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DENVER DATE NIGHTS CAN PLAN YOUR NEXT GREAT HALLOWEEN DATE! And the founder Gretchen joins me today to give you some options for a fun and spooky Halloween date.  Find out more or book your date by clicking here.   FIND ALL OF THE HALLOWEEN IDEAS GRETCHEN TALKED ABOUT HERE

TODAY'S RUSSIAN COLLUSION STORY UPDATE, THIS ONE ABOUT WHO FUNDED THE FAKE TRUMP DOSSIER And it seems the Sen. Chuck Grassley is like a dog with a bone on this and will not rest until he gets to the actual bottom of who was behind the Russian interference with the election.  He and his Democratic colleague Dianne Feinstein asked for an explanation after the Mike Flynn debacle from the FBI.  They FBI says they cleared up all questions, but Se. Grassley says, nuh-uh.  Now, it seems they are trying to find out if the Russian dossier was the pretense for FISA warrants that allowed the wire tapping of members of Trump's team.  Enter Fusion GPS, who many believe to have funded the dossier in the first place, and who also took the Fifth when asked to appear before a House Intelligence committee meeting.  When Grassley wanted to know if Fusion GPS funded the dossier, this exchange took place.

Graham: Are you familiar with Fusion?

Comey: I know the name.

Graham: Are they part of the Russian intelligence apparatus?

Comey: I can’t say.

Graham: Do you agree with me that if Fusion was involved in preparing a dossier against Donald Trump, that would be interfering in our election by the Russians?

Comey: I don’t want to say.

Have you noticed how quiet the Democrats have gotten on the issue of Russian interference in the election?  

HEY MILLIONAIRES, NO TAX BREAK FOR YOU!  Conceding to what I'll call the Politics of Envy, the Republicans are considering not changing the almost 40% tax bracket for earners who make over a million bucks a year.  This has some conservatives annoyed and feeling betrayed, but look at this comment by someone who says the President would be fine with leaving them alone,

"He basically thinks they [rich people] are fine and he believes they don't care that much about the individual rate so long as they get all the other goodies, like the corporate rate and expensing," the official said.

He might be right.  The good thing about this is it will shut down Bernie Sanders and his "millionaires and billionaires" getting tax breaks nonsense.  Of course they would, but only if they were engaged in businesses that likely hire people and create jobs.  You know who would likely get clobbered in this?  Hollywood stars, who don't own businesses that can write off expenses and whatnot.  That might be kind of funny.  

BUT THE GOP MAY RAISE TAXES ON A LOT OF AMERICANS BY CAPPING 401K CONTRIBUTIONS And I must say this one will cause a huge problems if they do it.  Going from an annual pre-tax cap (meaning tax free until you start drawing from it) of $18,000 to the proposed $2,400 means a huge tax increase for people just trying to save for retirement.  When will people decide they are done with the era of big government for good?  Just kidding, they will never tire of it.  Good news, President Trump says this is going nowhere.  

WE ARE IN NOT SO GOOD HEALTH AS WE GET OLDER NOW And our life expectancy has dropped over a percentage point for the first time since 1980.  There are a lot of statistics and analysis of the numbers in this story, but let's talk about why we are dying.  We are retiring later but not enjoying our retirement because we are physically unwell.  Drug abuse, alcohol abuse and obesity are not doing us any favors.  You need to choose what kind of life you want to have and go get it, even if it's hard.  

BILL O'REILLY HAS PAID A BIG PRICE FOR HIS SCUMBAGINESS And the New York Times reported this weekend that his last known settlement was to Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl (in the interest of disclosure Lis and I are friendly but we've never spoken about this situation) for $32 million dollars.  O'Reilly is screaming "lies, all lies" but the Times seems to think it has enough to make the case.  We'll see if O'Reilly sues for libel, which I certainly would if this were not true.  I remain not a fan of O'Reilly.

YOU'VE GOT TO FIGHT, FOR THE RIGHT, FOR A SENSIBLE SHOE EMOJI Finally the good fight is being fought with the Unicode Consortium to get a sensible shoe emoji approved.  I never thought I would write THOSE words.  Because I didn't know that you had to get a sensible shoe emoji approved by a board I never knew existed, mostly, but who knew this was such a passionate issue for someone?  You go, girl, in your sensible shoes!  

NOW WHAT ABOUT AREA 51?  Expect a new flurry of "Who Killed JFK" activity as President Trump is going to release a bunch of classified documents about the Kennedy assassination.  I can't wait for someone else to mine all the pages and tell me the good parts.  Now if he'd only tell us about the alien landings at Area 51. 

BY JOVE, HIPPOCRATES MAY HAVE BEEN RIGHT When he said "All disease begins in the gut" 2500 years ago.  Now a team of scientist is testing the connection between certain kinds of gut bacteria and Alzheimer's patients.  They concede they don't know if the increase in a certain harmful gut bacteria is medicine related, but it certainly is interesting how many diseases we now know to have a gut connection.  

THE LOVE AFFAIR BETWEEN CHINA AND NORTH KOREA IS LONG OVER And wouldn't it be interesting if North Korea served to bring the US and China closer together as allies?  Wouldn't it?  According to this article, there is no love lost between the Kim Jun Un and China's Xi Jinping.  


WE HAVE A BIT OF COMPETITION TO BE THE NEW SITE FOR AMAZON'S SECOND HQ As it's being reported that 238 proposals have been submitted to the tech giant.  As one of the requirements for the new HQ was a population center of at least a million people, it seems some of these cities are just throwing it against the wall and seeing if it sticks.  After reading some of the downside of an expansion this size, I'm thinking it might be nice if they passed on Denver.   And if it made us more like Seattle, I would have to leave.  Seriously, the people in Seattle are insane.  And not in the good, fun way. 

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