Win a European River Cruise with ME!

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO ON VACATION WITH ME?  And of course Chuck!  We are headed to Europe this summer and thanks to KOA Newsradio and Cruise and Tour Travel, we are giving a way one trip for 2!  Here are the details of the trip:

One lucky listener will will a trip for two to go with us!  There are some rules and one them is that in order to win, you must qualify in the next two weeks AND YOU MUST ATTEND OUR COCKTAILS AND CONVERSATION EVENT NOVEMBER 2ND.  You can't send you dogsitter in your place, it must be you.  When we give away a prize of this magnitude we feel like it's okay to make you work for it.   

If you don't qualify on air in the next two weeks, you can still qualify AT the event, where 10 more qualifiers will be chosen.  The odds on this are VERY GOOD my friends, as we limited the number of entries to give you qualifiers the best chance.  

Register to win by clicking here!  Want all the details on the trip?  Click here! 

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