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IT'S WEATHER WEDNESDAY WITH MY FRIEND CHRIS SPEARS!  So get ready to call with your weather questions today at 3 and don't forget to watch Chris on CBS 4.  

THIS RUSSIAN URANIUM THING IS ABOUT TO GET GOOD And by good I mean that the Senate Intelligence Committee has started an investigation into who knew what when before the Obama administration turned over 20% of our uranium production to Russia.  If this investigation is allowed to unfold I'm very interested to see how Democrats react to members of the former administration being asked to testify.  Think of it, if they resist an investigation into whether RUSSIA was allowed to close the Uranium One deal when the FBI knew of corruption and money laundering already, one must ask why they would do such a thing.  Because since Trump got elected, they've been telling us that Russia is the WORST PLACE EVER and that we should all be very upset because RUSSIA TRIED TO HACK THE ELECTION.  If they don't want to investigate this it does cast some doubt that they believe what they are saying about Russia.  I can't wait to see where this goes. 

I WROTE A STAND ALONE BLOG POST ABOUT HARVEY WEINSTEIN AND HILLARY CLINTON Why didn't I just include it in this blog?  Because it's long and has a lot of stuff and links in it and I'd love you to share it with your friends and get their opinions.  Read it here, but it simply asks why Hillary, who protected a sexual predator for decades, gets a pass from Hollywood.

MILLENIALS AND THEIR PEERS DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU But don't feel bad, they don't want to talk to anyone.  On the phone anyway.  By a large margin, Millenials and Generation Z say they have no interest in phone calls and they prefer to communicate via text message only.  Which is fine until you get a job and have to make a phone call.  I'm telling you this generation is going to have some trouble adapting to the world. Parents should take note that this is not all bad, as you can't see your teen roll his or her eyes when you text them to clean their room.  

A DYING CHIMP REJOICES AT SEEING AN OLD FRIEND You might ugly cry at this.  You've been warned.

WELL THE VEGAS SECURITY GUARD HAS BEEN FOUND.  ON THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW. I shared yesterday the mystery of what happened to the security guard who was the first to confront the Vegas shooter.  He was supposed to do a bunch of media interviews but then...he just disappeared.  Now he's back, on Ellen's show.  I wonder if she paid him for firsties?  

I CAN SEE BOTH SIDES OF THIS PARENTING KERFUFFLE And it's straight out of the UK where one mother set up a fundraising page asking people to not give her nine year old son presents, but to donate cash instead so he can "buy something useful".  I get her thinking a bit.  She told The Sun newspaper:

“There is no party without presents but afterwards we are left with boxes of Lego every year which stop getting played with,” Sarkar told The Sun. “They get piled up in boxes and we run out of space to store all the board games – sometimes duplicate ones.”

Instead of gifts, she wants guests to contribute, “not donate” about $20 to buy a gift that her soon-to-be 10-year-old son would appreciate.

“I can then buy something that my boy would actually appreciate and treasure over a long period of time,” Sarkar said. “This is simply to reduce the clutter and buy something really useful.”

I get it.  But I also understand how totally tacky this is.  And it doesn't teach the kids anything about graciousnness or good manners in the face of a bad gift, or anything.  I wouldn't do it and I wouldn't allow my daughter to do it, but I do get the feelings about useless gifts.  

AN AMERICAN SWIMMER'S ACTIONS MAKES THE OLYMPICS A POTENTIAL NIGHTMARE Because now we have a swimmer taking a knee during the US National Brazil.  Now there is speculation that the protests will make an appearance in the Olympic Games.  Great.  Just great. 

SKI BOOTS SUCK, BUT FINALLY SOMEONE HAS SOLVED THE PROBLEM! And I have no idea why this took so long (maybe some of you long time skiers can help here).  A Colorado company has created binding that allow you to wear your snowboarding boots on your skis.  

LAFAYETTE NANNY STATERS THINK YOUR KIDS ARE TOO FAT AND YOU ARE TOO STUPID To control what your kid drinks when you are out to dinner at a restaurant.  They have passed a law forcing restaurants to only offer "unsugary" beverage choices on the kid's menus.  Kids can still order sugary beverages, but they can't be on the menu.  Because parents are too stupid to not give their kids sugary drinks and Big Brother must step in! 

NEW YORK TIMES EDITOR ADMITS WHAT WE ALL KNOW ANYWAY And it's on camera thanks to Project Veritas who is continuing to shine a light on the left leaning media.  The Washington Times covers it here, but you can watch the video here

SINGLE PAYER IS NOW DENYING FAT PEOPLE AND SMOKERS HEALTHCARE And you think what happens at the NHS in Britain couldn't happen here, think again.  Read this and understand that when bureaucrats and number crunchers control your healthcare, they make decisions like this one.  But I'm sure it will be fine.  Just ask Bernie!  

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