Forget First World Problems, We've Got Turn of the Century Problems

SO DOES THIS MEAN THE ROARING 20'S ARE JUST AROUND THE CORNER?  The old adage that those who don't remember history are doomed to repeat it seems more true than ever.  Michael Barone hopped in his time machine to remind us of the myriad of challenges our ancestors faced back in the Oughts and beyond, and how they mirror our current problems quite accurately.   He's on at 1:10 to discuss this column

DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN WIN A EUROPEAN CRUISE WITH ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?  You can!  My friends at Cruise and Tour Travel have not only planned the perfect vacation, they want you to go with me and Chuck!  Click here to find out all the details!  

THE DOUGCO SCHOOL BOARD IS UNDER ATTACK BY THE UNIONS And the unions will LIE and say, "no no, this is a grass roots movement" but DO NOT BE FOOLED (like the nice folks in JeffCo were fooled only to find out later the UNION LIED TO THEIR FACES REPEATEDLY).  Now the same tactics are on full display in Douglas County and I will NOT be silent about the lying liars who do nothing but spend their days fomenting unhappiness and unrest in schools throughout the county to give the impression that no one is happy with DougCo schools anymore. Today I have Randy Mills and Grant Johnson on to discuss their races and how you can tell the union you're sick of them lying.  They are on at 3pm.  Find out more about the Elevate slate of candidates here. 

ME TOO.  AND SO MANY MORE. If you see your Facebook friends post a status the just says, "Me too." take note.  It's an interesting movement on Facebook to allow women to just let you know if they have been sexually harassed or assaulted.  I have been sexually harassed.  Most of the women I know have dealt with some form of sexual harassment.  I choose not to let it define me, make me feel like a victim or hold me back, but it's there.  Just something to make you more aware.  I am not completely comfortable with "harassed" and "assaulted" being lumped together, because I think that does a disservice to women who have been assaulted, but there you have it.

IN A RELATED STORY, HERE'S A FUN WAY TO NOT HARASS WOMEN AT WORK! This made me laugh but I swear it might work.  Viva The Rock

WE WILL BE ONE WITH THE MACHINES....IN 20 YEARS?  So says a guy working on nano technology at IBM.  He says within 20 years we will be injected with nanobots which will repair cells and make us even better than we were before.  Until the machines take us over, of course.  

AND NOW IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER VIDEO BY THE SLO MO GUYS I don't know why these guys thought of this, but I'm damn glad they did. 

SO HOW HAS THE PRESIDENT RESPONDED TO PUERTO RICO?  If you look to everyone OTHER than the "nasty" mayor (and staunch Hillary supporter) of San Juan, pretty dang well.  This is the Congresswoman from Puerto Rico.

ISIS IS COLLAPSING IN SYRIA, BUT WHO ARE WE BACKING AGAIN?  I am genuinely confused about who the "good guys" are in this story.  We are working with some army, but are they are army trying to depose Bashar Al Assad or not?  Or are we just backing them while they fight ISIS and then we're backing someone else?  I'm not trying to seem like a moron, but who can keep up with this mess.  Good news though, ISIS sucks and they are collapsing.  So woot on that. 

DATA DRIVEN MEDICINE IS KILLING PEOPLE And that isn't an exaggeration.  As bureaucrats try to find new ways to measure the effectiveness of treatments at hospitals, they are trying things like Public Reporting.  That means you, as a patient, can go to a website and find out the mortality rates for certain procedures.  Sounds good, right?  Except as doctor's and hospitals are increasingly concerned with their public reporting records, they are simply refusing to operate on anyone really, really sick.  They are padding their stats and people are dead now because of it.  

WHY ARE JEWS LEFTISTS?  THIS RABBI ASKS THE SAME QUESTION And if you have any Jewish left wing friends, you may want to ask them to read it and then give you their thoughts.  It's long and profound and may signal the end of the automatic D behind a Jewish name.  

BOWE BERGDAHL ADMITS HE DESERTED And he's hoping for leniency from the judge but the prosecutors say he's not admitting everything and want the book thrown at him.  Good thing we gave up FIVE Taliban commanders to get this scumbag back. 

OF COURSE PARENTS ARE PRETENDING TO BE THEIR COLLEGE AGE STUDENTS.  OF COURSE. This story from the NYPost doesn't surprise me ONE SINGLE BIT.  My kid is in third grade and at the parent's orientation night they said numerous times that they would know if you did your kid's homework.  Seriously?  I don't want my kid to win at third grade, I want her to win at life.  And I can assure you that I will not be calling the President of the college if something doesn't go her way.  But it's happening.  A lot. 

BUT SINCE THEIR KIDS ARE TOO STUPID TO CHOOSE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES, MAYBE IT'S FOR THE BEST It's that time again, where social justice warriors are doing their dead level best to ruin Halloween for everyone.  Colleges across the land are giving detailed instructions on what you can and can't wear.  For COLLEGE STUDENTS.  

WAS ANYONE AT THIS GALA THIS PAST WEEKEND?  The one where George Lopez got booed off stage after being a complete jerk?  I really want to know what happened or if this is being overblown.  I'd also like to know how much this jackass was paid and let the charity know I'll do it next year for free.   

OUR KIDS ARE TOO FAT TO FIGHT At least by military standards.  We've talked a lot about childhood obesity and the trouble it's going to cause overweight kids down the line, but when you read this article and realize that 70% of our kids are not qualified to join the military for a variety of reasons from drug use to face tattoos to obesity, it's depressing.  Because the military is a great option for someone who isn't sure what they want to do when they get out of high school, being fat eliminating this option for many.  And that is super sad.  

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