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HAVE YOU READ HENRY HAZLITT'S ECONOMICS IN ONE LESSON?  If you not, you should.  But read this updated version by a very smart man named Hunter Lewis.  The book is Economics in Three Lessons + One Hundred Economics Laws and he joins me today to discuss why he felt the need to update the seminal book on Austrian economics for so many.  Buy the book here!  

FINALLY, EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION WITH RUSSIA!  BUT IT'S NOT QUITE WHAT YOU'VE BEEN LEAD TO BELIEVE As Hillary Clinton is still trying to sell the attempted Russian hacking of the 2016 election to rubes in the UK, we now know that there is firm evidence that Russia was involved in wrongdoing in the US.  In 2009.  And it's about nukes.  And Bill and Hillary Clinton's foundation was the beneficiary.  And the Department of Justice, which uncovered the wrongdoing kept it from Congress even as nuclear deals with Russia were being considered.  I sure hope someone takes the time to ask Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller why the FBI didn't share their hard evidence with Congress when he lead the FBI.  I sure hope those on the Left screaming about Twitter bots and fake Facebook stories, look at this story just as closely.  

HAS LEGALIZING CANNABIS LOWERED OUR OPIOID DEATHS IN THE STATE?  One study says at least in the short term, the answer is yes.  And the drop of 6% is pretty significant considering we are currently in the grips of an opioid epidemic that is killing more people than handguns this year.  I'm not saying legal pot is the answer to this epidemic, but it seems to be helping.  

DEPRESSED?  SHROOMS MAY THE ANSWER, MAN.  Of course don't head out into a cow field near you, but they are studying the possibility that psilocybin, the hallucinogenic party (heh, I wrote "party" accidentally instead of "part" but it made me laugh so I'm leaving it) of mushrooms, may be a way to reset the brain in depressed people.  It's not just laughing at their melting hands that does it, it actually affects blood flow to the part of your brain responsible for fear responses.  The study was tiny and didn't have anyone getting a placebo so don't think your shrink is going to be dosing you anytime soon, but this could be promising in the future.  

FOR THOSE WHO THINK TRUMP IS TRYING TO CHILL THE PRESS Be happy we live in a country where journalists aren't blown up in their cars.  It just happened in Malta to a woman known for bringing corruption to light.  We are a lot of things in America, but there are always worse places in the world.  Don't forget that. 



TOM PETTY TAUGHT US ABOUT AMERICAN GIRLS AND NOW HE CAN TEACH US ABOUT DEATH Or at least remind us to make arrangements for our own.  He had a Do Not Resuscitate order on file with his family.  Do you?  I only ask this as someone who struggled for a year with family decisions about my father after his horrible stroke.  Do yourself, your spouse and your kids a favor, do some paperwork now based on your wishes for how you want to be treated if something happens.  And then GO OVER IT with the entire team I mentioned above.   

A HOLLYWOOD WRITER SAYS WHAT WE ALL KNOW...EVERYONE FREAKING KNEW ABOUT HARVEY And I almost didn't post this because the author (appropriately if you ask me) uses the actual F word for emphasis, but it's too good and too important not to post.  Everyone knew about what Harvey Weinstein was up to.  And no one said anything because parties, limos, Cannes, vacations, Golden Globes, etc, etc, etc.  The vaunted crew from Hollywood was perfectly willing to let this disgusting man forcefully make nude passes at young actresses because they didn't want to disrupt the gravy train that was Harvey Weinstein.  At least this writer has the guts to admit it.  

SODA TAXES DESTROY BUSINESSES.  IT'S TRUE.  And the Nanny Staters in Philadelphia are now hearing about double digit drops in business from grocery stores in their fair and fat city.  And there is absolutely no indication that this soda sin tax has done anything to change the habits of the people of Philadelphia.  I should say health habits, because they certainly seem to have changed their SHOPPING habits and are taking their business the suburbs where soda doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  

WANT PROOF THE UNIONS ARE FUNDING CANDIDATES IN DOUGLAS COUNTY?  Here is a donation sheet from Tracer.  The donation is to the "grass roots" group Douglas Schools for Douglas Kids.  See who it's from?  This is where they lie and tell you they are just concerned parents not affiliated with any candidate.   This is not the last you will hear from me on this issue.  

Union donation in Dougco
Mandy Connell


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