  Their version of events is not outside the realm of believability.  The big question is what they were doing in Niger, how many troops are there and why?  I don't think it's unreasonable to ask that, even as I'm pretty sure the military doesn't want us to know the answer.  

WE'RE ONE STEP CLOSER TO MAN BEAR PIG!  OKAY, MAYBE MOUSE BEAR PIG Scientists have taken a gene from a mouse and inserted into a pig so it will be able to maintain it's body temperature more easily and require less heat to keep warm.  According to the scientists, it will also make the meat leaner for consumers.  You know what I read when I read "leaner pork"?  Dryer, less flavorful pork.  Blech.  Keep your mouse pigs.  

OF COURSE HE WAS FROM KENTUCKY.  OF COURSE HE WAS.  Thanks to my native Kentuckian friend Mitzi for sending me this gem.  A man from Kentucky, dressed as the character Pikachu, tried to hop the fence to the White House.  Of course.  

A COLLEGE PRESIDENT FINALLY POINTS OUT THAT STUDENT PROTESTS ARE RATHER FASCIST.  And it's because his State of the University speech was shouted down by angry leftists.  He took the paper to point out, rightly so, that the alleged anti fascists are using language and tactics of fascists.  It's about time someone did.  Maybe he should have closed with the bit of wisdom from Aristotle, who I'm sure they no longer learn about because HE'S WHITE AND STUFF, "You are what you repeatedly do".  Sure he was talking about excellence, but can't the same be said about pretty much everything in life? 

I'VE ALWAYS SUSPECTED MATH WAS RACIST And now we've got PROOF from a new book by a math teacher who argues that it's yet another form of white supremacy because of the Pythagorean theory and Pi and stuff.  No, I am not making this up.  We've entered the land of complete absurdity on every level.  

A GIANT BOTNET COULD WIPE OUT THE INTERWEBS And we've been warned.  I'm not sure I can do anything to stop it, but I sure hope People Who Are In Charge Of Such Things are working on a fix for what could be the largest DDoS attack in the world.  Some security experts are saying it could take down the web worldwide.  What is a DDoS attack?  Think of it as a Cloward-Piven strategy for the internet, where massive surges in usage crash systems.  Don't know what Cloward-Piven is?  You're welcome. 

POWERBALL, MEGA MILLIONS IS COMING FOR YOU! Because now if you want a Mega Millions ticket it's going to cost you two bucks, but the jackpots should be bigger faster.  So now you can spend twice as much not to win! 

CNN HAS A NEW AD CAMPAIGN TO CONVINCE YOU THEY PUT FACTS FIRST And I'm sure the people who slavishly watch CNN all day to hear the myriad of ways they can bash Trump and anyone they disagree with will LOVE it.  But since a 2 second internet search turned up this and this and this and this they should probably work on GETTING facts right before they tout their grasp on facts.  David Harsanyi at TheFederalist.com has a great breakdown of many, many times CNN was wrong.

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