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GRAMMAR NERDS UNITE, CHARLES IS BACK TODAY For another edition of "Please Tell Me I'm Right" where you call with word and grammar questions and he tells you are wrong, right, or being overly sensitive.  It all starts at 3 and you can find out more about Charles by clicking here.

POP THE POPCORN THIS RUSSIA INVESTIGATION IS HEATING UP FAST And now Sen. Chuck Grassley is asking the FBI informant, who helped gather the proof that Russians were trying to gain favor with the Clintons through payments to the Foundation, to testify before Congress.  From

In a formal letter, Grassley, an Iowa Republican, asked Victoria Toensing, the lawyer representing the former FBI informant, to allow her client, who says he worked as a voluntary informant for the FBI, to be allowed to testify about the "crucial" eyewitness testimony he provided to the FBI regarding members of the Russian subsidiary and other connected players from 2009 until the FBI's prosecution of the defendants in 2014.

Toensing's client was an American businessman who says he worked for four years undercover as an FBI confidential witness. Toensing said he was blocked by the Obama Justice Department, under then Attorney General Loretta Lynch, about testifying to Congress about his time as an informant for the FBI. He contends that he has pertinent information that the Russian's were attempting to gain access to former President Bill Clinton and his wife, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to influence the Obama administration's decision on the purchase of Uranium One, Toensing said.

I can not WAIT for this.  Can. Not. Wait.  Read the entire story here

THE NFL IS TAKING A DUMP AND ROGER GOODELL IS SIMPLY REPEATING HIMSELF. Ratings for the NFL are down 7.5% compared to last season and down 18.7% from 2015.  After the owner's meeting Roger Goodell took the stage for a press conference and staggered through looking like a hostage and repeating the words "communites" and "issues" over and over again.  I don't see Goodell's leadership surviving this mess.  I simply don't.  

WHY CAN'T THE SYRIAN REFUGEES JUST GO HOME?  I've heard so many people make comments of that nature in the past few years as we grapple with how to properly vet people coming from war torn nations who don't necessarily consider us their friends.  But before you suggest that they just head back to where they came from, you really should see the video that the New York Times took in Raqqa after ISIS was kicked out.  There is nothing left to go back to.  Nothing.  I'm not saying that this changes my mind about vetting refugees, but it should give us all pause before we hurl that thoughtless statement to just go home. 

WHY YOU HAVE TO BE VERY CLEAR IN YOUR ADVERTISING IN CANADA Sunwing is a Canadian airline which offered it's passengers "champagne service" including a glass of the bubbly to it's southern destinations.  One man signed up to go to Cuba and is now suing because he was served sparkling wine *GASP* instead of ACTUAL champagne.  He says it's the marketing principle of the matter, which sounds like hot garbage to me, but he found a lawyer who was willing to take this frivolous case and see it through.  

NOW A PLAY PERFORMED FOR OVER 400 YEARS NEEDS A TRIGGER WARNING BECAUSE COLLEGE STUDENTS ARE COMPLETELY PATHETIC! The play is Titus Andronicus and it really is a bloodbath, sort of the Quentin Tarantino version of Shakespeare.  It was written between 1588 and 1593 and has been performed innumerable times since then.  NOW however when students at Cambridge University have to hear a lecture which includes a discussion about this play, they must have a "trigger warning".  We are truly lost.  

YOUR DOG IS WORKING OVER YOUR EMOTIONS WITH HIS EYEBROWS. And now researchers have proven that dogs use more facial expressions, especially eyebrows, when they are around people.  Dogs with great facial expressions are more likely get adopted from shelters, so maybe we can set up really expressive dogs with less expressive pound pups for lessons?  

GOT A THOUSAND BUCKS BURNING A HOLE IN YOUR POCKET?  I'VE GOT A BAGEL FOR YOU. It's at the NYC Westin Hotel and it has white truffle cream cheese and gold flakes and whatnot.  Good for you if you've got money to burn, but you can always send that money to me instead. 

GREENIES ARE USING CHILDREN TO SCORE CHEAP CLIMATE CHANGE POINTS.  BUT I'D LOVE TO SEE THIS BACKFIRE.  I've long wished for a lawsuit that would debate the entire premise of climate change in a court of law.  Because I truly believe that if ALL the evidence for and against were introduced the evidence for CO2 as a pollutant would fall apart.  Now a group of children in Portugal are suing a bunch of nations in the EU for not doing enough to prevent climate change.  I hope this gets heard in court and I hope one of these countries has the stones to fight these little useful idiots.  

WILL DR. ROBOTO BE DOING YOUR SURGERY TODAY? We are one step closer to being in an operating room by ourselves with no one but our robot surgeon.  Before you react in horror, this could be very helpful in preventing surgical infections.  Until the robots turn on us that is.

DEAR CHILDREN, WE WERE COOL ONCE TOO. I'm sort of in love with video that every kid who thinks all parents are dorks should see.  WE WERE COOL ONCE TOO. 

NOW NO ONE WILL WANT YOUR AUTOGRAPH Because Mastercard is doing away with the signature requirement when you charge something.  I was shocked at first because...well...I though the signature did SOMETHING, but when I think about it those automatic electronic signature pads look NOTHING like my actual signature so this isn't a big loss.  And ultimately, if Mastercard does something that allows my stuff to be used improperly they have to pay for it, not me.  

WHICH POLITICAL PARTY IS AT WAR AGAIN?  For anyone believing the media narrative that it's the GOP they may want to check this out from NBC News.  The Democrat party is fracturing hard at the DNC and there doesn't seem to be an easy answer in sight.  My guess is Perez is replaced soon with someone with actual leadership experience, something neither Perez or Ellison had when they get their jobs.  Heh.  

NOW I'M WORRIED ABOUT NANCY AND THAD Senator Thad Cochran-R (MS) is now also on my "something seems to be very wrong with" list.  He's disoriented and barely seems to know where he is, but dang it, he's running for re election.  He needs to go.  Now.  So does Nancy Pelosi. 

NO WE DON'T!  YES WE DO!  NO WE DON'T!  YES WE DO!  A new survey shows that Colorado couples fight less than couples elsewhere.  We argue 14 times a month, which is middle of the road in the survey.  I'm not moving to Delaware, where couples apparently never stop fighting

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